The Wide(r) World of Kink

Cover for Kitchen Sink Dom by Tanya Chris shows a bare-chested man with tattoos down both arms and a red molly swimming through the O in Dom. A Hell's Bedroom logo is in the corner


Kitchen Sink Dom features a kink I personally relate to but that I’ve never seen in print before: vicarphilia. Basically, it’s getting off on other people getting off, being aroused by their arousal.

Vicarphilia is what has me both reading and writing erotica, and it shapes what I look for in a sex scene—that the people involved are really enjoying it. It doesn’t even matter if I personally would enjoy the sex act being described. I just need them to enjoy it. So in Kitchen Sink Dom, I wrote about a Dom who’s more into his partner’s enjoyment than his own.

And that got me thinking of other obscure kinks. Want a really big list that ranges from mainstream to inconceivable? Check this out: Or try some of the recs below for M/M rep of less commonly written kinks.

Cover for Cole Got Cucked Hard by Jack Hornwood is a drawn representation of two men embracing while another watches dejectedly.


Cuckolding is a kink where someone gets off on their partner cheating on them. It often includes a humiliation aspect, in which it’s stated or implied that their partner has to cheat because they’re inadequate.

You don’t see a lot of cuckolding in M/M, but Cole Got Cucked Hard was recommended to me, and it has a great vibe. I’ve also got a free story called Watch Me Watch You you can read if you’re interested in this kink.


Autoplushophilia is what we informally call furries, though furries aren’t always sexual. But as a kink, it’s where a person is aroused by imagining themselves as a stuffed animal. I’m told that Kyell Gold‘s furry books are the M/M “gold standard.” There’s a wealth of titles, including this compilation of shorter stories that’s available free: Gold Standard

Cover for Henry the HuCow by R. Phoenix shows a bare-chested man pinching his nipples.


Lactation is a not-uncommon kink in M/F, where it’s often tied to forced-breeding, but R. Phoenix has finally brought it to M/M. Henry the HuCow is described as “15k words of ‘udderly’ filthy smut.” LOL. By the way, HuCow stands for human cow, in case you didn’t get that.


Klismaphilia (where do they get these names?) is the erotic use of enemas. In M/M, you’ll sometimes see a bottom douching in stories that aim for more accuracy, but enemas are a more humiliating and painful way to get the ass clean, which means they’re perfect for kinky play, especially as a subset of BDSM.

Cover for Crybaby by Marina Vivancos shows a bare-chested young man wearing drawstring pants in front of a hot pink background

In the first book of Matchstick Men, Cam insists on giving Hunter an enema as both preparation and punishment/domination. It makes for a hot scene, if you like that sort of thing.


Also known as crying kink. This is where someone becomes aroused or gets sexual satisfaction from either crying themselves or seeing someone else cry. The third book in the Hell’s Bedrooms series, Upsy-Daisy Dom has some of this, in that Sebastian is an emotional sadist (or, as he likes to call it, a mindfuck Dom) but since Upsy-Daisy Dom isn’t out yet, let me recommended Crybaby by Marina Vivancos, in which Jason makes “tall, beefy, Russian Sasha” cry. Sounds like fun!

Also, if you join Kate Hawthorne’s Patreon, she has a short there featuring dacryphilia.


As you might guess from the name, technophilia is a kink relating to technology—robots or AI to be more precise. Here are a few that fit this bill:

So why limit yourself to the same-old Daddy Doms and bondage scenes when there’s a whole, very wide, world of kink? I haven’t written most of these yet, but there’s always a yet to come.