Happy Birthday to Omega Replaced

Cover for Omega Replaced features a white wolf in front of an autumn forest scene

Strictly speaking, I was cheating with this one since neither of the main characters in Omega Replaced is an omega. Donovan is submissive and a bit of a pain slut, but that doesn’t make him an omega. He’s a big, tough alpha, and part of his character journey is understanding that he can be submissive and still be an alpha. That he can be attracted to other alphas and still be an alpha.

So the omega in this book has been replaced by a second alpha, but really, I just wanted to write some hot alpha on alpha sex with a bit of enemies to lovers thrown in to increase the heat. Which means that although there isn’t any omega heat in this book, it’s probably the hottest of the six. At least in my opinion. I do like my male submissives tough.

I wrote Omega Replaced the same November I wrote Omega Returned (book 4) and Omega Redeemed (book 6)—all three of them, one after the other, for Nanowrimo that year. The total word count was supposed to be 120,000, but Omega Returned went a bit over and the three books came in at 126,000 altogether. I finished the last 6K of Omega Redeemed in December, so depending on how you look at it, I either met the challenge (120K in November) or didn’t meet it (all 3 books in November). Either way, a lot of words got written.

The fun thing is how different the three books are. Aside from the different pairings, Omega Returned has three POV characters and Omega Redeemed and Omega Replaced only have one each. Omega Replaced was written in 1st person, and the other two were written in 3rd. So as I moved from book to book, I had to make a major mental shift.

If you’re wondering why I didn’t keep the POV more consistent, it’s because when I started this series, I didn’t know I was writing a series. The first three books ended up being all different, so I intentionally made the last three different as well. Consistently inconsistent, that’s me. But for all the differences, and for all that I came out of that November a little burned out, I love these three books. This one perhaps most of all. Just because it’s hot.