Happy Birthday to Omega Released

Cover for Omega Released by Tanya Chris shows a wolf with his nose in the pages of an open book

I didn’t know I was writing a series when I wrote the first Omega Reimagined book (Omega Reclaimed). Even when I wrote the second one (Omega Revealed), I wasn’t expecting the series to go any further. But the more omegaverse books I wrote, the more I was attacked by omegaverse plot bunnies, until I had not just one idea but four.

The four ideas were:

  • alpha/alpha
  • omega/omega
  • alpha/beta/omega triad
  • alpha law enforcement/omega sex worker

The question was which to write first, and as an indie author who steers her own boat and marketing genius who always steers it wisely (not), I took the sensible step of conducting a poll of my target audience. In other words, I asked Facebook.

Facebook said:

  • alpha/alpha: 22
  • alpha/beta/omega triad: 9
  • law enforcement/sex worker: 6
  • omega/omega: 3

Naturally, I wrote the omega/omega book first. I’m so contrary, I hurt myself sometimes. I love Benjy and JT, and they get up to some seriously dirty deeds, but it was admittedly the lowest selling of my omega books. With the other three proposed ideas scheduled for delivery in the first quarter of 2020, it’ll be interesting to see if sales mirror the poll results.

But to sell you on Omega Released: we’ve got a street smart, hypersexual omega named JT initiating a sweet, fresh-off-the-farm omega named Benjy into a world of sex toys and double fisting. Two angels making all kinds of devilment together enjoying their very own happy ending because not every omega needs an alpha. And if you need more convincing, they open a library together!

So the moral of the story is: if you like one of my books and wish there was another one like it, ask! Because that’s how my series get created. But don’t be surprised if I deliver something a little sideways from what you asked for. I was born difficult. Just ask my mom.