Now available: Omega Reimagined volume 1

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Graphic shows a box set of Omega Reimagined volume 1 books: Omega Reclaimed, Omega Revealed, and Omega Released

The Omega Reimagined world is a non-MPREG omegaverse which, over the course of six books, follows the Northern Pack in its fight for omega rights. Each book features a different, non-standard take on being an omega while also celebrating some of the things that make alpha/omega dynamics so fun, like heat, knotting, hurt/comfort, and toppy power exchange.

Omegas… reimagined.

Leo badly needs an alpha to help with his heats, but he doesn’t need one for anything else. He’s tough, he’s angry, and he can’t stop begging for what only Angel can give him.

Gage wishes he could find an alpha who would treat him like the omega he really is, not the beta they perceive him to be, and Ryker’s all over it.

Benjy is out of the den and looking for love. His father wants him to find an alpha, but sometimes the best alpha is another omega.

A gif showing the covers of Omega Reclaimed, Omega Revealed, Omega Released and then Omega Reimagined, which shows the wolf eyes from all three covers

The first three Omega Reimagined novellas have been collected into a single volume.

Omega Reclaimed: When Angel meets Leo, heat is in the air, but they both have painful pasts that make it impossible to form a more permanent bond.

Omega Revealed: Ryker doesn’t understand why he reacts to Gage the way he does. He just knows he needs to make sure Gage is happy and safe and gets all the knots he can handle.

Omega Released: JT is supposed to be helping Benjy find his perfect alpha, but this sweet, fresh-off-the-farm omega might be better off without one.