Omega by D. J. Heart

Cover for Omega by DJ Heart features a seated man in suit framed by two smaller shirtless men

Omega was where omegaverse started for me. For a long time, I thought D. J. Heart had invented the whole concept, which definitely turned out not to be the case, but in some ways I’ve never found an omega book I liked quite as much as this one.

This is a non-shifter omegaverse, and non-MPREG too, but it has heats and knotting and pheromones and insane alpha/omega lust. It features two alphas (one more dominant than the other) and their brand new omega, just delivered from the omega farm.

This world is pretty dystopian (Evan has no choice here), but Peter and Chad are good alphas to him and as they all three indulge in their physical compatibility, they form more tender bonds as well. The relationship between Chad and Evan is adorable, and the relationship between Peter and Chad (established prior to the start of the book) is complex and evolving with Evan’s introduction into it.

It’s a long book with plenty of hot sex throughout but enough non-sex story (and those growing bonds) to keep my interest. The author went on to write prequels about Peter and Chad’s relationship and sequels that try to improve on the fate of omegas in that society, but I never liked any of the adjunct books as much as this one. It’s a pure bit of alpha/omega entertainment with an omega you’ll feel for and two alphas it’s not hard to respect.