Happy Birthday to Omega Revealed

Omega Revealed was my first sequel, but it’s funny how I don’t really think of my omega books as sequels. Writing Aftershock got me all balled up. I’ll be starting work on Aftermath soon, and that one has me even more in knots. But the omega books aren’t real sequels. They’re just same-universe books, which means I’ve already done the hard work of creating a universe and now I get to play with more characters in it.

The first omega book, Omega Reclaimed, was, like all my books, intended as a standalone, but as soon as I finished writing it, more omega stories started pushing their way into my mind—so many that I practically have to have an auction every time I go to write one. Who gets their story told next?

Gage won. Sweet Gage, the most omega to ever omega and yet not recognized as an omega because he smells like a beta. This is his book first. But he needed an alpha worthy of him, one who was also the most alpha to ever alpha but not doing very well with it. The plan was for Ryker to save Gage by recognizing the omega in him, but it turned out to be Gage who saved Ryker by giving him an omega to alpha over.

In the meantime, North Leland grew more inclusive, Angel and Leo got to make (hopefully relevant) appearances, and the problem of Prince Devin’s inevitable succession to the throne loomed a little larger.

Suddenly I had a series! With recurring characters! And possibly an overriding plot arc! And still way too many omegas waiting their turn to have their story told.

But I’ll never write another alpha/omega pair as pure as Gage and Ryker.