Who Am I?


Sorry, couldn’t resist. I’m a musical geek, for one. And Les Mis is probably my all time favorite.

Anyway, there’s been a lot of shake-up in the LGBT romance industry lately. If you don’t move in those circles on Facebook or Twitter, you may have missed it (in which case, do some searches for Santino Hassell and you’ll get caught up). It’s left readers feeling concerned about who they can trust and authors feeling like they need to declare who they are for the sake of transparency.

So, who am I?

I am, as my avatar and name would suggest, a woman. I don’t fall anywhere on the LGBT+ rainbow. That picture is really me, but it’s me in the late 80s. You can probably tell that from my windswept hair and fabulous faux-leather jacket. The pictures were taken at one of those glamour photo boutiques that were in every mall back then and were a present for my boyfriend who returned them to me when we broke up. I occasionally post photos of myself on vacation or what-not and those are also me and much more current.

Tanya Chris is a pen name. I write non-romance too and I need to keep those identities separate, at least for now. Someday I hope to have a NYT bestselling “serious” book and be like, “Ha! I’m also a romance writer. And I’ve got news for you, writing one is no easier than writing than the other.” When that happens, you’ll be the firs to know.

Everything else in my bio is true, but it’s not a very fleshed-out bio, I’ll admit. I share things about myself online, but I’m not trying to sell myself as a product. Much of what I share (most particularly on Twitter) is my snarky sense of humor.

I don’t think you need to know any more than that about me because the main thing you need to know about me is that I’m never going to ask you to a) support me financially in any way other than by acquiring my books through legal means, or b) attack someone on my behalf. Seriously, if another reader gives me a bad review, you can just let it go. I appreciate the good reviews (so much) and love hearing from readers, but let’s keep it about the books and not about what you can do for me other than to read them.

That’s about it for all-about-me. Feel free to leave a comment/question here or on Facebook or Twitter. I’m always glad to hear from a reader.

Tanya writes in a variety of romantic and erotic genres, being an avid follower of many of these genres herself. Some of her favorites are M/M romance, MFM threesomes, and female dominated BDSM.

Tanya lives in New England with her boyfriend and her cat and has participated in many of the activities about which she writes, but not all of them. It’s left to the reader to decide which are which.