Happy Birthday to Deep Under

Cover for Deep Under by Tanya Chris shows a man kneeling with his hands cuffed behind himDeep Under isn’t the first story I wrote, but it’s the first one I published – my initial foray into the exciting but frightening new world of self publishing. It arrived without much fanfare. I didn’t know anything about marketing. I had no mailing list or fan base. I didn’t even have a Twitter account or FB page. I’d read some other M/M stories, but I’d never talked to another M/M author or M/M reader.

Despite all that, it sold some copies, and in the two years since then, I’ve been contacted by readers who wanted more Jack and Maddox, which is why I wrote Back Under. I wanted to give my two alphas the epilogue I probably should’ve included in the initial manuscript. In fact, “too short” is an almost-universal complaint about Deep Under, but I’ve been gratified to learn that there are readers who love Jack and Maddox as much as I do.

Here’s a funny story about Deep Under: it was almost called Blue Steel. Luckily, a friend who’s a little more culturally hip than I am tipped me off that most people would think of Zoolandia when they heard that phrase. My SO confirmed, and I went back to the drawing board for a new title.

Jack and Maddox have a couple of epilogues available free on my website (and look for a possible third). In Back Under, they experiment with play piercing and in All the Way Under, they try sounding. If you want to start with the free epilogues, you can. You’ll get a sense of the “surprise” from Deep Under, but honestly, it was never meant to be that big a surprise. You should totally see it coming anyway.

Want to see Jack and Maddox try out another kink? Drop a comment. They’re up for almost anything.