A Dirty Dozen

12 hot & heavy M/M shorts

Whether it’s shy cowboys or arrogant dragster drivers, A Dirty Dozen has a man for every occasion. These men meet in twos (and occasionally threes!) for sweet romance and hot fun. Each of the twelve included stories is guaranteed to feature a very happy ending.

City Slick: Rex and Caleb have spent five years eyeing each other across a border fence. It’s going to take a pretty slick city boy to bring these two cowboys together at last

Seek & Ye Shall Find: Maybe Alejo has the answer his straight friend Gil’s been looking for all this time

The New Guy: Gannon wants Elliott wants Mike wants Gannon. Go around once or twice with three hot men

Boo!: Lathan hates being scared, so why is he in this haunted house? The only way he’ll make it through is with the help of a hero

Anytime, Anyplace: One jock, one geek. Not what you think

Cape Cock Block: Leith is looking forward to a week in Cape Cod with his family and his older brother’s best friend until a change in sleeping arrangements makes alone time hard to arrange

Demi-Love: Sara thinks it’s about time her BF and his BFF took it to the next level

Here Cutie, Cutie: When Paul gets called in to rescue a kitten from a tree, he find the kitten’s owner just as cute and skittish as the kitten

Hot Rod: Luke and Gino are racing for a trophy but also for bragging rights and certain bedroom favors

Lollipop, Lollipop: Ari and Joel find an alternative to attending their graduating class’s lollipop party

Horndog Says Woof: After Kyle and Roland meet at the dog park, wine on the deck and an upstairs romp might lead to something more, but only if Roland and Snowball can change their horndog ways.

Buddy Lift: Travis is in the process of relocating from New York City to Atlanta, and it’s going to take more than one muscular, sweaty man to thoroughly move him

Publisher: Tanya Chris

Luke kept his gaze steadfastly ahead, focusing on the vertical strip of lights that would turn yellow one at a time before the final green-means-go signal to start the race. He refused to glance to his right where Gino Narduzzi sat in a flaming purple dragster with eyes like ripe olives and a body so long he could barely fold it into the cockpit. The fucker.

Today Luke was going to beat Gino, was going to grind that fucker’s smug face into the gravel, show him he wasn’t the only driver on the circuit just because women flocked to soak in his honey-smooth Italian accent and gawk at his stubbled jaw. A tight, hard body and ridiculously plump lips weren’t going to win this race. Lightning fast reflexes and nerves of steel would.


Unfortunately, Gino had those too. He’d won three of the last four heats the two of them had competed against each other in, two of which had been for the top prize like this match here. Only one man would be standing in the winner’s circle hoisting a trophy over his head in a few minutes, and Luke intended to make sure it was him. He knew the consequences of losing all too well.

Reviews:Avid Reader wrote:

I thought I would just read one short story at a time but like that potato chip, I could not stop once I started! The stories are to the point, with a quick move into the heated parts and a full plot arc in every one.

Alexleo wrote:

It is a collection of hot and hotter very short stories that you may read at any moment of the day when you have a break and just want to switch off your mind and forget the world around you.

Joan wrote:

This was a compilation of twelve short stories that just ROCK! I couldn’t put the book down and was entertained and mesmerized by the stories of hook ups and potentially more. What was nice was at the end of each story you would find a suggestion of what Tanya Chris story had the same theme if you wanted to explore. I have read almost all of Tanya Chris’ books and have loved every single one. I highly recommend this book as an introduction to her writing since it display the depth and range of her stories. You will not be disappointed!

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