Men Who Suck

But only in a good way!

What do we find so fascinating about vampires? The looming danger, the fact that they can either heal or kill? To me, they’re the perfect embodiment of tall, dark, and handsome—super seductors whose bite will send you into fits of ecstasy. So yeah, that’s what I like. And here are some vampire stories I’ve particularly enjoyed.

Not Dead Yet by Jenn Burke

This is a tiny bit spoilery if you haven’t read any of this series yet, but we’re on book three already so it’s time to get with the program. Wes is a ghost. What he doesn’t know is that his formerly human, formerly ex Hudson is no longer human and maybe no longer an ex.

This book is both love story and adventure/mystery with tons of original paranormal twists, and when you’ve finished all three of the Wes/Hudson stories, you can start hungering for the spinoff series coming in 2021.

Captive by Jex Lane

We’re talking love/hate when it comes to this book, because it killed me in both good ways and bad ones. Be warned that this doesn’t qualify as a romance in that it doesn’t meet the HEA requirement (it basically destroys the HEA requirement). But it’s a heck of a story. You’ve got vampires, incubi, the whole gamut of enthralling, mythical creatures all running around sexing each other up and then frequently killing each other after.

There’s a strong love line between Matthew, the POV character, and his captor Tarrick, which I presume will eventually result in a happy ending. I have to admit I haven’t made it through all the books yet because the ending for each one makes me want to set my Kindle on fire. But if you love angst and can wait for a payoff, this series is for you.

The Tinder Chronicles by Alexa Land

Everyone knows Alexa Land for her Firsts and Forevers series, but did you know she’s written vampires? This series is vampire vs. vampire hunter, so you’ve got enemies-to-lovers as well as a whole war for domination going on.

cover of Giving Chances features a handsome man in a Sant hat against a snowy backdrop

The sex scenes are super acrobatic, and Bane is your classic vampire who’s not just strong and smoking hot but really rich, whereas Tinder is a dirt-poor, fragile human, so there are great hurt/comfort scenes here too because while Tinder is trying to kill Bane, Bane really just wants to take care of Tinder.

Also, the guy on the left on the cover is really handsome. I think he might be the same guy as on my Giving Chances cover. What do you think? I know I’ve seen him around.

Cover for Handsome Death by Sara Dobie Bauer shows a man in a suit against a cityscapeHandsome Death by Sara Dobie Bauer

This book is so atmospheric. I’ll admit I usually prefer my vampires to be upright citizens—-more the Twilight kind of vampire than the Dracula kind—but this book walks a great line.

Ethan has an ugly past and a not-so-sweet present, but when it comes to Tristan, he can’t be too protective and adoring. He’s a perfect representative of that “not nice, but nice to you” personality I can’t help swooning over even as I disapprove of them.

The writing is great, and the relationship is deep and captivating. If you’re looking to wallow in a stalker-level vampire romance, this is the book for you.

Working Stiffs by various authors (including me)

And of course I’m doing vampire recs today because I’ve gCover for Working Stiffs, an MM vampire charity anthology shows 5 men dressed for various professionsot a short story in the new anthology, Working Stiffs. The vampires in Working Stiffs aren’t rich for the most part. They’re everyday schmoes like you and me. But they still have superhuman strength, preternatural senses, and that special sauce in their fangs that makes them extra good in bed.

In my story, Long Haul, ancient vampire Vlad finds himself the reluctant rescuer of a human ironically named Silver. When Vlad can’t shake himself free of the annoyingly bubbly young man and his deliciously bubbly blood, the two of them ride of into the sunset in Vlad’s eighteen-wheeler.

Working Stiffs is available for a limited time only, so grab your copy today or read through KU. Proceeds benefit the WHO’s COVID-19 Response Fund.

Interview with a T-Rex

Cartoon image of a T-Rex with a goth character and an archeologist characterLooking for something light to lift your spirits in these trying times? How about Interview with a T-Rex, my story about a shapeshifting vampire dinosaur, a goth vampire hunter named Hunter, and a paleontologist with a T-Rex fetish.

This short freebie is sure to have you laughing out loud more than once.