Impossibly Fond

Cover for Impossibly Fond by Tanya Crhis shows a man with shaggy blue hair in front of a full moon

When a hostile leprechaun forces an inept wizard to flub the spell he’s casting on a mini-giant, the result can only be… fondness? Waltham has accidentally spelled Ian into liking him, and now his hostage/windfall, aka Mindy, insists he fix it before she’ll turn over the pot of gold she rightfully owes him.

Waltham’s figure is as stringy as his hair and his words are as sharp as his nose. He’s a selfish, greedy fledgling wizard with a ratty hat and a worse attitude. There’s no way someone as handsome and kindhearted as Ian would like him without magic in play. But as the three reluctant companions set out on a quest to assemble the ingredients for an anti-spell, a different kind of magic happens. Ian’s unflagging belief that Waltham is worthy of love makes Waltham begin to wish it were true.

There are grasshopper gonads to be collected, moonbeam crystals to be harvested, kitten tears to be wrung, and somewhere, at the end of the rainbow, a pot of gold to be collected. But if Waltham can overcome his upbringing and mend his ways, then maybe—once the spell has been lifted—something real will remain.

Publisher: Tanya Chris
Cover Artists:

The galoot raised Waltham’s elbow to his mouth and pressed the lightest of kisses to the scrape. His lips were surprisingly soft, very full and tender but probably carrying a veritable army of germs. Waltham withdrew his arm, and the galoot’s pucker faded into a pout, as if Waltham’s elbow were a piece of candy that’d been taken from him.

“Aw,” Mindy said. “I think he likes you.”

“I do,” the galoot agreed immediately. “I like you a lot.”

Surprising. Ego-gratifying, but surprising. People didn’t often take to him right away, what with the sharpness of his features and most particularly the sharpness of his tongue, but it was true that if they were going to like him at all, they liked him the better for not knowing him.

“What’s your name, you big galoot?” Mindy asked.


“Oh, I’m only a rather average-sized galoot," he demurred. "But I'm strong.” He flexed his biceps in illustration and Waltham nodded approvingly. Very strong.

“What’s your name?” Mindy repeated, as if she were talking to a small and stubborn child, and honestly the galoot wasn’t coming across as a creature of particular intelligence, considering how immediately he’d taken to Waltham who’d been trying steal his gold. Mindy’s gold. His gold.


“A good name for a giant,” Mindy said.

“Do you think so?” Ian asked without taking his eyes off Waltham.

“It’s got giant right in it.”

“You mean that the other way around,” Waltham observed. “Ian is in giant. Giant’s not in Ian.”

“That’s so clever,” Ian said enthusiastically, as if Waltham had said something… clever. “I’ve had that name my whole life and never even noticed. Ian is in giant. You must be really smart.”

“But I’m the one who said it,” Mindy squealed. “I said it backwards, but you knew what I meant.”

“What’s your name?” Ian asked.

“Mindy,” Mindy answered, even though Ian had clearly directed the question to Waltham. “Hellooo, person talking down here. Look at me.” She fluttered her wings, raising herself up to eye level. Waltham put his hand on top of her head to push her back down. He was enjoying the attention. When you traveled with a green leprechaun in a pink tutu and matching wings, you got very little attention.

Reviews:Mirrigold on Mirrigold wrote:

So much fun! This book is a hilarious take on the typical high fantasy adventure grouping off on a quest.

loveQhuay on Reading under the rainbow wrote:

The best scene was the grasshopper hunt, it was more then hilarious. I laughed so hard. Waltham and his ignorance of things was so cute, especially when Ian knew things he didn't. They completed each other perfectly. Really, really loved this story, I couldn't put it down and read it in one-go. It was so good to be in this world with Ian& Waltham. Highly recommend it.

Cheryl on Love Bytes Reviews wrote:

Overall, this is a surprisingly deep and emotional tale, whilst at the same time maintaining a funny, quirky nature. It is well written and sweeps the reader along with a real sense of direction. Although only one of the characters is human…basically, they all have a sense of solidity and realness that makes the book a satisfying read.

Hooked by the Bell

The cover for Hooked by the Bell by Tanya Chris shows a cartoon pirate with a fairy flying over him

The Feldings and Le Croixs have been neighbors for three generations and enemies for just as long. Now it’s Matt and Harper’s turn to carry on the family feud through a series of escalating pranks that’s sure to get one of them arrested or killed.

When a costume party hookup reveals they might like each other as much as they hate each other, will Matt and Harper continue to fight, or will a case of mistaken identity turn out not to be a mistake at all? Find out in this friends-to-enemies-to-lovers romcom about two men who are ready to go down fighting.

This novellette was previously published in the anthology Fighting Chances.

Publisher: Tanya Chris

He sprinted for home but didn’t make it before a heavy weight slammed into him, driving him down into the grass. His struggle to free himself from an angry tornado of punishing appendages landed him on his back, looking up at a red-faced, sopping-wet Harper who had a knee planted firmly in the middle of his chest.

“You fucker.” Harper reared back like he was about to sock him.

Matt threw his hands up. “Not my face!” He needed his face. He had a costume party to go to Saturday night, and the hostess had promised him there’d be hot guys there.

“You fucking trashed my room. There’s water all over the fucking floor. My mattress is soaked.”

“It was just supposed to be some spray. I didn’t think the screen would pop.”

“You never fucking think.” Harper grabbed his shoulders and jerked them back and forth, so that Matt’s head bounced off the ground a few times.


“You’ll give me a concussion,” he complained through rattling teeth. Thank God Harper kept his lawn so nice and velvety. He wriggled his lower body in an attempt to escape the bruising force of Harper’s knee. Some guys he might like having on top of him riding him like a fucking cowboy, but not Harper Le Croix, not the guy who already knew how hot he was and didn’t need Matt confirming it, which he was about to do unless Harper either killed him or got off him.

Harper gave him a last good thump. “I’m serious this time, Felding. I’m putting in a restraining order. You won’t be able to get within fifty feet of me, and where will that leave you?”

“Fifty feet away from this line.”

Reviews:Adagio wrote:

Tanya Chris delivers on a humorous and original enemies to lovers story. Although often humorous, it delivered on all the feels as well. I loved both Matt and Harper and the secondary character Wendy is perfect. The world building was definitely on point and the storyline kept my interest completely. It’s uniquely done and the ending especially made this a favorite.

Tina on Redzworld wrote:

Matt and Harper are the modern-day Hatfield and McCoy’s of their generation. They have been friends forever, and always their families have fought over a tiny piece of land. No one wants to give in. when Matt and Harper get their family homes will this feud continue? Well, these two reminded me of two kids fighting over the same toy. They were funny as heck. The chemistry makes it pure adult though. They have a lot of underlying tension. Might just be what this feud needs for it to stop. I always say make love, not war.

Among Heroes

Cover of Among Heroes by Tanya Chris features two men in front of a tropical island backdrop

This disaster of a romcom will have you rooting for the two bad boy wannabees whose solid gold hearts yearn for each other while their rock solid bodies grapple with a different kind of yearning.

If you’re going to fly into the path of an oncoming hurricane, there’s only one man you want as Captain: ex-Air Force pilot, Rook Terzi. But why would you do ever do such a thing in the first place? This definitely isn’t the smartest decision Rook has ever made, as evidenced by an abrupt landing on the wrong side of Coxa de Peru, but being marooned isn’t all bad. In fact, it would be almost paradise if it weren’t for one particular passenger: YouTube personality and alpha-wannabe, Bryce Norris.

Bryce figures he’s the best choice to take charge of this group of survivors. He’s a paid adventurer, after all. Sure, his production manager usually handles the details, but Bryce does his own stunts, and he’s ready to sacrifice his body in any way necessary. Too bad no one’s asking him to play hero, because he’s well-equipped for the job.

When a crew member’s declining health means they can’t wait for rescue any longer, Bryce and Rook need to stop fighting for dominance and start cooperating on a jungle trek towards civilization. Can their rivalry turn to passion beneath a tropical moon?

Content warning: the author knows nothing about flying a plane except what you learn by sitting in one and has made up her own model of aircraft. If you have any aviation expertise, you’ll probably find this book supremely annoying. Otherwise, suspend your disbelief, buckle in, and let’s take off on what’s sure to be a wild ride.

Publisher: Tanya Chris
Cover Artists:

Rook carried his duffel into the brush to change. He was standing there in nothing but his briefs, debating whether or not to change those out too—since he only had one change of underwear, he probably ought to give these a second day—when noises behind him drew his attention to Bryce thrashing through the foliage like a rampaging elephant.

“Ha! I knew you weren’t wearing any bulky boxers beneath those pants. I’d have seen the lines.”

Rook snatched up the t-shirt Bryce had lent him and covered his groin with it. “Do you mind?”

“Oh, sorry. I forgot you need privacy to use the men’s room.” Bryce unzipped and fished his dick out through his fly.


Men’s room. Well, it was true that the men had been mostly heading in one direction to use the facilities and the women in the other, so this small clearing had become a de facto men’s room. Still, Bryce could’ve given him five minutes to change his clothes rather than barge in here looking him over like he was candy.

“Don’t worry. I’m not going to jump your straight ass, fine as it might be in those sweet briefs. You’re not my type.”

“I happen to be gay.” Rook turned a bit, perhaps to intentionally give Bryce a better look at his fine ass. “And the whole group knows who you’re gunning for.”

“Can you blame me? Speaking of fine asses. Hey, hold up. What do you mean you happen to be gay?” Bryce tucked his dick away and zipped back up, leaving Rook to realize that he was still standing there wearing nothing but his briefs and Bryce’s hot eyes.

“I happen to be gay. So much for your gaydar. What makes you think Neil is?”

“Are you kidding? Just look at him. You telling me you wouldn’t do him?”

“Whether or not I’d ‘do him’ as you so eloquently put it has nothing to do with whether or not he’d be interested.”

“Yeah, well, keep off. I was there first.”

“He’s not a piece of property.” He pulled Bryce’s t-shirt on over his head, unaccountably annoyed at Bryce’s focus on Neil. “He can choose the man he wants to be with, and if that’s me, that’s me.”

“I don’t even believe you’re gay. You’d get with Neil just to piss me off.”

That was close enough to the truth that it pulled Rook up a little. “Maybe, maybe not.”

“Prove you’re gay.”

“Prove it how? You want me to kiss you, big guy?” He met Bryce’s eyes tauntingly, and for a moment he thought Bryce would say yes, and that he wouldn’t mind doing it either. Bryce’s upper lip featured a sweet dip in the center, and his lower lip hung plump below it. Around that prettily-matched set of lips, the bristles of his dark blond beard framed his mouth like a target.

Instead of kissing him, Rook grabbed Bryce’s package through his pants and gave it a rough squeeze. “That gay enough for you?”

“Hey. How about some boundaries?”

“Like when you barged in here to watch me change?”

“Barged in here,” Bryce echoed mockingly. “It’s a fucking bush, Rookie, not your private en suite. Now, you gonna put those clothes on or are we going in search of the missing half of the plane with you in your undies? ’Cause I’m not complaining.” Bryce reached around and squeezed his ass.

“I thought we were having boundaries.”

“I thought we weren’t,” Bryce countered before crashing back through the foliage, as loud as he’d come.

Reviews:Dixiecowgirl on Amazon wrote:

Delightful, steamy and fun enemies to lovers romance that will keep you reading all night long. I so enjoyed this story-line because it was so much more than a plane crash and a hot romance. I really liked how the secondary characters played an important role and how the author wove the issue of encroachment of native lands into the plot.

Bryce and Rook kinda collide in this story and there is such a struggle for control. I so enjoyed their journey to get rescue help and the waterfall scene had me laughing out loud.

Jean on Amazon wrote:

A wonderfully paced adventure featuring two testosterone tanks that have you shaking your head and rolling your eyes thinking "men are the pits", but in a good way I assure you!

B. McGrath on Amazon wrote:

The one liners are to die for roflmao. Rook and Bryce's banter is similar to teenage boys with snark, and it kept me chuckling. I loved it. Neil was a big surprise with his comments to Bryce (no spoilers) . This is such a captivating read, and the more I read the more I loved Rook and Bryce as a couple. Heat, suspense, and adventure. I was on the edge of my seat with this great page turner. I loved the ending and epilogue.