Because She Said So

Cover for Because She Said So by Tanya Chris shows a man's hands in reverse prayer position behind his back

In Richard's New Mistress, Richard waits for his first meeting with the mistress he hopes to serve. Can he convince her that he's worthy?

In Over the Edge, two strangers meet to fulfill a shared fantasy of clothed female/nude male (CFNM) exhibitionism.

In Yoga Warrior, a flexible man offers himself as a gift to the woman on the mat next to him, but he already belongs to another.

In Power Hungry, a woman plays politician by day, Domme by night.How will she balance her need for the younger man under her command with her drive to succeed in the political arena?

In You and Me, a woman erotically teases her lover until he breaks.

Publisher: Tanya Chris
Cover Artists:

Deep Under

Cover for Deep Under by Tanya Chris shows the feet of a man kneeling with his wrists cuffed behind his back behind bars

It was a routine traffic stop until the submissive in Jack recognized the Dominant in Maddox. Now Maddox and Jack are walking a dangerous line: on opposite sides of the law by day, on the same side of the bed at night.

Can Maddox trust a man with Jack's past, and does Jack even want him to? One thing's for sure: Jack needs to be punished, and Maddox is just the man to do it.

Publisher: Tanya Chris
Cover Artists:

“Officer?” McNeil's reaction to having a gun drawn on him put Maddox on even higher alert. McNeil didn't look freaked out. He looked calculating, like all the possibilities of what might happen next were flowing into his head and he was sorting leisurely through them.

“Hands up where I can see them. Now.” He followed procedure to get an armed perp out of a car, then pushed him face down over the hood so that McNeil's hands were visible and far away from the outline of that gun. He yanked up McNeil's shirt and removed the piece.

“You got anything else on you?”

“No, sir.”

“You got a permit for that?”

His suspect hesitated. Maddox expected some long-ass story about how he had a permit only it was at his uncle's cousin's baby mama's condo which was being foreclosed on and . . .


No. No excuses, just no.


“No, sir,” McNeil added, but Maddox had the sense that the word sir had nothing to do respect for his badge. There was a different kind of respect in his voice.

“Hands behind your back.” Maddox didn't think he'd ever had a perp put his hands behind his back so willingly before. He hadn't made it much past the word hands before they were there, crossed over each other, palms turned up to him, waiting.

Fuck. That was—

He snapped the cuffs over McNeil's wrists, then holstered his gun and stepped closer. He kicked McNeil's feet apart without asking him to spread them himself, just got in there between his legs and forced them open wider, then tugged on his hips to move them away from the car so that McNeil's ass jutted out and up.

That was— Fuck.

He started patting McNeil down, trying not to enjoy it as much as he was enjoying it. He should have called for backup by now. This was a man driving around town with an unpermitted gun strapped to his back. This was not one of his toys.

He didn't call for backup.

Reviews:Esther on Amazon wrote:

Love this short but HOT story! Great storyline that is fast paced but flows smoothly. Maddox and Jack are great characters with chemistry that sizzles right off the pages. I really like how Jack is such a strong, in control guy in his everyday life but then gives over control and submits to Maddox in the bedroom. Maddox is great at reading Jack and knowing just what he needs. They have a great combo of BDSM but also loving at times when they are together. Would love to read more about these characters.

Pink on Amazon wrote:

This book was hot, hot, hot. I wish it was longer. I loved Jack and Maddox. I loved that Jack was a take control kind of guy by day, but needed to submit by night. And Jack was the perfect man to do that. I'm glad that their issues were solved and they decided to make a go of a relationship. Thanks Tanya Chris for the little extra read on your website. I loved it. Great read. It is a short story, but you won't be disappointed.

C Lloyd on Amazon wrote:

DEEP UNDER is a quick BDSM M/M that is steamy and has one of my favorite first kisses EVER. When the story first started, I was wary of the power dynamics that would come with the Dom being a cop, but Maddox is suuuuuuch a good guy!!! I love him to pieces. Jack is so great too, and they're both very wonderful together.

Don't miss the bonus scenes:

Back Under - needle play

All the Way Under - sounding

Under Cover - chastity play and orgasm denial

Merge Ahead

Cover for Merge Ahead by Tanya Chris shows a man in a business suit and a younger man in a t-shirt in front of a merge sign

Will doesn’t know that his safe but unfulfilling life as a Call Center Supervisor is about to be turned upside down. Or that the man responsible is sitting next to him waiting for the same delayed flight.

Adam Summers is confident, successful, gorgeous, and about to sign the contract that will cost Will his job. Corporate policy says they should keep their hands off each other, but they can’t.

Is their growing affection worth the risk to Adam’s career? And what will Will’s future look like when their companies, and their lives, have merged? Merge Ahead is a full-length, standalone MM romance with a happy ending.

Publisher: Tanya Chris
Cover Artists:

The man in the seat next to Will shifted again. He was a big man, as far as Will could see without looking directly at him. Broad and wide and crackling with masculine restlessness. They were all so jammed together in the plastic-molded airport seating that even Will felt constricted, and Will wasn’t a big man. Average. He never thought of himself as anything other than average in any way. Well, except—

The man jerked his arm, nearly elbowing Will with it. Will tried to pretend he hadn’t noticed. He was much more aware of this stranger dressed in a button-down shirt and slacks, one leg crossed over the other so that the sole of his loafer nearly grazed Will’s leg, the knot of his tie still tight against his neck, than he ought to be. And yeah, apparently Will had been sneaking some peeks at him regardless of his determination not to because he had the man’s entire outfit memorized. Only his face remained a mystery.


If Will were going to imagine a face, and that was hardly a wise thing to do but this waiting was endless, he would imagine features as hard as the stranger’s thighs and hair as dark as the leather of his shoes. And the eyes would be ... Will closed his own eyes and finished building his dream man’s face ... green—that bright emerald green that went so perfectly with thick, black hair, a green like the color swirled through the man’s tie. As though a man like that might pick out a tie to match his eyes.

“Excuse me.”

Will’s eyes flew open, his body instinctively moving away from the potential threat. What had he done? Was his dick hard? Had he accidentally made contact? Could this guy read minds?

“Wow, sorry. Didn’t mean to startle you. Were you asleep?”

Bright green eyes met Will’s with polite concern. This was ... fuck. Had Will conjured him? The strong jaw, faintly traced with stubble, the swath of hair so brown it was almost black, worn just a little too long so that it curled at the tips, the classic Roman nose above a wide mouth that was fuller and softer than Will had imagined but only the more appealing for being so—he was too much a fantasy to be real.

Reviews:Cara on Amazon wrote:

I loved, loved, loved both characters. Both Adam and Will felt like real people who I cared about and became invested in. Not just romance-book real, but like actual people in a realistic situation and a relationship that wasn't story-book perfect, but was all the better for it.

Jennifer Naylor on Amazon wrote:

FAVORITE!! No lie. Straight to the top of that list right now for 2018. I am head over heels in love with this book. Every single thing about it was perfection to me. Everything. The only thing I didn’t like about it is that it had to end. I feel lost and sad right now. I want to still be reading it.

Kitten on Amazon wrote:

Initially I thought the book would be good (I was right), but I didn’t expect some of the topics that came up. Among those themes were gender stereotypes, cultural hang-ups, and societal expectations. About halfway through, I realized the story was deeper than I expected. I found myself binge-reading this book by itself (I usually read several at once), and of course I crushed on both Adam and Will

Don't miss the bonus epilogues:

Fully Integrated

Will just signed his first publishing contract, which means celebratory blowjobs. It’s a day for feeling lucky, even as he worries about what’s going on in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria.


When social distancing rules mandate that Adam work from home, Will imagines there’s going to be a lot of canoodling. Instead, there are a lot of teleconferences. But tonight, Will’s determined to make sure Adam logs off and gets off.

Better Off

Cover for Better Off by Tanya Chris shows a man and a suit and a man with long hair holding a flower in front of a bookshelf

Only one thing stands in the way of millionaire Gregory MacPherson’s project to revitalize the gritty neighborhood of Ball’s End: a run-down used bookstore. Since none of Mac’s employees seem to be able to get Hailey’s Comic out of the building Mac needs to tear down, he decides to take matters into his own hands. He expects to have it all under control, just like he has everything under control. What he doesn't expect is to fall hard and fast for the store’s owner—the colorful, willowy, and unexpectedly male, Hailey.

Hailey refuses to give up his lease, no matter how many incentives Mac dangles in front of him, but when it comes to consummating their mutual attraction, he’s a lot more flexible. Soon Mac is finding it as hard to pry himself out of Hailey’s bed as it is to pry Hailey out of the building. With time winding down and no other options, he does the unthinkable.

Mac is trying to improve Ball’s End. Hailey thinks it’s Mac who could stand to be improved. But with a few compromises, they might all end up Better Off.

Note: this book was originally published under the title Him Improvement. No significant changes have been made.

Publisher: Tanya Chris
Cover Artists:

“You know what I like about you?” Hailey asked.

Mac straightened up with a shake of his head. He knew what people usually liked about him. He was a handsome man with strong features and thick hair. He came from money, had turned that into more money of his own, had the manners and confidence to comport himself anywhere. He made decisions quickly but logically, took action when others froze, and played a good game of hockey. But he expected to hear something different from Hailey—maybe that he had a bright aura or had been some form of cuddly animal in a previous life.

“Your shoulders. I’m a sucker for a guy with good posture. You had that suit on in the store, but I could still tell. Is that not okay to say?”

“I was expecting something more… well, less superficial.” He’d wanted Hailey to see something in him, something he maybe hadn’t even known was there himself, a goodness of some kind.


“Like that you have a beautiful soul? We all do, don’t we? Your beautiful soul happens to be topped by an impressive pair of shoulders. But all right, I’ll tell you what I meant to say before I got distracted by them. I like how transparent you are.”

“I’m not transparent.” He was a consummate businessman, a master of impassivity.

“But you are. Right now you’re vaguely insulted because you think being transparent is a weakness. A moment ago you were disappointed to discover that I’m a human male, not an ethereal saint, and right before that you were thinking about how much you want to fuck me.”

Since that was a pretty good summary of the last three thoughts he’d had, arguing seemed pointless. “Maybe you’re just good at reading me.”

“I don’t see how anyone could miss what you’re thinking. It’s all in your eyes. They’re very expressive. I especially like that how-much-you-want-to-fuck-me look. You never did say whether this was a date.”


Reviews:Sammy on Joyfully Jay wrote:

[This] is not my first Tanya Chris novel, but it is definitely my favorite to date. With just enough friction between what Hailey wanted and what Mac envisioned, coupled with the loveliest emerging romantic entanglement between the two men, this novel was a delight to read from beginning to end.

loveQhuay on Reading under the rainbow wrote:

I couldn't put it down, i read it in one sitting and I was so happy while reading it. It was a really good book and I highly recommend it.

You, Me & Her

Cover for You, Me & her features a man superimposed over a theater stage
Part of the My Guys series:

Nate wasn’t made to be monogamous, a fact he never fails to disclose to his partners. No matter how much he loves the women he’s with, he sees potential in others. Does that make him a horrible person? His on-again, off-again lover and current co-star, Deb, certainly thinks so.
But his other co-star, Joshua, understands. Joshua, who’s fast becoming the best friend Nate ever had, doesn’t even mind when Nate hooks up with his wife, Sherry. Well, he does mind a little, but only because he has the hots for Nate himself.

Nate’s always known he’s polyamorous, but is he also bi? He loves being with Joshua. He loves being with Sherry. He definitely loves being with Joshua and Sherry together. Can he make the transition from loves-being-with to just-plain-loves? And even if he can, how does he fit into another couple’s relationship?

Meanwhile, the situation with Deb is growing ever more toxic, the future of their show is at stake, and not all of Nate’s friends are on board with the whole poly/bi thing. It’s a minefield Nate can only navigate with the help of one very special man.

Content warning for alcoholism. This book describes an open relationship that remains open after a romantic bond is formed. It’s not suitable for readers who consider open relationships to be cheating. This book includes both M/F and M/M on-page sex.

Publisher: Tanya Chris
Cover Artists:

Having collided, we couldn’t unpart so easily. We stood together in the downspot of light that guarded the theater entrance from wandering vagrants and exchanged soothing banalities. It was a gentle wrapping up of a harsh evening and I was in no hurry to end it, despite the dragging pull of weariness and the unavoidably early dawn that waited for me.

The yellow light brought out every shade of brown in Joshua’s eyes and I found myself voicing something I’d only thought before: “It should be your name that’s Sherry.”

He tilted his head, perplexed, a smile nonetheless coming to his lips, a smile that simply said, Whatever you’re going on about, I want to hear it.

“Your eyes have this depth to them, all these swirls of amber and mahogany. It’s like looking into the bottom of a glass before you drink from it.”


I stroked a hand across his cheek. Intoxicating, that was what I meant. His eyes were as heady as strong liquor. They drew me in where I might, clear-headed, never go.

“Nate?” Joshua stepped into me. His hand reached for my hip.

I bent my elbow, persuading his face closer, and tilted my head that fraction upwards that was necessary to compensate for his height. This was it then. Kiss the man. I wanted to, I wanted to, but those last few inches were so hard to cross.

The door to the theater flew open at my back and Pete, Repeat and Mikaela spilled out of it onto the sidewalk, too loud and occupying too much space. I dropped my hand, stepping backwards into Repeat who pushed against me, sending me forwards into Joshua again. Joshua put up his hands to catch me, a frown forming on his face, his hands not quite closing around me. It was suddenly and immensely quiet.

“Didn’t realize you and your boyfriend were having a moment,” Pete said.

“We were just leaving.” I turned my back on Joshua.

Reviews:Andrea on Love in Panels wrote:

Is there an award for Best Written Blowjob? because... THIS BOOK. But what really made it an unforgettable read is the ongoing conversation around inclusivity, and the unconditional support the group of friends in You, Me & Her have for each other. The story's a true representation of friendship at an age of discovering what's possible with what we want from relationships. -Be that monogamy, chains dangling from the bedroom ceiling, or someone to chase your dreams with.

Erryn on Rainbow Gold Reviews wrote:

This is, at its heart, a story about love in its many forms. Nate has left behind more than a few broken hearts – women who believed they could ‘change’ him. He has a moment of reckoning with his ex-girlfriend right in the middle of the production, so he doesn’t come out unscathed. But he does come out a stronger person.

The sex scenes in this book are especially well-done. Some authors write the scenes clinically while others write so esoterically that you lose track of body parts. Ms. Chris provides her readers with all the sensuality while still giving them a very good picture in their minds of what is going on. Did I mention the scenes are hot?

This book works. On so many levels. Polyamorous relationships depend on honesty and jealousy can easily destroy them, but Nate, Sherry, and Joshua make it work. But not without problems. Because that’s real life – messy and emotion-packed and full of ups and downs.


Cover for Owned by T. M. Chris shows a coiled belt sitting on a wood surface

Liam should never have sassed his best friend Kurt's father that way, not when he knows how discipline is handled in the Santino household. Now Liam's got two problems: Mr. Santino’s belt and Kurt’s bare hand. Or rather, he’s got one problem: the fact that all this old-fashioned discipline is making him hornier than hell.

Kurt’s determined to make Liam stop perving on his dad. Liam just needs one more punishment. Can the two college students work out an arrangement that satisfies all their desires?

This short story (approximately 15,000 words) features lots of spankings with various implements and a HEA ending.

Publisher: T. M. Chris
Cover Artists:

Omega Reclaimed

"Of course I smelled him—smelled him and was drawn to him. Rich, ripe, male omega—not far away and well into his heat. Unsatisfied heat. I laughed, realizing that in this moment, at least, the omega was the boss of the alpha. I needed to help him."

Angel, an alpha who's left the violent, strictly hierarchical rules of his pack to find success in the big city, and Leo, an omega on the run from his abusive alpha, are thrust together to satisfy Leo’s urgent heat-lust. But can a once-hurt omega ever trust an alpha to care for and protect him again? And can an alpha sensitive to social injustice learn to enjoy his naturally dominant nature?

Angel and Leo must both face the pasts they ran away from before the two can build a new future together. They may not be able to change the laws of nature, but they can change the language of love.

Omega Reclaimed is a non-MPREG MM alpha/omega shapeshifter novella. There is no MPREG in this universe.

Publisher: Tanya Chris
Cover Artists:

He lay in the middle of the queen-sized bed, naked, somewhere between dazed and unconscious. He didn’t turn to look at me when I came in, but when I crouched in front of him, his eyes flickered open briefly. This was a very sick omega. The heat was on him hard and had been for at least two days. From up close, the most beautiful scent in the world—omega in heat—was tinged with the smell of an unwashed and unhealthy body.

There was a plastic bottle of water on the nightstand next to him, cap off and with a few inches of water left in it. I lifted him into a half-seated position and held the bottle to his lips.


He did, with grateful gulps—only two before the bottle was drained. I laid him back down on the bed and went into the kitchenette and found a fresh bottle in the refrigerator and brought it back to him.


“More,” I told him. I nursed him, prompting him again when he lagged, until he’d finished most of the bottle. “Food or shower first?” I asked him. There was a tiny bit more life in his eyes now, a spark of something sane.

“Hungry,” he said. “So hungry.”

His tone told me what he was truly hungry for, but I went in search of food anyway. There was some roast beef in the deli drawer that hadn’t gone bad. Good wolf food, nicely rare, full of iron and protein. I didn’t bother to make him a sandwich like a human might have done, just brought him the package and fed it to him, slice after slice, until he pushed my hand away.

“Shower now?” I asked.

When he nodded, I helped him to his feet and steered him into the bathroom. Even before we’d made it the three steps down the hall it took to reach his bathroom, I knew he wasn’t going to be able to keep himself upright, so I sat him on the toilet while I stripped myself, then guided us both under the steaming water.

He’d been naked all along, but in the dim light of his bedroom, tangled in what remained of the bed clothes, his body had been nothing more than planes and shadows—arousing only because of the way it smelled. Now, illuminated as it was by the harsh fluorescent fixture overhead, there was no hiding how his body appealed to me.

Two days without enough food or water had him cut, like a boxer before a fight, so that his abs stood out in stark contrast as they heaved with his hungry pants. I could see that he’d be lean even when healthy. The breadth of his shoulders and the firm roundness of the muscles surrounding them told me that he made an effort to stay strong. I’d been surprised by the doughy softness of some of the human males I’d fucked for fun, though it wasn’t their fault they ran to fat so easily. This omega was a prime specimen—the delicate fragility of an omega, the hard strength of a wolf.

And then there was his cock—so hard that it rose past the horizontal, pointing upwards towards me as though it knew I were there. I was hard too. Had been since I’d first caught scent of him. My erection was impossible to hide now that I was likewise naked and nearly as impossible to keep him off of.  Though he had very little strength, he was using what he had to grab for what he wanted.

Reviews:Susan on The Bogger Girls wrote:

I love a good alpha-omega story, and especially one that comes with a twist, or two. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the way nature, in the paranormal universe, sets up an omega & alpha bonding along with the hierarchical challenges, but I love it when the characters don’t follow nature’s or their pack’s script.

In this case, we have an alpha and an omega who have defied mother nature and turned their backs on wolfie expectations and nature’s calling…until instinct pushes a little harder and makes it irresistible for these two to resist the calling. That is not to say that it was all for naught, nope, in the end, they both got what they wanted…they just needed to tweak a few things and draw on the foundations for trust.

Becca on Love Bytes wrote:

What a book! Alphas, omegas, and betas oh my! And I LOVE how the Omega is pretty much the hero in this book. Love it. Omegas get overlooked because they are considered weaker but they are definitely the stronger ones having to put up with everyone’s shit. And most often having the babies as well!!


Cover for Mine by Tanya Chris shows a woman's finger traildown a man's naked back
Part of the My Guys series:

Amanda’s not loving life in her new home town. Her roommate is a weepy hermit, the rock climbing gym is substandard, and she hasn’t whipped anyone in months. So when an odd encounter leads her to believe that Derek—the good-looking, sweet-tempered climber every woman wants but no woman gets—is a submissive, she’s ready to take control and give him a night to remember.

There’s something special about Amanda, something that’s been calling to Derek ever since he met her, even if he doesn’t understand what it is. He’s yearning to give her everything she needs, until he finds out that what she needs is for him to submit. Derek is strong, smart, and well-adjusted. Why would he get down on his knees for a woman? And why is he just now realizing that that’s what he’s always wanted to do?

Derek may be new to BDSM, but Amanda’s new to relationships. Neither one of them knows whether a Domme with a grudge against the world and a man who’s surprised to learn he’s a submissive can make love work, but they both know what they want: someone to call Mine.

Publisher: Tanya Chris
Cover Artists:

He took her coat from her. Beneath it she wore the tank she’d been climbing in: blue tie-dyed cotton with wide straps that plunged where his eyes shouldn’t go.

“Will you be warm enough? I could get you a sweatshirt.” Then he wouldn’t have to worry about corralling his eyes. He hung his own jacket next to hers, not minding the cool air on his bare arms. He’d only just managed to think down his reoccurring erection. A chill wouldn’t hurt.

“Come here,” she said, not answering the question, as she often didn’t.

Since she seemed to prefer it when he kept quiet, he kept quiet. He moved towards her. She snapped her fingers and pointed to the ground.

“Sorry, I ...”

“Neil,” she said, a hint of exasperation in her voice.

“Neil who?”


She stepped back from him, the confusion on her face mirroring the confusion he felt. Something had gone wrong, but he couldn’t figure out what it was. Her face expressed a vulnerability that tore into him. Somehow he’d both disappointed and alarmed her.

He stepped towards her and she stepped back again, shaking her head at him, lifting a hand as though to physically stop him. He stopped.

“What did I do?”

“Nothing. You didn’t do anything.”

She turned her back on him and ran a hand through her hair, pulling the headband free. She went to where he’d hung up her coat and stuffed the headband into a pocket, then massaged her temples with both hands. When she turned to him, her hair stood out around her face like he’d never seen it before. The wild tumble of silky curls surrounding her round features lent a softness to her solemn expression.

“You got anything to drink? I could use a drink.”

Reviews:Jackie C. Horne on Romance Novels for Feminists wrote:

It's far more rare, at least in my reading experience, for a submissive male hero to be portrayed as enjoying the emotional aspects of submission, of enjoying caring for and serving another, as opposed to glorying in the physical triumph of enduring pain. Which is why I so enjoyed Tanya Chris's latest erotic romance, Mine. For its hero, handsome, unassuming, slightly goofy Derek, is someone who yearns for a girlfriend who will tell him what she wants, and who will demand that he give it to her.

K on Cama Sutra wrote:

The unusual setting and framework of the story only serves to set it apart from other, more generic fare, and highlights the randomness of human connection. We make meaning in our lives whenever we can, and much of the significance carried by this story is presented in a climbing harness, replete with idiosyncratic metaphors. I genuinely enjoyed reading this novel, and if you are interested in a BDSM lifestyle, you probably will too.

on The Blogger Girls:

If you’re tired of the formulaic newbie, natural sub meets self-assured, train-them-to-please Dominant but still like a BDSM romance, Mine will fit like a good pair of climbing shoes. Like a good climb, Amanda and Derek face risk and failure. They struggle to hold onto the other. They find their footing and then they fall, but they still go one move higher.

Giving Chances

Cover of Giving Chances features a shirtless man in a Santa hat lying on his stomach

‘Tis the night before the night before Christmas and there’s only one Bright Light Beauty Shoppe left in all of Connecticut. When Mitch and Jackson make a simultaneous grab for it, they make a connection that goes deeper than a brush of hands over a gaudy pink-and-purple box.
Mitch is shopping for his youngest sister, who he hasn’t seen since he came out to his parents a year and a half ago. This will be his first Christmas back with the family he’s not sure he can forgive.
Jackson is shopping for a new boyfriend. No! Bad Jackson. He’s supposed to be on a relationship break. His ex-boyfriend only moved out a month ago and his best friend tells him he’s too quick to jump into commitments. The plan is to enjoy some uncommitted sex, so why not enjoy it with Mitch?
As the final days of Christmas count down, Mitch and Jackson find that all they have to do to get everything they want this year is give love a chance.

Publisher: Tanya Chris
Cover Artists:

My Guys

Cover for My Guys by Tanya Chris features a woman standing in front of a theatrical curtain being pulled back to reveal a rock climbing scene
Part of the My Guys series:

What happens when happily-ever-after fades into nice-but-routine? That’s when Melissa, nearing forty and trying to finally have that baby, finds out that her husband of fifteen years has been cheating on her. Now separated and adrift, she realizes how much her identity was tied up in Alex. What’s left when he’s gone?

On her road to re-discovery, she meets a wickedly charming actor named Nate. Nate likes older women, but he doesn’t like monogamy, and he won’t tolerate her habit of faking orgasms. Once she learns to be honest, her libido really takes off. She could be happily committed to Nate, if only he’d be happily committed to her.

Forced into non-monogamy, she decides to take advantage of it. Derek, the hot, young climbing stud at her gym, may be bold enough on the rock, but he’s adorably shy when it comes to women. Melissa thinks she might be just what he needs.

With two young lovers and two new hobbies, Melissa's building an exciting life without Alex, but what’s she supposed to do about the fact that she still loves him?

Publisher: Tanya Chris
Cover Artists: