Omega Reimagined volume 2

Omegas… reimagined

Owen’s dreams are crushed when Prince Devin, the alpha he gave his virginity and—he thought—his life to, severs their betrothal and sends him back to the Western Pack where he was born.

Donovan isn’t an omega. He’s an alpha—a big, competent, ferocious one. So why does he have an irresistible and shameful urge to submit to another alpha in the most painful and degrading ways possible?

Daisy has come to North Leland to pursue his calling as a sex worker. He’s a feisty, independent, and intentionally delectable piece of omega eye candy. The last thing he needs is an interfering sheriff.

North Leland’s fight for equality and against Prince Devin comes to a satisfy end in Omega Reimagined volume 2.

Omega Returned: Best friends Alpha Fortis and Beta Keesh have been charged with getting Owen safely back home, but as they travel through the woods together, the lust they feel for each other and for Owen ignites, forcing them to figure out which two of them belong together and who ends up alone.

Omega Replaced: Alpha Tarek isn’t ashamed of his taste for dominating other alphas. Now if only he and the rest of North Leland could teach the strong, stubborn, and submissive Alpha Donovan that it’s okay for him to be who he is.

Omega Redeemed: Sheriff Quoitrel is only trying to do his job, which is to enforce North Leland’s anti-prostitution laws. Why does Daisy have to be the most tempting morsel he’s ever tasted? And why does watching Daisy service other men make his own desires skyrocket?

Volume 2 of Omega Reimagined includes Omega Returned, Omega Replaced, and Omega Redeemed, all of which have been published separately. This is a non-MPREG universe.

Publisher: Tanya Chris
Cover Artists:
Reviews:Karen on Amazon wrote:

All three stories in this volume are original, amazing omegaverse romances. They have everything I love in the genre: well-rounded main characters, a strong attraction between the potential mates, an important enough conflict to make things difficult for them, intriguing secondary characters, and good storylines. I especially liked the world-building and thought it was fascinating how the author played around with stereotypes and societal conventions based on gender and sexual orientation.

Susie on Amazon wrote:

I read and reviewed the first collected volume quite some time ago, but I was amazed when this second volume came out how much I remembered about that earlier volume. Tanya Chris has a way of writing about the alpha/omega/beta shifter world that doesn't just give you great characters but puts them in a complicated world where they are called upon repeatedly to make ethical decisions that are never black and white. The villains in the stories range from those who are completely evil to those who have not had the courage to challenge the status quo and have been morally compromised by this failure. There are always heros, however, who are willing to stand up and fight for their own rights and relationships and to change the system for the benefit of others. These stories will linger in your memory and make you think about the choices you would make in these stories.

Alias1 on Amazon wrote:

I so love this series. These three books complete the series, and the struggle against Devin and his followers to ensure Omega rights comes to a conclusion. I loved the various alpha and omega characters and the way the author wrote them with twists that ran contrary to usual stereotypes. I loved the way they were true to themselves, or learned to be, and ended happy and content with their lives. The final conclusion with Devin was very satisfactory, although I felt sad for Marta and the position she was in. She was a strong leader to the end.

Omega Reimagined Volume 1

Omegas… reimagined.

Leo badly needs an alpha to help with his heats, but he doesn’t need one for anything else. He’s tough, he’s angry, and he can’t stop begging for what only Angel can give him.

Gage wishes he could find an alpha who would treat him like the omega he really is, not the beta they perceive him to be, and Ryker’s all over it.

Benjy is out of the den and looking for love. His father wants him to find an alpha, but sometimes the best alpha is another omega.

The first three Omega Reimagined novellas have been collected into a single volume.

Omega Reclaimed: When Angel meets Leo, heat is in the air, but they both have painful pasts that make it impossible to form a more permanent bond.

Omega Revealed: Ryker doesn’t understand why he reacts to Gage the way he does. He just knows he needs to make sure Gage is happy and safe and gets all the knots he can handle.

Omega Released: JT is supposed to be helping Benjy find his perfect alpha, but this sweet, fresh-off-the-farm omega might be better off without one.

Volume 1 of Omega Reimagined includes Omega Reclaimed, Omega Revealed, and Omega Released, all of which have been published separately. This is a non-MPREG universe.

Publisher: Tanya Chris
Cover Artists:
Reviews:loveQhuay on Reading under the rainbow wrote:

This book was so good! I just started to read it and the next thing I know I'm at the end. Loved reading it, it was addictive.

Raxji on Amazon wrote:

The books are fun and dirty reads without pondering their "morals" but the author has definitely put them there. It is so nice to have someone take the time to get the mind as engaged as the body with their work. I'm looking forward to the rest of the series!

Adagio on Amazon wrote:

Omega Reimagined is a perfect title for this volume. As always, Tanya Chris brings her own unique flair, her own unmatched perspective on a genre. The way she writes is incredibly captivating; transporting the reader right into the world she creates. It definitely deserves a heat warning all of its own! The complexity of this is astounding. It is more than just shifter books, more than Alpha/Beta/Omega, it’s about living life on your terms.

It’s hard to describe this series adequately, other than to just say it’s a must read. For anyone curious about A/B/O or is hesitant, this is the best one to read. It does not contain mpreg but that didn’t detract at all. It may even be a positive for some. The stories crafted in this volume are intriguing, hot, and so much than a collection of shifter reads. I am anxiously awaiting the next book in the series!

Abriana on Amazon wrote:

This book is so much fun. It's full of novellas that have love, heat, and great storylines. I love reading Omegaverse and this collection was no exception. The world that Tanya Chris has built is unique and has a fresh take on the Omega/Alpha relationships that this genre brings to the table. If you're looking for feisty omegas and the alphas who will do anything to love and protect them, along with some knots, then you're in the right place.

Omega Released

Growing up in the Hinterlands hasn’t prepared Benjy for life in North Leland where the alphas grow to an alarming size and he’s expected to get a job. He’s never been farther than running distance from his den until the morning his father drops him off in the city to be claimed by the first alpha who‘ll have him. Of all the things Benjy isn’t prepared for, finding his own mate is at the top of the list.

Fortunately, JT has all that covered—a bed to sleep in, a job at the library he’s in the process of opening, even matchmaking services. There might be wolves in North Leland who disapprove of JT’s wild omega ways, but he knows all the hottest alphas and he for sure knows how to take care of himself. He can take care of Benjy too, even when Benjy goes into his first heat. But could any of North Leland’s alphas really be good enough for his precious potato?

As the library takes shape, Benjy makes friends and settles into life in North Leland, but he’s not getting any closer to picking out an alpha. Why would he want to when JT gives him everything he needs, including a very special sort of knot? But it takes an inconveniently timed heat and a predatory alpha to make Benjy realize who he really wants for a mate.

Omega Released is a sexy omega/omega love story. Please note that this is not an MPREG universe. No MPREG occurs in this story or any Omega Reimagined stories.

Publisher: Tanya Chris
Cover Artists:

“Angel suspects me of having designs on you, which I won’t deny, but I’m to keep my hands to myself and not ogle you or flirt with you and be in all ways thoroughly respectful.” JT rolled his eyes.

“Was that respectful?” Benjy felt OK teasing because JT sounded like he was teasing too.

“No, but I was disrespecting Angel, not you.”

Prince Angel.” Speaking of being disrespectful. They didn’t pay much attention to Northern Pack royalty in the Hinterlands, but a prince was a prince.


“He’d rather be called Angel. And anyway, he’s not the crown prince. That honor goes to a heinous toad named Devin, who I have strict orders to keep you away from because he absolutely will take advantage of you given half an opportunity whereas I—” JT raised his hands with an innocent smile “—will keep my hands to myself unless you consent to be touched. Or ogled,” JT added with a wink which definitely broke the no-flirting rule.

Benjy didn’t mind. There couldn’t be any harm in being admired by another omega, and JT’s warm regard made him hot all the way through as if the sun had taken up residence in his chest.

“It’s OK if you want.” He tried to say it as though it didn’t make any difference to him one way or the other, but he was gratified when JT immediately took it as permission to pull him into a hug. What remained of Benjy’s apple was caught between them by the unexpected gesture.

“Well, thank the pink bunny in the sky,” JT said as he set Benjy away from him faster than Benjy had had a chance to enjoy being up against him. “Because I might be able to stop myself from touching you if you were dead set against it, but looking? How could I not?”

“I’m not so much to look at.” He tossed the apple core into a compost bin and tried to clean the sticky splotch it’d left on his chest by licking his fingers and rubbing them over it.

“Great leaping elk, I already know they don’t have libraries in the Hinterlands, but don’t they have mirrors?”

They did, though probably not so many nor so large as JT was accustomed to, but Benjy didn’t say that because he’d already come off as too deep-woods once.

“You only have to look at yourself to see how extraordinary you are,” JT insisted as he watched Benjy attempt to clean himself like a cat. “Your eyes are so silver I’d never need a mirror myself if I had you for company, and your hair is made of spun spider silk.”

“Only we all look that way back home,” he admitted, sorry to ruin JT’s good impression of him. “Do they all look like you where you’re from?”

JT’s eyes were a tawny gold and his hair was a million shades to match them, each strand painted its own color, one as yellow as butterfly wings and the next as bronze as cherry tree bark. The light ones caught the sun and the dark ones formed tempting shadows—so much more interesting than the bland uniformity of his own silver hair. JT’s skin had warmer and cooler spots too, so that his eyes loomed out of smoky brown shadows, but the bright spots of his cheeks gleamed like fool’s gold.

“You’re so beautiful.” He raised a hand up to trace one of the dusky swoops that outlined JT’s eyebrows but stopped himself short. “I shouldn’t touch you either, I guess.”

“But I give you permission to. I give you permission to touch me anywhere.”

Reviews:Aprillen on Amazon wrote:

I *adored* this book. The first book is really in the better class of A/O MM romance, the second is even greater, and this last one is amazing. The writing style is distinct and consistent, and it's hilariously funny and super sexy hot and absolutely adorable. This book also manages to totally subvert the Omegaverse and the A-B-O dynamic, which is exactly what I dreamed of, and it does it with style and panache and subtlety and humour and lots and lots of omega/omega sex.

Phoenix on Amazon wrote:

One thing I really loved about this book was the characters and relationships not always being typical/expected/average, and in fact I enjoyed that throughout the series so far. The author does a great job with character development in general. Not just the obvious but also in the sense of giving them aspects that are unique, and still presenting them in a way that helps us really connect to them-and helps us relate them to real people and experiences (or at least it did me!).

Jean on Amazon wrote:

I loved that this story returns to the "call of the wild" as it were, with lots of shifting, snarling and forest runs and all the yumminess one craves in a wolf shifter story. A bit more feral than cosmopolitan. Just a beautiful mm story told with humor aplenty and tons of steamy heat.

Omega Revealed

Gage is a typical omega—submissive, domestic, eager-to-please ... horny. But he wasn’t born with all the right equipment or the right smell. Living as a beta wolf is too painful, so he’s been hiding out in the human world. Then his sister turns up on his doorstep running from an unwanted claiming, and Gage is forced into Northern Pack territory to seek asylum.

Ryker’s a typical alpha—dominant, wild, protective … horny. But living in Northern Pack territory has taught him that omegas shouldn’t be forced into traditional roles, so he’s been making do with porn and fantasy, not wanting to be that alpha. Ryker isn’t sure why Gage triggers all his protective instincts, but he knows Gage needs him, and Gage is exactly the omega he’s been looking for.

When Ryker meets Gage, the attraction is instantaneous, but it can only be temporary. Ryker was built to live in wolf territory and that’s the one thing Gage will never do. As soon as he gets his sister settled, he’ll flee the Northern Pack and the alpha he’s always dreamed of belonging to. Unless love, with a little help from science, can find another way …

Omega Revealed is a M/M shapeshifter non-MPREG alpha/omega novella.

Content warning: body dysphoria

Publisher: Tanya Chris
Cover Artists:

Alpha Ryker was built like one of the trees that surrounded North Leland—tall, wide, and sturdy. Not round though. More like a rectangle, a rectangular vee of a …. Yeah, there was no point in trying to describe him in geometrical shapes. Alpha Ryker was built like a cake Gage wanted to eat, like a mountain he wanted to climb, like a wall he wanted to be enclosed in, like a dildo he wanted to be impaled by—like if this guy could just fuck him with his entire body, that would be great.

Gage rose and took the offered hand, glad he’d left on his human clothes. Alpha Ryker wore what amounted to a loincloth, which … thank God there was at least one layer of cloth there, because if Gage could actually see the dick he wanted to have stuffed into his every orifice, he might already be on his knees.

He reluctantly let go of the giant’s hand, immediately missing its warmth.


“I’m Alpha Ryker,” the man said. “And you are …” He glanced down at the clipboard in his hand.

“Gage Rio Verde,” he interjected quickly, using the human form of his name in hopes of heading off the honorific he so despised.

“Welcome to North Leland, Beta Gage.”

Useless. Fucking pack protocols.

“Please,” he said, trying to still the instinctive wince, “just Gage.”

You’re here for your sister, he reminded himself, repeating the words like a mantra. It always hurt to be identified as a beta, but to be identified as a beta by this wet dream of an alpha created a sucking vacuum of pain big enough to leave him empty.

“Gage,” Alpha Ryker repeated. He put a hand on Gage’s shoulder. “Call me Ryker.”

A scent accompanied Ryker’s gesture, the pheromone-laced scent of alpha protection meant to calm an agitated omega. It was maybe Gage’s favorite scent in the entire world, but he’d never smelled it directed straight at him like that before. He’d only ever caught wind of it by being in the vicinity of an omega being soothed, the olfactory equivalent of eavesdropping.

To have it blasted right at him—that it was just for him, that Ryker was treating him like an omega … well, it had the desired effect.

Reviews:Tina on Redz World wrote:

I liked this story is about being accepted just the way you are. I think we all want that. This story did a great job of investing me as the reader and making me want more. When you want a romance with heart and soul I highly suggest this one.

Megan on Megan's Media Melange wrote:

Ryker was such a good alpha for Gage. His inherent instincts were responding to Gage's and they were the perfect match. It's when his head told him one thing and his wolf told him another that he got into trouble with hurting Gage. When they finally get it together, however, it was tender, fierce, passionate, and the true claiming that both of them always wanted but never thought they'd find.


Cover for Pledged by T. M. Chris features a ping pong paddle

Pledging a fraternity is always a little nerve-wracking, but Blake’s racing pulse comes from more than a fear of rejection. He’s got one eye on Vadim, Delta Iota Kappa’s muscle-bound Chief Punishment Officer, and the other on that paddle. Pledging D.I.K. is going to be a whole lot more challenging, and exciting, than he ever anticipated.

Vadim’s been waiting three years for a little brother all his own, for someone to torment and humiliate, to initiate into all the pleasure, and all the pain, of belonging to their intimate fraternity for two.

This novella (approximately 20,000 words) features lots of spanking, a little humiliation, and a happy ending.

Publisher: T. M. Chris
Cover Artists:

“So I’m a sadist,” Vadim said. “Rob already told you that and it’s true. I flat-out like hurting people.” He snorted. “Listen to me, being all equal opportunity. Guys, I mean. I like hurting guys.” The note of glee in Vadim’s voice really said it all. “I’ve been waaaiting for senior year, for the chance to have my own little butt boy—sorry, my own little brother, I should say—for three fucking years. Because hazing pledges might be the whole reason I joined a fraternity in the first place. So senior year is finally here, you’re my little brother, and I’m going to enjoy the hell out of every moment I spend torturing you. You get what I’m saying?”

“I think so,” Blake stammered out. His dick definitely got what Vadim was saying. It was excitedly springy, bouncing around between his thighs—which he’d spread to give his full balls some room—poking up at the fabric of his skirt, making a wet spot where it rubbed.


“What I’m saying is that if you sign on to be my little brother, you’re going to spend more time with my hand on your ass than with my cock in your mouth, and you’re going to spend plenty of time with my cock in your mouth, believe me.”

Blake sucked both his lips into his mouth and pressed down to seal in the whimper Vadim’s declaration called up from the back of his throat. He wanted to divebomb Vadim’s cock right that moment, but Vadim was still fixing him with a “we’re talking” stare so he clenched his hands around the edges of his chair and tried to keep himself still in his seat.

“I’m going to be brutal,” Vadim said with such a sweet, joyful smile that even if Blake wasn’t turned on by Vadim’s threats, he’d want to comply anyway, just to give him what made him so happy.

Reviews:Philip on Amazon wrote:

I couldn't put the book down! The BDSM was a delicious read, and the gay sex completely turned on! If you are into reading about public and private spankings, if you are into exquisitely raw sex scenes, and if you are into reading about two gay men working through mature emotions and working through issues with mature, winning decisions, the you need to press BUY NOW. I'm proud that I own this read.

B. McGrath on Amazon wrote:

This is such a sweet hot read about college boys and fraternity initiations, and finding your special partner. I love the way Vadim and Blake meshed and complimented each other - they fit together perfectly. I was beyond enamored when Blake explained to Vadim why he didn't want him to administer the paddle to Thad. Vadim just knew what Blake meant and honored his wishes. Loved their connection and interactions, and I only wanted more more more.

Mrs. Readalot on Amazon wrote:

I clicked on this because I thought it might be the author who writes as Tanya Chris (and I was correct). The name got my attention because another of her books (Aftercare) is one of my more remembered reads. If you are even slightly considering this book, get it, you won't be sorry. But also, get Aftercare because that one is the total book package: drama and suspense, humor, achingly sweet love, and super sexy times.

This book is NOT a typical 'frat pledge' book that is built around gratuitous sex scenes with little plot. I mean, it's a short book, so the plot is thin here. But there IS a plot and the sex scenes are hot but the relationship develops. Just click. You won't be sorry.

Don't miss the free bonus story: Pledging Allegiance

A ping pong paddle with dialogue and the legend "an M/M CBT story by T. M. Chris"

Last year, Blake was getting all the love and torture he needed from his boyfriend and frat brother, Vadim, on a daily basis, but now Vadim has graduated and moved off-campus, leaving Blake craving more than just an occasional weekend spanking. When he seeks out punishment from another source, Vadim makes him pay for his betrayal with some CBT.