Three Times As Tall

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This is an epilogue to Three Times As Good, in which triplets Jared, Jim, and Johnny start an incestuous relationship. It can be read as a standalone. Content warning (obviously) for incest.

Jim bounced up the stairs to the apartment he shared with Jared and Johnny, the other two thirds of his whole. Since they’d moved out of their parents’ house into the tiny space they called their own, they’d sure been having a lot of fun. Fucking around had been Johnny’s idea first, but Jim hadn’t needn’t any convincing, and between the two of them, they’d talked Jared into it too.

Jared took his role as eldest—by ten whole minutes!—seriously. He was a bossy fuck, but they liked him that way. Johnny, on the other hand, could be thoroughly irresponsible. All their worst ideas came from him, but fucking each other was one of his better ones. His best, in fact. Jim had been longing for his brothers since he’d understood what longing was. He just hadn’t known how to make it happen. But that Johnny. He knew how to make things happen. And now that they’d blown—heh, heh, blown—through Jared’s resistance, Jared made sure it did happen, on a really regular basis. Which left Jim right in the middle, going along like always and not minding one bit.

It was four flights up to their studio with never a working elevator, but Jim was fit and eager. Jared would already be home and Johnny wouldn’t be far behind, which meant an evening with just the three of them, which meant… Jim knew what it meant.

He burst through the door, and if he hadn’t already been breathing hard from running up the stairs, the sight that greeted him would’ve started him panting. Jared was home, all right. He was in their recliner, which they only had one of because the studio was so small. They’d bought it from a second hand store because the couch wasn’t big enough for three grown men to sit on side by side, but that’d been back in the days when they’d been pretending they were going to sit side by side. Now they tumbled onto the couch together and who cared how small it was. The closer they were, the best.

So Jared being in the recliner was a surprise, but the better surprise was his state of dress, which was nil, and the fact that he had his cock in his hand, the entire length of it gleaming with lube. He faced their television on which a pornographic video played—something with three guys in it, because that was all they ever watched.

“Somebody started without us,” Jim said, pretending like he was complaining. He wasn’t complaining. He would never get tired of looking at either of his brothers naked, for one thing, although maybe that was weird to say when he was basically looking at himself. The long, lean planes of Jared’s body were both different and the same as his own, both familiar and arousing. Strangers couldn’t tell them apart since they all wore their brown hair in the same cut, but Jim’s expert eyes could spot the extra pounds Jared carried and the commanding way he carried them. Jared never missed arm day.

Even if Jared had been naked for prosaic reasons—like he’d just come out of the shower—Jim would’ve enjoyed the view, but this particular view was even better. A light trace of sweat lingered on Jared’s upper lip, suggesting he’d been edging himself for a while, and his cock was red hard, so shiny and slick with lube Jim immediately wanted to sink down on it.

“Get over here and get on my cock,” Jared ordered, apparently on the same page. They were like that, the three of them, and always had been—seamlessly thinking and wanting the same things. That was why Jim had helped Johnny push through the barriers Jared had tried to keep between them. They’d known how hot Jared was for them even when he’d refused to admit it.

“Coming,” Jim answered. They both laughed at the double meaning.

“Knowing you, you will be in a hot minute.”

Jim stuck out his tongue. His staying power was fine. It was Johnny who was always popping off. Though, given the way he and Jared tended to tag-team Johnny, maybe that wasn’t a surprise. Johnny was just so responsive, such a hungry cock slut. They couldn’t help feeding his hunger, trying to see how much he could take and then giving him all that and more. This would be nice—just him and Jared for a while—but they couldn’t leave Johnny out altogether.

“No one’s coming until Johnny gets home,” Jim decreed as he started peeling off his clothes. They never wore much besides boxers in the apartment, and those only so they didn’t stick to the upholstery, but he shed everything now, moving as fast as he could.

“Think you can hold off that long?” Jared teased. Jared could hold off forever, probably. He loved being edged, loved holding out until Jim and Johnny practically forced him to come. Jim didn’t have Jared’s control, but he figured he could last five or ten minutes until Johnny showed up. Even if Jared fucking him did it for him every time and it’d been… God, three days at least since he’d been fucked. Johnny was such a hog.

“You got your cock slick enough,” Jim said as he approached the item in question. “And hard enough. I’m guessing you don’t need a blowjob.”

“I told you to get on my cock, didn’t I? So get on it.”

It was ridiculous to find his ten-whole-minutes-older brother hot as if Jared were some kind of serious boss-man, but Jim did. He really did. He climbed onto Jared’s lap to kiss him, taking a few minutes just to say ‘I’m glad to be home’ and ‘I love you.’ Jared returned his kisses with the same loving passion but only for a minute.

“Spin around, babe. That way you can see the TV.”

Jim didn’t need any visual when he had Jared’s cock in his ass, but he generally did what Jared told him to do and not just because Jared was hot when he was bossy but also because he tended to be right. Right now, he sounded like he had a plan. So Jim clambered off Jared’s lap then eased himself back onto the chair, kneeling with one leg on either side of Jared’s ass so his own ass hovered over his cock.

“There you go,” Jared said with that tone of approval Jim never got tired of. “Sink down on me.”

Jim hadn’t been prepped or stretched, but Jared’s cock was nice and slick, and Jim had plenty of experience taking it, even if it had been a whole three days. Besides which, there was no hurry. He needed to hold out until Johnny got home and they had all night. Just the three of them in this tiny, tawdry apartment that was nothing less than heaven. Jared’s hands rested encouragingly on his shoulders, firm but not pushing, helping to guide him as he sank inch by slow inch down on his brother’s cock, feeling it stretch and fill him with familiar ownership.

“Mm.” When he’d made it all the way down so Jared’s balls snuggled plumply against his ass cheeks and he was as full as he could imagine being—though they sure stuffed Johnny fuller than this sometimes—he leaned back against Jared’s chest and let his head rest against the recliner next to Jared’s. Jared turned his and they shared a lazy kiss while Jim adjusted.

“I suppose you want me to move,” he said eventually.

“When you’re ready. I could sit like this all day.”

So could Jim, but he wanted some of Jared’s cock before Johnny got home to claim it, so he sat upright, bracing his hands on the arms of the recliner for leverage, and started an easy slide up and down Jared’s shaft. Jared steered him by the hips, and between the two of them, they got a good rhythm going in the old and ugly recliner that’d probably never had anything so hot happen on it.

“Jared,” Jim whined. The cock in his ass was great, but his own cock bounced around in front of him untouched. “Help me out already.”

“You’re not supposed to be coming,” Jared reminded him with a low chuckle. “Behave yourself.”

Jim groaned. He’d already managed to forget about waiting for Johnny to come home, because fuck. This was too good. “Please let me?”

“No you don’t. There’s something I want to do, and I need you and Johnny hard at the same time for it, which is like wrangling puppies. One of you is always out of line.” Despite refusing to make him come, Jared hadn’t stopped working him up and down his shaft. He even added a buck of his hips. Jim was so close he could taste it. One little touch and he’d blast like a rocket.

The door clicked.

“Thank God,” Jim said even as Johnny said, “Holy shit.” Jim watched Johnny tear his clothes off. He was wearing a particularly tight pair of skinny jeans that framed his ass spectacularly but that were also difficult to shimmy out of. Jim knew because sometimes he wore them himself.

Johnny hopped around, making his task more difficult by trying to wriggle out of his jeans, take off his shirt, and cross over to them all at once. He ended up faceplanting into Jim’s lap, which Jim didn’t mind at all. He fed his cock into Johnny’s mouth, which Johnny had opened probably because he was going to say something—not to get a cock fed into it—but once there was a cock in his mouth, Johnny knew what to do with it.

“Finish getting undressed,” Jared said as he lifted Johnny’s face away Jim’s cock, much to Jim’s annoyance. He’d almost come just from those few moments of having Johnny’s warm and hungry lips around him. “Then put some lube on Jim’s cock.”

“Is he going to fuck me?” Johnny asked. Sometimes one or the other of them fucked Jared, because Jared liked being fucked just fine when they made him sit still and take it, but usually it was Jared fucking him or Johnny or else it was him or Jared fucking Johnny. The possibilities were endless, and they all took their turns, but Jim was the most versatile. He didn’t care which way he gave it or got it. He loved his brothers, and it all felt amazing. So if he was going to be fucking Johnny instead of getting fucked by Jared, that worked too.

“You’ll see,” Jared said with a smirk. “Get him nice and slick. You can open yourself up if you want.”

Johnny made a dismissive noise. Sometimes, in amongst all those endless possibilities, Jim and Jared both fucked Johnny at once. Or fed the biggest dildo they owned—and they’d bought some doozies—into him. Johnny could take anything. So instead of opening himself up, he concentrated on slicking Jim down. And oh fuck, that felt nice. Johnny’s hand grasped him with the perfect degree of tightness, more jerking him off than getting him slick until Jared interrupted him, right when Jim was on the verge of coming again. Fuck Jared.

“Now up you go,” Jared said. Jim and Johnny looked at each other, then Jim turned his head around so he could look at Jared.

“Up he goes where?”

“On your cock. Come on, Johnny. Climb up here.”

“While we’re like this?” Jim asked, still not quite believing it. He and Jared fit together in the chair reasonably well, but with Johnny on top of him, they were going to make a tall and tottery stack.

“He can do it. Our limber boy.”

“I can do it,” Johnny echoed immediately. He lived to please—and also to meet any challenge. He climbed onto the chair facing the two of them, then started to kneel, snuggling his legs in around their hips as he sank.

“Feed your cock into him,” Jared prompted.

Jim got a hand on his cock, almost wanting to stroke himself off. This whole situation was hot in such a ludicrous way, and he’d already had too much stimulation. But he dutifully pointed his cock upward, guiding it between Johnny’s ass cheeks until it found its home. Johnny’s sphincter closed around him in a tight clench as Johnny kept lowering himself, his knees framing Jim’s hips as his thighs squeezed in around them. Good thing were all pretty skinny, because somehow they did fit—three of them packed together in one recliner. Jim’s ass was full of Jared’s cock, and now his own cock rested in its favorite place—his younger brother’s hot channel.

“Can I come now?” he asked, and he was only half joking.

“Whenever you’re ready,” Jared said as he started rocking his hips, going back to the slow and easy motion he’d been fucking him with before. “But I should warn you.”

“Warn me?” Jim questioned, only half coherent now.

“First one to come gets all the birthday spankings this year.”

“Wait. Not fair.” He’d been set up, positioned in the middle so he was getting it from both sides, surrounded by the warm, familiar smell of his brothers, his prostate getting tagged even as his cock was being stroked by the tight and silky heat of Johnny’s ass. Their three-way movements were slow and clumsy, but it was more than enough. No way he wouldn’t come first when it was this fucking good. “Jared,” he whined.

Birthday spankings were an annual contest. Even as children—before any thoughts of the more erotic ways they could touch each other had entered their minds—they’d tussled over doling out the celebratory punishment to each other, each ensuring the others got their fair share. Last year, when they’d turned nineteen in their new place, there’d been an unmistakable erotic undercurrent to their wrestling as smacks were landed on naked flesh by grabby hands. But this year? They were going to have fun, for sure.

Jared sometimes threw one or both of them bare-assed over his knee for a few stinging disciplinary smacks, and Jim didn’t mind because the spankings always led to other bare-assed activities, but they were turning twenty this year. If he had to take the entire set, he was going to be a sore puppy the next day. And it wasn’t fair!

Jared didn’t relent, though, despite Jim’s complaint. If anything, Jared attacked his ass with extra vigor, pulling down hard on his hips to kip up into him and managing to find enough maneuvering room to fuck him good and proper despite the double weight of both him and Johnny pinning him to the chair. On Jim’s other end, Johnny bobbed enthusiastically. He was a strong, energetic little fucker, and he put all that strength and energy into riding Jim. Up and down he went, clenching hard to maximize sensation. Meanwhile, Jim couldn’t move at all, stuck between his brothers, getting fucked by both of them, unable to do anything except take it. How could he possibly not lose?

No way Jared would come first. It was his game, and he’d chosen it because it played to his strengths, but Johnny liked being fucked better than any man on earth, and he was giving it to himself good, using Jim like a dildo. Johnny might’ve been trying to make Jim come, but the motions were having an effect on him just the same. He started keening, making the half-moan/half-whine that meant his orgasm was chasing him as hard as he was chasing it.

Jim had hands. They were the only thing he could move, so why not use them? He put one on Johnny’s cock, and Johnny’s voice immediately went up another register. He rolled his hips, thrusting into the vice of Jim’s fist. Jim used his other hand to toy with Johnny’s nipple. He caught it tight, pinching and pulling to send zings of pleasure all through Johnny’s body.

“Yeah, Jim,” Johnny said. “More, more.”

“You’re going to come,” Jared warned him.

Jim almost laughed. He could hear the frustration in Jared’s voice. Jared had set him up, but Johnny was too much of a cock slut to win any game that involved not coming. Jim clamped his fist around Johnny’s cock to send him skyrocketing at the same time he clamped his ass around Jared’s cock to shut him up. The hardest part was clamping down on his own orgasm, because Johnny’s whiny moans added one more layer of stimulation along with the silky thrust of cock sliding through his fingers. Then Jared started moaning too. One of them was going to burst for sure. All three of them, probably.

But not me, Jim told himself. Not yet. Not first.

The room filled with grunts and groans and squelches as they got serious about moving in any way it was possible for them to move in this tower of brotherly flesh until Johnny popped. His cock went off like a bottle rocket, come spurting out to catch Jim under the chin and drip back down his chest. Jim was painted in it, but he didn’t mind. Those runnels of come spelled victory.

“You couldn’t hold off, could you?” Jared muttered, as they all stilled their motions to give Johnny a moment to recover.

“Maybe I like getting spanked,” Johnny said with a lazy grin. It was true. Johnny’s predilection for getting spanked was the flaw in Jared’s plan. But that was okay. They were all going to enjoy their birthday this year. Jared would enjoy whaling on Johnny, Johnny would enjoy being whaled on, and Jim would enjoy watching. When it was done, he would get to fuck Johnny’s hot, red ass, and that would be the best birthday present he could imagine.

Johnny clambered off the chair. His cock was softening but his leer was still lusty. Jared stretched forward to take his hands and between the two of them, they managed to get Jared on his feet with his cock still impaled in Jim’s ass and carry him over to the bed. Then Jared went at him in earnest, finishing the job he’d started in the chair. Jim didn’t even need to touch his cock, not after all that stimulation and with Jared railing him this hard. He spurted out his own come fountain, managing to tag his chin for the second time, and then Jared pulled out to give him a third drenching.

Three batches of nearly identical DNA painted his body, but not for long. Johnny cleaned him with his tongue then shared what he’d slurped up in sloppy kisses—one for Jared and one for him. With Jared on one side of him and Johnny on the other, Jim dozed, happy and safe in the place he belonged: right in the middle.

The End

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