Three Times Around

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This is an epilogue to Three Times As Good, in which triplets Jared, Jim, and Johnny start an incestuous relationship. It can be read as a standalone. Content warning (obviously) for incest.

School’s out, school’s out.

Johnny wasn’t as young as the chant running through his mind made him seem. The school in question was college, the end of his freshman year. He was a man in every way that mattered, but still. School was out for the summer, and he couldn’t help rejoicing in it.

Sure, his summer job started Monday. Jared had said he couldn’t laze around all summer, not with both his brothers holding down fulltime jobs to keep him in school, so he’d hired on as a barista in a cute little coffee shop on the corner where he would be putting in thirty hours a week. But between now and Monday, he had a whole weekend of free time with no studying, no papers, nothing to do except relax and let his brothers fuck him.

Johnny grinned. It was going to be a wild weekend of summer celebration. And the check he’d gotten to congratulate him on finishing his first year of college would be playing an important role in that. The check hadn’t come from Mom and Dad, of course. They didn’t understand why he’d enrolled in college in the first place. Jared and Jim had found jobs easily enough, hadn’t they? No reason Johnny couldn’t have done the same, in their opinion.

But Jared, who took his role of firstborn seriously, despite the fact that the gap between him as oldest and Johnny as the baby was measured in minutes, knew better than their parents. He wanted a real future for the three of them, and that meant higher education. Johnny had been chosen to go first, because his brothers always spoiled him, but once he’d finished school, it would be his turn to support them.

Mom and Dad figured the three of them should move back home to Illinois where everything was safe and normal, but Johnny and his brothers weren’t exactly normal. They fit in better in a place like New York City where people minded their own business, where no one was normal. Maybe the average New Yorker would consider incest a step too far, but that was where the minding their own business part came in. What a set of identical triplets got up to in their studio apartment that happened to only have one bed—well, no one needed to worry about that except them.

Still, sometimes Johnny wished there were people who did know, who understood what he and his brothers meant to each other, people around whom they could be completely themselves. People who would watch.

He grinned even wider as he flew up the stairs from the subway, heading for the electronics store he had in mind. His parents hadn’t sent a check, but Aunt Maud had. And that check, combined with what he’d learned in school this semester about video editing, was going to make his dreams come true. Aunt Maud had enclosed a note with the check that said she trusted she could count on him to share his bounty with his brothers, and Johnny intended to do just that. Then, he hoped, he would share it with the world.

Back home with three new digital recorders and three high-tech, multi-articulated tripods, he got busy setting the scene. The three of them had filmed themselves fucking before, but phones could only be propped up in so many ways, and he couldn’t check on or alter the focus, not while he was busy getting fucked. He wasn’t sure how much brain power he was going to have available for operating the remote control in the middle of a scene, but hopefully he’d at least be able to manage the zoom.

Jim banged through their apartment door just as he got the last camera in place and swooped over to lift him off his feet in a bear hug, struggling a little because they were exactly the same size. Johnny giggled as Jim staggered under his weight and they both nearly ended up on the floor.

“You get the stuff?” Jim asked. He knew what Johnny had been planning to buy. Sometimes the two of them teamed up against Jared’s pragmatism. If Jared had known about Aunt Maud’s check, he would’ve wanted to save it for Johnny’s books next semester, but it was too late now. Spent was spent.

“Check it out.” He tugged Jim over to the bed show him the array of devices surrounding it.

“Like our own porn studio,” Jim observed.


They exchanged a look as the outside door clicked open, and then Johnny dashed over to throw himself in his big brother’s arms and pepper Jared’s face with kisses. Maybe Jared didn’t need to see all the new equipment right off the bat.

Jared looked wind tousled and lovely—like Johnny, but also not. His eyebrows were heavier, and he used them more expressively. His jaw was a little squarer, and he kept his brown hair the shortest of the three of them to fit in better at work. Johnny had let his lengthen. He appreciated how living in New York allowed him to express his more feminine side, and he liked the way it felt when his brothers yanked him by the hair while they were fucking him from one end or the other.

“Someone’s riled up,” Jared said as he separated from Johnny enough to throw his keys on the counter and take off his jacket.

“You mean this?” Johnny ground his hard-on against his brother’s thigh. He’d been hard since he got home. Setting up the cameras, he couldn’t help thinking about the scene that would play out in front of them. “You’ve got one too.” He palmed the front of Jared’s suit pants to make his point.

“I didn’t two minutes ago. Then someone smeared his hot mouth all over my neck. Hey, Jim, don’t I get a kiss?”

“Is there room for my mouth in there?”

“Always.” Jared raised his other arm, the one he wasn’t using to fondle Johnny’s ass, and Jim ducked under it to give his brother a soulful welcome home.

“I take it you two have something in mind.” Jared cast his gaze over to the bed where Jim had removed the top layers of bedding, leaving nothing except a cream-colored sheet to act as a backdrop for Johnny’s directorial debut.

“School’s out,” Johnny reminded him.

“And?” Jared asked, as if he didn’t know.

“And you said we could do whatever I wanted to this weekend.” Johnny ground his cock harder against Jared’s firm thigh, in case Jared thought he was suggesting a picnic in Central Park.

“And you want to hump my leg?” Jared teased.

“I’m going to tell you exactly what I want,” Johnny said, because he’d spent some time thinking about it. “I want one of you in my ass and one of you in my mouth. And then I want you to switch.”

“Ass-to-mouth?” Jared asked with a frown.

“Why not? You eat my ass out all the time. I want to eat my own ass out. On your cock. And then I want you to switch again. Like I’m a cock cleaning machine. Around and around. I get you dirty, then I clean you up, and then you go back for more.”

“Jesus, Johnny.” Jim palmed his cock over his jeans. “You have the dirtiest fucking mind. We can do it, right, Jared?”

“Of course we can.” Jared smiled at them, one hand on each of their asses. “Around and around, as long as Jim and I can hold out.”

“He has to hold out,” Johnny insisted. “Because I want you to finish together, in my ass.”

“Oh?” Jared raised one of his expressive eyebrows. “DP, huh? You’re sure your ass is up for it?”

Johnny nodded. His ass was hungry for it. Jared and Jim liked to joke that he was a size queen—and he would never deny it—but taking the biggest dildo in the world wasn’t as satisfying as taking both his brothers at once. The three of them were so connected when it happened, and his ass got pumped so full of come it took days to leak back out. That was his favorite—remembering how filled he’d been, knowing how full he still was.

“Then let’s get to it,” Jared said, taking charge as always. He released them and walked the few steps from kitchenette to bed. “This is new,” he said about the camera on the bedside table. “Is it on?”

“Uh huh.” Johnny waited to see if he was going to get in trouble, but Jared just positioned himself so he was facing the camera and began to strip.

Johnny and Jim both rushed over to help. Jared’s suits made him look like a Wall Street tycoon, but the best part of his formal fits was getting him out of them, watching his lean, chiseled body emerge from beneath the staid clothes. Of the three of them, Jared paid the most attention to staying in shape. He said he needed plenty of muscle to make sure Johnny got thoroughly fucked

Once they’d removed Jared’s pants, Johnny left Jim to deal with the buttons on Jared’s dress shirt and dropped to his knees to pay homage to his favorite of Jared’s muscles.

“This will go faster without you on my dick,” Jared observed as he started to undress Jim in return.

Johnny shook his head without taking his mouth off Jared’s cock. He didn’t want to go fast. Besides, Jared had positioned himself directly in front of one of the cameras, which meant Johnny’s hollow-cheeked devouring of his brother’s cock was being recorded. They would be able to watch it later—admire the way Jared’s perfect cock, so exactly like his brothers’, slid in and out of Johnny’s mouth, past his tight lips and all the way down his throat. See the bulge it made as Johnny swallowed it, hear how he gagged from trying to take in even more of it. This was exactly what he wanted—more and closer and better video footage of what a slut he was for his brothers’ identical cocks.

“Come on,” Jared said. “Up you go.” He put his hands under Johnny’s arms to haul him upward, away from the cock he’d been savoring. “I can’t fuck your ass if it’s covered in denim. Get him naked for me, Jim. I’m going to grab the lube.”

“No lube yet. I want to taste my ass on your cocks, not lube.”

“It’ll hurt without lube,” Jared warned, but he tossed the tube back down on the bedside table. He knew Johnny liked being split wide in a rough spit-only way. In fact, he loved it. But they usually used lube anyway, so his ass wouldn’t need excessive recovery time.

“You’re sure?” Jared asked.

“Later,” Johnny said. “When it’s both of you together. I don’t need lube to take you one at a time.” He winked at Jim who was in front of him on his knees, easing his pants off over his ankles. Johnny wore his jeans tight, so getting him out of them took some work.

“Your ass is always tight,” Jim said. “Lube or not. But it’s your call, baby brother.” He kissed the tip of Johnny’s cock, which he’d freed from the jockstrap Johnny had been wearing. Johnny appreciated the way a jockstrap framed his ass like it was a target for the taking, but today he wanted his cock on camera—wanted all three of their cocks lined up in perfect symmetry—so he wriggled the jock all the way off.

“You take my ass first,” he told Jim as he helped him to his feet. It wasn’t that Jim’s cock was any smaller than Jared’s, but Jim used his more gently. Having Jim go first would ease him into the hard-and-fast, lube-free spit-roasting he had in mind.

He arranged himself on the bed, taking note of each camera’s location and the angle it would have. With him on his hands and knees, properly centered on the creamy expanse of sheet, one camera focused on his mouth and another on his ass, the third should capture his cock bobbing beneath him as he got railed from both ends.

Jared knelt in front of him. He tilted his cock down to a ninety degree angle and asked Johnny if he was ready for it.

“Always.” He opened his mouth as wide as it would go. Jared slid inside where he’d been before, but this time Johnny remained passive, allowing Jared to fill and empty him with shallow strokes.

Jim’s tongue was a warm surprise, but of course Jim would rim him to loosen him up. No matter how many times Jim and Jared fucked him, no matter how hard Johnny begged them to do it, they were always careful with him. They loved him too much not to be. He would get his warmup whether he asked for it or not. And what a way to be warmed up!

He squirmed backward, meeting Jim’s tongue where it delved into him. Being so intimately plumbed was filthy and wonderful. The fact that the three of them shared everything, even their dirtiest, most taboo parts, thrilled Johnny as much as the rimming itself. He loved being invaded by the gentle wetness of one of his brother’s tongues because the action was loving and attentive but also because it was nasty and wrong, sordid and hot, a perfect example of how desperately they wanted every inch of each other.

He moaned around Jared’s cock, letting the vibration of his throat give Jared an extra massage, and Jared rewarded him by tightening his hands in his hair. Johnny moaned again, loving the way Jared’s painful tugging contrasted with Jim’s easy rimming, loving how hard Jared’s cock was in his mouth compared to how soft Jim’s tongue was in his ass. And all the while his own cock swung freely beneath him, hot and drippy, ready for its closeup.

He’d left the remote within reach and he thumbed it now, swiveling his gaze to the playback monitor for a moment to verify he was capturing his cock in all its red glory, ignored but hungry, a drooling string of pre-come descending down to the previously pristine sheets.

“Ready for more cock?” Jim asked. As if he had to ask.

Johnny nodded as best he could without dislodging Jared’s cock, which Jared was apparently trying to use as a bariatric scope he had it shoved so far down Johnny’s throat. Jared pulled back a little, giving him a chance to breathe as Jim’s saliva-slickened cock made its slow and slightly painful way inside.

Johnny let out a whimper as his sphincter stretched, the burn delicious. His brothers felt so big when they didn’t use lube, as if their cocks couldn’t possibly fit. He shuddered, gripped by the lust that always consumed him when they fucked, his mind disappearing beneath the waves of pleasure and pain that seemed to come from every direction.

When Jim had fully seated himself, he rotated his hips, snuggling his balls up against Johnny’s own. The strength of his thighs pressed Johnny forward until Jared’s cock was all the way down his throat again, even though Jared hadn’t moved.

There. He had them both now. He was well and truly filled, stuffed with brotherhood, a toy for Jim and Jared to use. And the cameras were capturing every moment of his glorious surrender. He grunted, giving Jim and Jared permission to move, letting them know he was ready to be more than filled. He was ready to be fucked.

They knew how to do it too. Back and forth they went, in and out, Jim sliding with the tacky sensation of raw skin against skin, as if his cock were refusing to leave its favorite sheath. Jared’s passage was slicker thanks to the saliva filling Johnny’s mouth in response to the hard usage. Jim wrapped his fingers around Johnny’s hip bones as he ramped up his pace until he and Jared ended up out of synch and Johnny could no longer predict which end would be filled when. Sometimes he had two cocks, sometimes one, sometimes none, as the three of them gyrated in an uncoordinated dance of hunger.

“Fuck, that’s good,” Jared mumbled. He gave Johnny’s hair a yank, and Johnny could only gurgle his appreciation. “You’re such a slut for it, Johnny. So open. You’d take anything, wouldn’t you?”

He made a noise of agreement, though he wouldn’t really take anything. He hadn’t ever let anything inside him except his brothers and fake things like silicone, and he never would. He was part slut, part virgin. Untouched by any flesh except his own. For them, he was a slut. More, more, more. He always wanted more.

Jim’s strokes had gotten stuttery. Johnny waggled his ass, knowing what that meant. Jim didn’t have the control Jared did. He’d be popping off in a moment and that would ruin everything.

Fortunately, Jared noticed Johnny wriggling and took charge. “You’d better slow down there, Jim.”

Jim groaned and rammed into Johnny even harder.

Now Johnny was conflicted. He wanted his brothers to rotate the way he’d planned, but Jim was giving it to him really good. And with Jared’s hands in his hair and Jared’s cock in his mouth and knowing the cameras were watching, he was about ready to pop himself. The way his cock swung as he got double plowed had a dangerous edge to it—a touch of pain—but he loved it. Like a vicious air-handjob, like he was fucking himself. He churned his hips harder, grinding back to meet Jim’s crescendoing crusts. A little more…

“Stop,” Jared ordered. “Both of you.” He pulled his cock all the way out of Johnny’s mouth.

Johnny spluttered, gasping and gagging and still trying to get fucked—to get the rest of the way there—but Jared leaned over him to grab Jim’s hips and hold him still.

“You two,” he said disapprovingly. “Can’t leave you alone for a minute.”

Johnny felt his brothers come together over his heaving back to kiss. Me, he wanted to protest, but a moment later, after Jim had withdrawn and the two of them had knee walked around him to get into their new positions, he was presented with something to kiss, all right. Jim’s cock, fresh out of his ass. It was warm and musty, bursting-hard, juicy with pre-come and fragrant with the smell of sex. Jim fed it past his sheathed teeth until his mouth was full of the combined taste of himself and Jim.

“Such a dirty slut,” Jim murmured approvingly. “Look at him take it, Jared. Look at him suck my cock clean like it’s a treat.”

It was a treat, the best treat Johnny had ever had. And to make life even better, Jared shoved into him from behind.

Jared’s cock was exactly the same size as Jim’s, but he made it feel bigger somehow, stretching Johnny extra wide. He gave it so good, with such authority, and he went at it in earnest now so that the distance Johnny had gained from orgasm while they switched places disappeared in a heartbeat. He was right back on the edge now, high from the taste of his ass on Jim’s cock and the strength of Jared’s lubeless thrusts, which seemed to rip him open, though he knew Jared would make sure no real harm came to him. But he would be feeling this tomorrow, for sure. Every second of it, over and over, in his ass and his throat, both of them battered and sore and swollen from the way he’d been treated. Like a plaything, like a fucktoy, like a baby brother.

He came. He couldn’t help it. Jizz spurted from him in rough jerks as he watched it on the playback monitor, coming all the harder because he was watching himself come. There it was—the proof of his sluttiness. An orgasm triggered by nothing except the fact that he was being used.

“Good boy,” Jared said without letting up at all. He fucked Johnny through it so his come splattered and spluttered, nearly hitting the camera lens itself. “Come for us, baby. Show us how much you like getting spit-roasted.”

Johnny groaned out a desperate yes as a final spasm shook him. He was weak now, his muscles lax with pleasure, which allowed Jared and Jim to toss him around all the more easily. His prostate screamed from overstimulation as Jared pounded it. This was the point where another man might cry uncle, but Jared had allowed him to come because he knew Johnny never would. Overstimulation stimulated him. He was there to take it, all of it. His brothers would never stop giving it to him, not until they were both drained themselves.

He hoped Jared remembered he wanted a chance to suck his ass off Jared’s cock too, but of course Jared remembered. Whatever Johnny and Jim wanted, Jared made sure they got it, and right on time. Once Jared’s thrusts started to turn as wild as Jim’s had been, Jared stopped himself. He had that kind of self-control.

“Rotate,” he ordered.

Johnny went temporarily limp, unable to hold position without his brothers propping him up from both ends. Then Jim got behind him and hauled his hips up into position while Jared waved his cock in temptation, and Johnny somehow found enough strength in his arms to push up and claim it.

Sucking Jared’s cock was the culmination. All three of them were on it. He swore he could taste Jim’s pre-come, deposited in his ass by Jim’s cock and rooted out by Jared’s. He sucked Jared’s cock thoroughly clean, as lasciviously as possible, even more aware of the camera now that he’d come. He’d trained the second camera here, where his mouth worked Jared’s cock, the cock that’d just been in his ass, the ass his other brother had fucked before and was fucking again. Damn, this was going to be a good video.

“Ready for both of us?” Jared asked when Jim started jerking around like he was about to lose control again.

“Uh huh.” Johnny spit Jared’s cock free to he could talk. “I just need to move the cameras around.” Double penetration worked best when they stacked themselves with Jim on the bottom, Johnny on top of him in reverse cowboy, and Jared standing between their legs to handle the final entry, but that meant completely different focal points.

Shifting the cameras took some time, which gave Jim a chance to cool off, but eventually Johnny was ready for him to lie down on his back. Then Jared spent some time lubing up Jim’s cock, and Jim was right back to begging to be allowed to come. He was always so easy. Johnny gave him an appreciative kiss before positioning himself over Jim’s hips, facing away from him.

He’d set up the first camera so it would have a nice closeup of him settling onto his brother’s cock as he took it inch by inch. It slid in easily, thanks to the lube and how well stretched he’d already been, but he moved slowly, drawing out the moment of penetration for his imagined audience.

When he had the whole thing, he leaned back like Jim was his mattress. Jim pressed wet lips against his throat, going right for the spot under his ear that drove him wild, and brought one of his hands to his rising cock.  It hadn’t been all that long since he’d come, but he didn’t need a lot of recovery time, not when he was in the middle of his own porno with his own brothers.

Jim’s stroking brought him up to full arousal as the two of them watched Jared slick up his own cock. Jared stood at the bottom of the bed, watching them right back, working himself methodically like he could go all day without coming.

“Jared,” Johnny urged.

“Come on, already,” Jim agreed. He thrust his hips up, trying to fuck into Johnny, eager to be moving.

“Always so impatient, you two. Good thing I love you.” Jared smirked like he was indulging them by fucking them.

“Asshole thinks he’s a hotshot,” Jim grumbled.

He was though. Their hotshot. Johnny grinned up at his brother, ready to get fucked but also enjoying the moment—being watched, watching in return, anticipating the joining.

Jared stepped forward, and the two of them separated their legs wider to invite him in. It was Johnny’s ass he would be inside, but since Jim had to stay mostly still for this to work, it was like Jared was fucking them both—Johnny’s ass and Jim’s cock. That was why Jared was the one standing, because of the power he would bring to it.

But he didn’t start with his cock. He started with his thumb, easing it gently around Johnny’s rim, slipping inside bit by bit, stretching Johnny’s sphincter wider and wider until he was basically jerking Jim off with fingers that were half inside Johnny.

“I’m good,” Johnny told him. He wanted Jared’s cock now, wanted to come again, wanted to be sandwiched between his brothers, so close and warm and full.

Jared’s cock was still a lot to take though, no matter how much he wanted it, and he had to bite his lip to stifle the whimpers of pain the excessive stretching caused. If he made too much noise, Jared might stop, but Jared was keeping an eye on him as he entered, not giving it to him any faster than he could take it, until he was all the way in.

Both brothers, together in his ass. Johnny could die happy like this. The little bit of pain was worth it, only added to it really because it spoke of how badly he needed his brothers’ cocks. Bad enough to hurt for them. All three of them would do anything for each other, and this was his special thing he did, the one he was best at of all of them, the one he was made to do. He got fucked.

Finally Jared began to move. With Johnny’s legs hooked over his arms, he plowed them as fast as the tight constriction allowed. Jim moaned as the friction of Jared’s cock rubbing over his sent him hurtling toward orgasm, and Johnny picked up on his moans, echoing them back. His cock was getting rubbed too—by Jim’s hand—and the direct stimulation felt so good after all that indirect stimulation that he was instantly close.

It was just so deliciously filthy. He could still taste their combined essence on his tongue, and here they were, three of them joined at a single point, watched by multiple cameras including one that was hopefully picking up just how widely his ass had to stretch to take both his brothers at once. He’d focused it on the spot where they would join, pinpointing it between the tangle of their thighs, but he would have to wait to see what he’d managed to capture later because right now his eyes were closing as orgasm overcame him again.

“Oh, thank God,” Jared mumbled in a rare show of impatience.

He picked up his pace, slamming against Johnny’s way-overstimulated prostate and somehow stretching him even wider. Johnny opened his eyes to catch Jared’s climax as Jim’s hands tightened with his own orgasm. Johnny didn’t really appreciate Jim squeezing his softening dick like that, but Jim was too caught up in pleasure right now to be courteous. He moaned in Johnny’s ear as Jared twitched, and two warm streams of come pumped Johnny just a little bit fuller.

Johnny purred, well past his own physical release but experiencing his brothers’ orgasms as his own. He loved them so much, and what they’d done was so filthy. And it’d all been caught on camera—love and lust and family, mixed together the way they mixed themselves together, indistinguishable parts of a whole.

Jared slumped forward, lowering himself to rest on Johnny’s chest so Johnny was pressed flat between his brothers. Jim gave a soft squeak of protest, the recipient of all their weight, and Jared mumbled, “Sorry,” but didn’t move except to find Johnny’s lips.

Johnny kissed him back with all he had, hoping the camera was getting this too. Then Jared got to his feet. His dick pulled free with a wet plop, leaving Johnny half-empty. A trail of wetness followed his exit as two loads of come began oozing their way out of his lax hole.

He wiggled himself off Jim’s cock, easy to do now that there was only a single cock inhabiting his temporarily cavernous channel, and rolled to the side so he could kiss Jim’s half-open mouth. The one negative to their double-penetration position was he could never see or kiss Jim, so he made up for that now. Their tongues tangled softly—no passion, just communion—until Jared separated them.

“Let’s clean up a bit before we crash.” He had a washcloth in his hand, and he used it to scrub them down, then went back into the bathroom to get rid of it. “We’ll shower later,” he said as he climbed into bed to join them, taking the spot on Johnny’s other side so Johnny got to be the middle of the sandwich again. He snuggled between his brothers, grateful and sated. He ought to stop the recording, but he could lop off this part in editing later. Besides, it might be nice to have it—this reminder that they could be soft together as well as hard together.

“So I was thinking,” he said, as if something had just occurred to him. “You know those new cameras?”

“Mm-hm.” Jim nuzzled into his neck, not suspicious at all.

“I had a feeling you were up to something,” Jared said, never one to be fooled. “Go ahead and spill it.”

“I know we decided not to post the videos we’ve taken.”

“We did decide that. We can’t afford the risk. And anyway, you’re ours.”

“I know I’m yours. All yours, only yours. I just want to show people that.”

“And then Mom and Dad are on our asses and the police are at our door,” Jared said. He paused for a moment, then added. “Admittedly, the idea is hot.”

“Yeah?” Johnny perked up. It had sounded like Jared was going to say no. “It is, right? It’s hot.”

“Totally,” Jim agreed. “So hot. I love those videos we’ve taken. I wish we could post them. Show everyone, like you said.”

“But we can! I learned so much in that video editing course. I can make it work. Crop out our heads, blur our faces. If I show you I can preserve our anonymity, can we do it? Please, Jared?” He knew who he had to convince. Jared was their cooler head, their protector, and Johnny appreciated it, he did, but getting fucked by his brothers would be that much more special if he could share it.

“No posting anything without me seeing it first,” Jared admonished. “But if you can keep us from being identifiable, then yes.”

“Yes!” Johnny pumped his fist in the air. He was going to make the greatest porn video ever. Jared would see. People were going to love them, and Johnny was going to love how they loved them because he would never be prouder of anything than he was of the way he took his brothers’ cocks.

The End

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