Pledging Allegiance

Last year, Blake was getting all the love and torture he needed from his boyfriend and frat brother, Vadim, on a daily basis, but now Vadim has graduated and moved off-campus, leaving Blake craving more than just an occasional weekend spanking. When he seeks out punishment from another source, Vadim makes him pay for his betrayal with some CBT.

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Two silhouetted wolves face each other in some woods

A Heart for Him, chapter 1

A Heart for Him, chapter 1 (hot M/M taboo shifter): Nor loves his youngest brother Toby like no other, dreading the day Toby goes into heat and gets claimed by an alpha, possibly to be taken far away from his doting brother. But when Toby’s first heat finds the two of them away from home and alone, he asks Nor to care for him in the one way Nor knows he can’t.

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