His Boy Alex

His Boy AlexDownload mobi (for newsletter subscribers only) is a long-term, cock cage-based M/M chastity story told in a series of blog posts by T. M. Chris. To read online, use the link to go to the first post and click forward from there. Newsletter subscribers can download the entire story in one file by clicking the icon to the right.

Alex has been a very naughty boy, as he’ll tell you himself in the form of a series of blog posts as he and his boyfriend Graham develop a relationship based on chastity.

Alex knows he deserves everything that’s happening to him, but that doesn’t make him happy about it.


  1. Had no idea I liked stories about guys being caged until I read this. Great story. I just wish I could find the tumblrs Allie speaks of.

    1. Unfortunately, Tumblr got rid of it all in the great porn purge. If anyone knows where this community moved to, let me know and I’ll help direct people there.

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