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This wasn’t how Will had imagined it going. When Adam had finally admitted that he was a non-essential worker—at least as far as needing to physically go into Palladium Enterprise headquarters went—Will had envisioned a few blissful weeks of Adam’s undivided attention. Shared bubble baths in the spa-sized tub in their master bedroom, cuddle sessions on the couch with their cats, sex. Lots of sex.

The more prosaic truth was that Adam’s non-stop conference calls had driven Will out of their shared home office to do his writing on the couch downstairs. Adam was stressed, stir-crazy, and, if anything, working more than usual. Between figuring out how to give customers a rebate on their car insurance and calculating the incredible hit the company was going to take on health insurance payouts, he had a lot going on.

Since Will normally worked from home—if he could call having the time to pursue his dream work, although it definitely felt like work a lot of the time—he wasn’t all that affected by social distancing measures. He and his writing buddies from the library had set up some online writing sessions where they worked in companionable silence together—aside from the reassuring clickety-clack of their individual keyboards—and between that and having Adam home, with Marnie and Cricket underfoot as always, he wasn’t lonely at all.

But for Adam, everything was off. He needed a break—one that didn’t involve looking at his computer monitor—and Will intended to make sure he got it. Tonight, they were having a romantic dinner followed by some sex. Even if he had to tie Adam to the chair to make it happen.

He set down his laptop, being careful to close his document first because Cricket had a habit of doing his typing for him when he wasn’t looking, and walked upstairs to poke his head into their office. Adam was wearing a dress shirt, but he didn’t have a tie or a jacket on to go with it, and beneath the shirt he wore nothing but a pair of athletic shorts.

Will stood in the doorway listening to him talk, loving that he was the only one who got to see Adam’s bottom half. On one of the two monitors, a Brady Bunch grid of faces were also hanging on Adam’s every word, but that was because he was the CFO, not because they were in love with him.

“I gotta bounce,” Adam said, which was corporate-speak for “I have another meeting to go to.” But when he disconnected from the call, he didn’t immediately jump onto another one. Instead he dropped his head into his hands and rubbed his palms all over his face. Will came up behind him and threaded his hands into Adam’s hair, tugging lightly the way he liked it.

Adam sighed and tilted his head back to let Will work deeper. “Mmm, that’s nice. I didn’t even realize you were there.”

“I came up to ask when you’d be finished.”

“I’m done.”

“I thought you had another call.”

“I do, but I’m done. I already emailed Gregory to ask him to reschedule it. There’s an unlimited amount of work, and I…. Sometimes I just can’t.”

“I know, lo mio. That’s why I wanted to know what time you’d be done, so I could take care of you. And you’re done, so let’s go. Come on. Out of that chair before your thighs become permanently stuck to it.”

“Too late.” The ripping sound of skin separating from leather confirmed Adam had been there awhile. “Maybe I should wear pants.”

“Not if I can prevent it.”

Adam gave a short bark of laughter as Will led him by the hand out of the room. “You’re so good for me, baby. You know that?” He stopped their progress to give him a kiss. “When was the last time I even kissed you? I’m a good CFO and a shitty husband.”

“You kissed me last night.” Will got him moving again, steering him toward the bathroom in their master suite. “You’re always imagining you don’t kiss me enough.”

“Because there’s no such thing as enough. Ouch, Marnie. What was that for?” Adam reached down and picked up the cat who’d just taken a swipe at his ankles. Marnie had jealousy issues.

Will got the water running while Adam gave his baby girl some love. Sometimes Will had jealousy issues too, but Marnie couldn’t follow Adam into the shower, so there. He worked around the cat to get Adam the rest of the way undressed and then pushed him under the water.

“I haven’t even run yet,” he mumbled.

“You can take a day off. I’m getting you clean, then I’m getting you fed, then I’m fucking your brains out.”

“Yeah, okay. Let’s do the fucking before the food though, or I might fall asleep on you.” When Will joined him in the shower, Adam immediately grabbed him by the hips to steer their bodies together. “I feel like I haven’t seen you naked in a week.”

“We sleep next to each other naked every night,” Will reminded him.

“My eyes are closed.” He closed them now and leaned down to bring their mouths together. The water cascaded off the top of his head, raining onto Will’s face as they kissed like they were about to drown.

Adam’s libido had been off lately, and Will understood why, but it seemed Adam had hit one of those tipping points tonight where he was ready to leave the office completely behind him, because he kept tugging Will in closer, mashing their bodies together the way their lips were mashed together, until Will felt Adam’s erection rise hot and hard between them.

His own erection didn’t need much prompting. Adam would say it was because of his relative youth, but it was all Adam. His taut athletic body, his confidence and carriage, the sensuous way he attacked Will’s mouth, and the hungry way he ground their hips together. And then there were the things that couldn’t be seen or felt, that could only be known. Like how upright and honest he was. Like how much he loved Marnie and Cricket. And how much he loved him.

“Are we clean enough?” Adam asked against his ear.

“I don’t remember there being soap involved,” he teased, but he reached behind Adam to turn off the water. The shower had scared Marnie away, so they were able to towel off and stumble to bed unimpeded. Cricket was waiting for them there—she liked to watch—but Marnie preferred to absent herself during the goings-on. Yep. Jealousy issues.

Adam picked him up, proving that the gym equipment in their living room wasn’t a waste of space, and tossed him into the middle of the mattress. He flung his towel in the direction of the hamper and pounced. “Hey, handsome,” he grinned.

Will grinned back. He was never going to get used to the fact that Adam somehow found his perfectly ordinary appearance appealing. But if it got Adam hard, he’d work with it. He arched his body up to drive their cocks together, and Adam’s grin faded as his eyes rolled back in his head.

“Yeah, it’s definitely been too long. Where’s that lube?”

It was right where they always kept it, but Will leaned out from under Adam’s arm to fetch it for him. He handed it over, silently asking Adam to be the one to use it today. They didn’t always fuck, because they both gave really good blowjobs—at least in Will’s opinion—and when they did fuck, sometimes Adam liked to lie back and watch Will open himself up, slowly working his cock harder as Will worked his ass looser. But today Will needed the attention, and Adam seemed to understand because he immediately sat back on his heels with a lecherous look spread across his face.

He pushed Will’s legs up until he had him bent nearly in half, his grin getting even wider. “How am I this lucky?” He leaned down and kissed Will long enough that Will had to give him a swat on the shoulder to remind him that hey, he was twisted up like a pretzel here. Get on with it.

Adam got on with it, slicking up a couple of fingers and inserting them gently and slowly, taking his sweet time with it before working his way around to Will’s prostate. Will got breathy as Adam got serious, trying not to give away how turned on he was but ultimately failing. He wriggled and bucked and let out the kind of noises that embarrassed him but always made Adam fuck him harder until Adam made a sound of urgent need and pulled out his fingers so he could push in his cock.

Will would never get over this. Never. It would never be anything other than amazing and wonderful and unexpected that they got to fuck without condoms. Because they were more than casual hookups. More even than boyfriends. This was his husband. To have and to hold for the rest of his life.

He tugged Adam down for a kiss, pressing up to grind their bodies together until Adam was as deep as he could get, then he arched his back, letting Adam know he was ready for the good stuff. Adam delivered.

Those runner’s legs capped by that muscular ass gave Adam’s thrusts a power that sent Will flying. He kept his eyes open as long he could manage it, reveling in the beads of sweat collecting at the tips of Adam’s hair and the fierce look of concentration ranging over his face. He was Adam’s priority now. All the intelligence and willpower and determination Adam brought to life—all of it was focused on fucking him into the mattress.

“Adam.” He surged up to capture one last kiss before going under. He tipped his head back and grabbed for his cock, letting his come fly as pleasure ricocheted through him. Adam slowed his hips in response, moving closer until their bodies touched from neck to groin, rocking gently now, soaking in the full body contact he loved so much.

“Lo mio,” Will whispered in his ear, followed by every word of love and devotion he could think of in Spanish. A few sentences in, and Adam was convulsing in his arms, making those familiar choked noises, his hips twitching as he drove in all the way and held himself there through several gasping breaths. Then he pulled out and rolled over.

“Fuck, I’ve gotta make more time for that. So good.”

“Mm,” Will agreed. It was all he had energy for.

“I knew that shower was premature.” Adam ran a lazy finger through the mess that’d been smeared across his stomach.

“It’s good for your aging skin,” Will joked, but he managed to get himself out of the bed and into the bathroom. He swabbed down his own stomach, then went back in and swabbed Adam’s for him. “I’m going to put some dinner on. I’ll call you when it’s ready. Maybe nap until then?”

“I could help with dinner,” Adam suggested, but Will just laughed. As he headed out of the bedroom, Marnie was heading in. The cats would make sure Adam got some rest. Will turned back to look at them—his man and their girls, already in a snuggly pile—before making his way down to the kitchen. Chicken empanadas tonight. And for dessert, chocolate chip cookies.


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