A fan and some pearls on a lacy background with the text Fanfare & Frills, an F/F epilogue to Manners & Mannerisms

Fanfare & Frills

It’s Catherine and Susan’s wedding night. Thanks to a ruse in which Catherine has married Susan’s brother and Susan has married Catherine’s, the two Regency-era women are free to marry in the eyes of the people who really matter to them and enjoy their first night together as wives and lovers.

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Omega Resolved

This is an epilogue to Omega Reimagined featuring Angel & Leo, the couple from the first book, Omega Reclaimed. It’s unlikely to be of interest to people who haven’t read a substantial portion of the series and includes serious spoilers for the last book. Read this last!

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Pledging Allegiance

Last year, Blake was getting all the love and torture he needed from his boyfriend and frat brother, Vadim, on a daily basis, but now Vadim has graduated and moved off-campus, leaving Blake craving more than just an occasional weekend spanking. When he seeks out punishment from another source, Vadim makes him pay for his betrayal with some CBT.

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