A Heart for Him, chapter 1

Content warning: this story contains adult incest

Download mobi (for newsletter subscribers only)Fangs and claws were great for taking down prey, but for skinning and butchering, human hands worked better. In Nor’s twenty-five years on earth, he’d butchered maybe two hundred and fifty deer, so he made quick work of this one. It was a beaut, though. His stomach growled just looking at it, but a good alpha didn’t eat until his pack had fed, and Mama and Papa had raised him to be a good alpha. Someday he’d have a mate, pups, maybe a whole pack, and he wanted to be worthy of them.

For now, he rolled the meat in oilskin and loaded it into his backpack. The buck was so big, there was more meat than he could fit in his own bag, so he put the excess in a smaller one for Toby to carry, then whistled for him.

Toby was off somewhere—cavorting around with no sense of time, as usual. No one would ever guess he was eighteen now, not once he was deep in the woods with everything to sniff and taste and jump over and crawl under. Even for an omega, Toby was on the flighty side.

If Mama and Papa knew he was off playing while Nor caught and dressed the deer, they’d give him another one of those lectures that made him look sad, so Nor wasn’t going to tell. He didn’t want Toby to change. He loved Toby just the way he was, every bit of him. He was the youngest of Nor’s siblings and the most precious.

Nor knew he shouldn’t have a favorite, but he did. Toby was just … Toby. And he ought to be having fun. If Nor were his alpha, he’d spoil him so hard, never make him do a thing. Not hunt, not cook, just serve him delicacies and watch him eat like he was in one of those moving picture things humans found so fascinating.

Toby. That was what Nor found fascinating.

He couldn’t be Toby’s alpha, of course. And now that Toby was eighteen, he’d have one of his own soon enough. His first heat would be coming any day now, Mama had said last week. She knew those sorts of things, and she’d sniffed him over real good, so it must be true. Toby’s first heat would come and he’d find an alpha and go live somewhere else, maybe somewhere far away where Nor wouldn’t get to see him every day and make sure he always got the heart.

Nor had the heart set out for him right now, waiting for him to come snap it up. He could imagine how Toby would look when he did because he’d seen it often enough—sort of sweetly grateful and entitled all at once, enjoying the delicacy but also the fact that Nor had saved it for him.

Toby liked that Nor spoiled him. It was their thing. There were six other pups between the two of them, the oldest and the youngest, but it’d always been them. Nor’s precious little puppy. So small but growing up so clever, and lately Nor could see the man in him—straight and strong and getting less playful every day, except with him.

Nor could see the omega in him too, smell it—not medically, the way Mama did, but animally, like how a mate would. Toby had always been his favorite person, and now he was growing into exactly what Nor’s body wanted. Sometimes Nor had to look away because he couldn’t bear how beautiful Toby was when he thought about how that beauty was meant for someone else.

He didn’t know what Toby was up to now though—found something that needed closer inspection, maybe, but time was getting short. The deer had pulled them farther west than he’d meant to go, and if they were going to sleep at home tonight, they should start heading back.

Nor whistled again, adding that note at the end that meant “or else.” Toby knew Nor would spoil him right up to the point where he wouldn’t, and then his foot would come down. Toby liked that about him, that he could be stern when the situation called for it, and Toby’s repentant compliance lit Nor’s body up, made him want to be even sterner until Toby really believed he might get punished and then just cave right in, go completely soft, because he’d rather chew off his own foot than hurt Toby in even the smallest way.

Toby had never ignored the “or else” whistle, not once, and the fact that there was no answering whistle back, no rustle of him running through the leaves to pounce, to use his full wolf to take Nor down in human form because that was his only chance of winning, had prickles of fear running up Nor’s spine.

He shifted without even thinking about it. His wolf nose scented the air, picking up the trace of Toby’s trail over the more visceral smells of blood and flesh. He followed his nose without a care for the meat he left behind. The woods were full of deer, but there was only one Toby. He howled, calling to him, and his sharper wolf ears caught a whistle in return—faint, but not because of distance. Something was wrong.

He couldn’t run fast enough, hearing that plaintive note in Toby’s whistle like he was trapped or sick. Toby’s scent grew stronger, but it stopped in a clearing with no sign of him. Something like a whine sprang from the back of Nor’s throat as panic rose. His wolf wasn’t accustomed to fear. His wolf was hard and ruthless, formidable and controlled. But the wolf loved Toby too.


His name in Toby’s voice had him whirling around to find him.

“Down here.”

He shifted back to human form and crossed over to where the voice came from. Between two boulders, an opening led down into an earthy cave. The passageway was barely wide enough for his shoulders to squeeze through, but the burrow it opened into was big enough for both of them. And there, curled into a circle, naked and in human form, was his Toby.

Nor’s eyes adjusted quickly to the gloom. Toby was all in one piece, no blood that he could smell, and he got a little angry, thinking this had been a game with him so scared, but his nose told him something was off. Toby kept trying to crawl over him as Nor patted down his body, checking every inch of it for breaks and bumps.

“What is it?” he asked when he didn’t find anything.

Toby was hot to the touch and shaky, clinging like he hadn’t in years, not since he’d gotten too grown up for cuddles. But he wanted cuddles now, so Nor pulled him all the way into his lap and cradled him, his nose sniffing out along Toby’s hairline, chasing down that scent that wasn’t quite sickness. “Did something scare you?”

“Just needed a den.”

“We could make it home to sleep if we got started.” Nor kissed his precious head. “I saved the heart for you. Don’t you want it?”

“Uh huh.” But Toby didn’t make any move to climb out of his lap, only huddled in closer, his hands seeking out his flesh, clinging to his skin like it was fur.

“You ran around so much you exhausted yourself, didn’t you? I’ll bring you the heart, baby. And once you’ve had something to eat, we can head back.”

It took a lot of effort to separate Toby from him, but he trotted back to where he’d left the deer and then, moving more slowly in human form, carried both backpacks full of meat to Toby’s den, the heart cradled carefully between his hands. He pulled Toby back into his lap and fed the heart to him in little pieces using his own fingers. Toby’s tongue flicked over them to chase the flavor, sending tingles of arousal down his spine.

The small space was full of the scent of Toby, and Nor’s arms were full of the feel of him. Toby’s rough tongue worked over and over his fingers, and before long he was assaulting his little brother with the hard length of his cock jammed tight against his thigh.

Toby had seen his cock hard before. During Nor’s teen years especially, it had a way of popping up under almost any circumstances. But he was awkward about the way it touched Toby now, very aware that his erection wasn’t a random response. It was Toby he wanted, so strongly he was dizzy with it. Toby had always smelled good to him, like pack and baby and love, but today he smelled edible, like blood and sex and flesh.

And then he understood. “You’re going into heat. We’ve got to get you home.”

“Too late.”

“What do you mean too late? We can run in the dark. We’ll leave the deer here to make better time. I’ll catch another one tomorrow.”

“I don’t wanna run. I don’t wanna leave here. It’s too big out there.”

“You know I’ll protect you,” Nor wheedled, even though he knew an omega in heat needed den, needed closed spaces filled with familiar scents and no extra entrances where an intruder might get in. But Mama should be taking care of him. Mama would know what to do. She’d find him an alpha, a mate.

Toby made a contented purring sound, and Nor realized that the thought of Toby having a mate had made him curl Toby closer into his body. His grip was so tight it ought to hurt, but Toby wanted it, needed the security of it.

“Take care of me,” he pleaded. As if Nor wouldn’t. But Toby meant take care of him here, in this den he’d made, not by getting them home. So that was what Nor would do.

He had no idea how to care for an omega in heat, but he started by feeding him some more, then got the water bottle out of his backpack and make him drink from it. Toby soaked in the food and water like they were attention, asking with his body for Nor to baby him through every mouthful until Nor understood that Toby needed the petting and cooing more than he needed the nourishment.

He could give him that. All the love he normally held back came spilling out in a tumble of praise and kisses and Toby took it in like rain on moss, soft and thirsty, turning his perfect bow of a mouth up to Nor’s and stealing the love straight from it until they were kissing not like brothers but like mates, their tongues inside each other’s mouths and it was good, so good, so perfect that it took Nor much too long to realize it was wrong.

“Shh, Toby, baby.” It was a struggle to get Toby to stop, and then the pout on his face almost crushed him. “I’ll take care of you, just not like that.”

“Please, Nor?” Toby straddled him so their hard cocks lined up like two trees grown from a single trunk and attached himself to Nor again, pulling his tongue deeper into his mouth this time. Nor had never had his cock inside anyone—not in their mouth or pussy or ass—but now he could imagine how it must feel. “Need you,” Toby murmured. “Need you, Alpha.”

Nor’s blood surged, his balls clenched, a spurt of lubrication pulsed from the tip of his cock. Stars Above, Nor was gone for him. Toby owned him and Toby needed him and he was lost to it.

“What… what do you want?”

“Take care of me.”

“I will. I promise. I’ll give you food and water. I’ll hunt for you. I’ll protect you. I’ll carry you home, if you want. I’ll do anything.”

“Fuck me.” The blunt words from the sweet mouth practically killed him.

“Ah, Toby. Toby, love. Ask me something else.” But Toby’s body was writhing against his and his mouth was cruising over the skin of his neck and Nor could feel the slow drip, drip, drip of slick oozing out of Toby’s ass to coat his balls. It would be so easy to rock him back a bit to take his cock.

“It hurts.” Toby grounded down on him, rubbing his wet hole across the base of his cock.

“Hurts where?” He’d checked Toby thoroughly when he’d found him—there were no marks on him anywhere—but now he made a second traversal of Toby’s body, stroking over his arms, across his muscled back and lean abdomen, down to his legs.

Toby made a humming noise of pleasurable agreement when he reached his thighs, which turned into an annoyed whimper when he stopped his inventory there. He was too close to what he wanted, to the hard shaft and dripping hole.

“It hurts,” Toby repeated, and this time, so there could be no mistake, he guided one of Nor’s hands to his hole. Nor felt it warm and soft on the tips of his fingers, a welcoming sponge that gave way at the center so that he slid inside Toby like he was made of quicksand. Nor couldn’t stop himself from sinking all the way in until the palm of his hand butted up against that slick ring of muscle and even then, he pushed, trying to get deeper, working hard into him.

Toby liked it. He threw his head back, exposing the column of his neck, and made a sound that was half moan, half howl, as though he were trapped between forms. His fangs glistened between his lips and Nor leaned forward to lick at them, allowing the sharp tips to tease his tongue into feeding Toby little drops of his blood.

Toby was a wanton thing on his fingers, shifting his hips until Nor brushed against a firmer spot inside him, and then he did howl, all wolf. His cock began to leak as fast as his ass, and Nor’s mouth filled with saliva as he imagined the taste of it.

He removed his fingers from Toby’s ass, earning him a baleful glare.

“We can’t do this,” he said, but he said it around his fingers. Stars Above, Toby’s slick tasted good. If Toby were his omega, he’d feed him the heart of a deer every day and never need anything to eat for himself except his slick.

But Toby wasn’t his omega. Toby was his brother.

“Definitely not. No. Behave yourself.”

In a sulk, Toby pushed himself off Nor’s lap, separating them as much as they could be separated in this burrow, which wasn’t much. It didn’t change how clearly Nor could smell him or the warmth that radiated off his fevered body. It didn’t make Nor’s dick go down either, but that had something to do with the lingering taste of Toby’s slick.

Toby curled up into a ball with his back turned, which hurt so bad it took Nor a moment to identify the sounds coming from him. Stifled sobs. Flesh moving over flesh.

Toby was crying. And jerking off. And crying.

Nor was an alpha, but he wasn’t made of steel. He was big so he could help, tough so he could sacrifice. He wasn’t made to listen to Toby cry. Or listen to him jerk off either. He wrapped Toby up from behind and replaced Toby’s hand with his own.

“Alpha’s got you,” he crooned. “Alpha will make you feel better.”

He tried to ignore the fact that his cock had slid between the cheeks of Toby’s ass, that it was nestled right up against what it wanted, but Toby’s frantic gyrations made that hard to do. Nor had convinced himself that he could take care of Toby’s needs—that it wouldn’t be wrong as long as he didn’t get off himself—so he begged his body to behave, to let him do this service for Toby without taking its own pleasure. But he might come just from being this close, from Toby’s scent in his nostrils and his hair spilling over his arm, and the tight, hot length of his cock surging up to meet his fist.

“Alpha! Nor!”

It was a toss-up which one spiked his arousal level higher—Toby using his name or Toby calling him Alpha. It was more how Toby said it anyway, like Nor was killing him with pleasure, like Nor was the only thing on earth he needed. He wanted to be that, so he tightened his fist and worried Toby’s neck with his teeth, and that did it. That had him coming.

Toby’s essence spilled over his fingers like a reward. Nor was careful to wring every bit of pleasure out of him before allowing himself the indulgence of licking them clean. Then he rolled Toby onto his back and got between his knees to clean Toby’s stomach with his tongue. It wasn’t so different from how they used to groom either other as pups, except it was completely different because Nor had just jerked him off.

“Feeling better?” he asked, keeping his eyes slightly south of Toby’s. Maybe now they could shift and run home, but the iron rod butting up under his chin said otherwise. Toby was already hard again.

From on top of him this time, Nor jerked him off again. Toby squeezed his eyes shut which gave Nor the freedom to watch, to revel in the way Toby’s mouth dropped open and his eyes twitched behind his eyelids as another orgasm burst out of him. Toby arched up, his cock coming dangerously close to Nor’s mouth, and Nor couldn’t help it. He licked the sweetness of Toby’s ejaculate directly from its source.

Before he knew it, he had Toby’s whole dick in his mouth, and it was as hard as if he hadn’t just come twice in ten minutes. Toby’s hands clenched tight in his hair, rough and demanding, and his hips thrust up to meet him. Nor was just holding on, letting Toby fuck his mouth with ever-increasing fury until Toby gave him his third load, straight down his throat this time.

Nor’s own cock twitched in sympathy. He’d never been so hard. Never been so close to orgasm. Never needed it so badly. He could hardly see through the haze of arousal, weak and dazed with his hunger for Toby. He wanted to be in him. It was where he was meant to be—no one could tell him otherwise—and then Toby said fuck me again, like a plea, and Stars Above, Nor had to.

“You need a knot,” he told Toby. But Toby knew that. He met Nor halfway, wriggling down to seek out Nor’s cock with his ass. “Are you going to be good for me, baby?”

Toby gave him a doubtful look, like he couldn’t believe he was going to get his way. But when had Nor ever not given him what he wanted?

“I’ll be good,” he said. “Alpha.” The title was a bribe, and Nor came cheap.

There wasn’t much he needed to do to get Toby ready. Toby had been ready for an hour, and so had he. Toby was complacent now, waiting like a good boy, and Nor wondered if he really needed to do this. Maybe Toby was sated. Maybe the heat would pass. Maybe jerking him off would be enough.

Then, oomph—a foot to his gut. The good boy was gone, and his Toby was back.

“You promised,” Toby demanded. He lifted his hips up off the ground, tempting Nor with the sight and smell of his virginal hole. A wave of guilt crashed through him—how could he take his brother’s first heat?—but Toby forestalled it. “I want you to.”

Need me to,” Nor corrected.

“Want,” Toby repeated. This time when he lifted his hips, Nor grabbed them and used them to steer him until the tip of his cock rested against the silky give of Toby’s entrance. He was inside him so easily he couldn’t have stopped it, an easy slide of cock into ass, of intrusion into acceptance, of iron into a smelting oven.

Nor melted inside him. His body was liquid, his mind was fire. He moved in an ancient rhythm, his fingers digging into the points of Toby’s hips as he rocked forward and back, rushing to meet Toby’s movements, echoing his cries. He buried himself as he came, a crashing finale. His knot swelled, and a pleasure he’d never known swelled with it.



“Oh, Toby, Toby. Toby, love.” He slumped forward onto Toby’s twitching body to find his mouth, rolling them over so Toby wouldn’t have to bear his weight. He could hardly bear it himself. There wasn’t a bone left in his body, and Toby was just as limp. They were joined by his knot which throbbed in delight, finally home. The soggy sponginess pressed into his stomach told him his knot had done the trick. Toby’s cock was deflating. His fevered hunger had settled.

Nor kissed everywhere he could reach, stroking and patting and soothing, gratified when Toby’s deeper breathing said he’d had fallen asleep. Nor had been a good alpha, taking care of his omega. His Toby. His very good boy.

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