A Heart for Him, chapter 3

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Content warning: this story contains adult incest

Nor didn’t know whether to thank the weather gods or to curse them. There’d been no lightning since the night Toby crawled into his bed seeking comfort and offering pleasure in return. Storms of that magnitude were rare in Scottsdale, which meant there was no reason for Toby to come again. Nor had told him as much, using his best alpha voice to be sure he was obeyed—told him that what they’d done together was wrong and dangerous.

If only he could believe it himself.

Toby deserved everything Nor could give him—heart, hands, cock. Whatever he needed. But he couldn’t sleep in Nor’s bed.

Unless, maybe, there was a storm.

Which there hadn’t been.

Day after day marched by. Sunny, beautiful. Lonely. Nor kept to himself, finding reasons to be away from the house, hunting with his other siblings instead of with Toby, ignoring Toby’s sulks and whines and pointed questions about where he was off to today.

It’d been almost a month now since Toby’s last heat, and Nor knew what that meant. Mama had a bag packed, ready to whisk Toby off to nearby Pretoria the moment his heat struck, and she’d taken to sniffing along his neck again, asking if he could feel it coming. Toby always said he felt perfectly normal, reminding her she’d been wrong last time. But she hadn’t been wrong last time, and she wouldn’t be wrong this time either. It was coming. Soon.

Nor couldn’t understand why every eligible alpha in town hadn’t set up camp outside their front door. They must smell it. He certainly did—a fomenting potential that tickled his nostrils like the sweetest torture, arousing unbearable memories of Toby’s last heat and how they’d spent it together.

He ought to be glad it was coming. He hadn’t gotten Toby pregnant, which was a possibility he couldn’t bear to think about. He hadn’t thought about it once in all that long night they’d spent together. It was only later that he’d both worried and, a little bit, hoped. But what a disaster that would’ve been.

No, it was better this way, and it would all be over soon. Toby would be mated, off to Pretoria, out of Nor’s bed and out of his life. Losing him would be like losing a limb—there would forever be the lingering ache of loss—but life would go on.

It was too much for him to hope, as he once had, for a mate and children of his own. There was no replacing Toby—what was about to be torn from him could never be reattached—but he would do his duty. Take care of his parents as they aged, maintain their homestead, help his siblings with theirs, be an uncle to other people’s children.

It must surely come tomorrow. The scent rising up from Toby at dinner that night was unbearable. There sat Mama with her questioning looks, but they all had to be aware of it. Papa, Grandma Dalita, his sister Tati and her brood of three who’d stopped in to share their evening meal—all of them talking, eating, laughing as though Toby weren’t throwing off enough pheromones to drown them in. Nor’s cock was hard beneath the table, urgent and imperious, commanding him to surge across the table and grab his little brother, whisk him off to a secure lair and coddle and fuck him until his time passed.

Nor couldn’t eat, not when Toby sat there not eating himself. He shifted restlessly with the urge to make him.

“Toby, sweetie, have a bit more of the lamb.” Grandma Dalita nudged Toby’s plate closer to him. It was normally Nor who Grandma Dalita fussed over, but she flashed him a smile as if understanding that what he needed most was for Toby to be well.

“It’s his heat,” Mama said proudly, as if she brought it on herself. “I can never make myself eat when I feel it coming, much as I know I ought to.”

“I told you I’m not going into heat.” Toby picked up his fork and set to eating, his actions forced, no sign of enjoyment on his face as he resolutely chewed and swallowed. If Nor could, he’d sit next to Toby and hand feed him bits of food and wheedle and cajole him into finishing his plate, but Toby was eating, and that was what mattered.

Soon, he’d be set on by a strange alpha, one who might not care anything for him beyond what his body could offer. Nor understood how strong the call of lust could be, how fierce the need to own, to take. Only someone who loved Toby as much as he did would have the strength to put Toby’s well-being ahead of his own feral drive.

“I’ll be leaving tomorrow morning,” he announced, expressing the decision as soon as he’d made it.

He couldn’t bear to be there when Toby’s alpha claimed him. He might put himself between them, might try to tear Toby from him. And even if he managed to restrain himself, the pain would be unbearable. Pretoria wasn’t far enough away to keep Nor from hearing Toby’s howls in his dreams or catching a whiff of that ripeness on a stray stream of air.

“I’m going to head up north, see if I can take down an elk.”

Mama nodded. “An elk would be perfect for Toby’s mating feast.”

“I’ll be gone a few days,” he warned. He must be sure not to come back until it was a done deed, until Toby’s heat had passed and the mating was official.

“You don’t want to miss your last sibling being mated. Next, it’ll be your turn.” Mama reached across the table and gave his hand a gentle pat, the sort of affection usually reserved for Toby.

Mama loved him, Nor knew. It was just that no one could be expected to pay him much mind when Toby was around. Look at his face—still sweet despite the sulky petulance on it as he stabbed at his dinner with forced determination.

“We’ll miss you when you leave us.” Grandma Dalita told Nor.

“Where would I go? If I do mate, I’ll bring my mate here.”

If you mate?” Mama questioned. “But of course you will. As soon as we have Toby settled, I’ll turn my attention to finding you the perfect omega. In fact, why don’t you come with us to Pretoria? Maybe someone will catch your fancy.”

“I’m heading up north,” he reminded her.

“Well, perhaps one mating at a time is preferable.” She returned her attention to Toby. “Look at that, you’ve cleaned your plate. I’m surprised.”

“Because I’m not going into heat,” Toby said, but his flush gave him away. He was so ripe. Nor swore he could smell slick dripping from him.

He couldn’t stand it another moment. He rose from the table, using his plate to shield his erection from view. He carried it into the kitchen and set to cleaning up, letting the scent of dishwashing soap and the mindless activity distract him from thoughts of Toby.

“You don’t need to do that,” Grandma Dalita said, coming in with the rest of the dishes.

“I don’t mind.” It was the only way he felt whole lately—doing physical labor, occupying his body until his mind went quiet.

“You’re a good one, Nor.” She rubbed his back as she passed it. “A good son, a good worker, a good alpha, and good to Toby.”

Nor shook his head. If only she knew.


He slipped out of the house before the sun had fully risen. There was a cool bite in the air, and a bank of fog glided noiselessly along the edge of the meadow. He’d packed everything he would need the night before, which wasn’t much. The bag he’d left on the floor of the barn was mostly empty—light and floppy, shaped so he could shift with it on—but if luck ran his way, it would be full of elk meat on the way back.

A rustle from the hayloft had him looking up to find a sleepy Toby peering over the edge at him.

“Why aren’t you in bed?”

“I slept here last night.” Toby stretched himself up to full height, then leapt down from the loft in a lithe display of wolfly athleticism. “I knew you’d take off early, and I wanted to make sure you didn’t get away.”

“We could’ve said goodbye last night.” His fault. He’d slunk off to bed when no one was looking, expressly to avoid any goodbyes.

“I’m not saying goodbye. I’m coming with you.”

“You can’t. You’re about to go into heat.”

“I know.” Toby rubbed his hand across the back of his neck, which glistened with sweat despite the morning chill. “If I stay here, Mama will have me mated to some alpha in Pretoria by the end of the day.”

“That’s how it works.” Nor turned away from the soft pink of Toby’s skin, avoiding the depths of his brown eyes and the fall of hair tumbling over his shoulders.

“I don’t want to be mated to an alpha in Pretoria.”

“You won’t mind when it happens. Remember how it was that night with us? You’ll be…” Begging for it. He couldn’t say it, couldn’t think of Toby asking a strange alpha to take him.

“That’s not me wanting it. That’s biology and mama and an alpha conspiring together to make my decisions for me. What if I want to do something else with my life besides get mated and have children?”

“You should,” Nor said quickly. Toby was so clever, so full of potential. “You should go to people school.”

“I wish I could. But you know no alpha from Pretoria is going to allow it.”

And if Toby was mated, he’d be subject to the dominion of whatever alpha claimed him. Such subjugation couldn’t be allowed, not if Toby didn’t want it.

“But what can we do?”

“Take me with you. Hide me until my heat has passed. We’ll do like we did last month—pretend it never happened”

“What will Mama think if your heat just disappears again.”

“I don’t care. Let her think I’m infertile. I wouldn’t mind having babies with the right person”—here Toby glanced up at him slyly—“but I’m more than a baby-making machine.”

“I know.”

Toby was— Toby was everything.

“And I deserve the right to choose who I’ll make babies with.”

“Of course you do.” How had Nor not seen that before? Yes, Toby must be protected from Mama, from anyone who wanted to force him into a future he hadn’t chosen for himself. Nor would keep him safe.

Only…. Only he didn’t know if he could restrain himself from being the very thing Toby was trying to avoid: an alpha who took him against his will.

“Toby,” he said, hunching down into his shoulders to make himself seem small and non-threatening now, while he still had control of himself.

“Yes, Nor?”

“I’m afraid I won’t be able to— That is, you smell so good already, and last time, the things you said, the way you… begged. Please, Toby. I don’t know how—”

“Shh, Nor. It’s all right. I’m telling you now, before the madness starts. I’m telling you yes. You’ll help me. Because you love me.” Toby stretched up on his toes and placed a kiss on Nor’s mouth. Nor’s knees buckled from it, from this one kiss and from the permission, the anticipation, the knowledge of what was to come.

“We have to go.” Toby rocked back onto heels, leaving Nor straining toward him. “It’s going to be soon. We need to get somewhere safe before I can’t run anymore.”

“Yes. Yes, come. I know a place.” He strapped the pack tight on his back and shifted. When Toby’s wolf nudged up against his side, he took off, heading north as fast as Toby’s smaller legs would carry him.


It had been a hunting lodge when humans owned the territory, abandoned now but still retaining enough of its form to give a sense of enclosure. Nor had stumbled on it years ago and often used it as a comfortable waypoint when traveling to the far edge of wolf territory. He was grateful to find it still standing and unoccupied.

There was no electricity in the cabin, but there was a fireplace, and Nor snuggled Toby onto a bed he cobbled together from straw, then left him to gather firewood.

If it were just him, there’d be no need for a fire. He’d shift into his fur and curl up in the straw. But a full day’s run had brought them north enough that it would be cold at night, and he couldn’t bear for Toby to be anything other than perfectly comfortable. So Nor gathered enough wood to last them two whole days and nights if need be.

He piled the wood by the door, then shifted and chased down a few rabbits for supper, skinning and cleaning them before bringing them into the cabin. He would build up a fire, roast the rabbits, make sure Toby took in plenty of water before his heat struck. But the moment he opened the door, he knew it was too late. The smell almost brought him to his knees—intense and wild, overwhelming in the small space.

“Toby? Where are you love?” He could smell him, but he couldn’t see him, not until Toby poked his head up out of the bed Nor had built for him, stalks of straw all through his hair and his eyes wide with the fever.


“Oh, baby. Baby, are you all right?” He ran to him, scooping him up in his arms to blow all the loose straw from him with the force of his breath.

“I thought you’d never come. I’m so itchy.”

“It’s the straw, love. But I don’t know where else to put you.”

“It’s not the straw, silly.” Toby squirmed around until he got his feet down, then pushed up hard against him. His cock was a hot line, searing Nor’s stomach with its insistence. “It’s my skin. It needs to be touched.”

Nor touched him. He stroked down Toby’s side, his hand tipped with claws he couldn’t control, to find the hem of his shirt and lift it gently over his head, then slid across his back and down to the cleft of his ass to push at the pants that blocked his way. He bared the skin that called to him, worshipping it as he found it.

Toby was hot, not needing the fire now, and so well behaved. Swaying slightly as he allowed Nor everywhere, seemingly happy so long as he was being touched. He clung to him until Nor swept him up again, rocking him like a babe in his arms, using his mouth to adore Toby’s face and chest and groin.

He snuffled into the hard cock and softer sack, licking and sucking and pressing open-mouthed kisses all along Toby’s shaft and around the head, toying with his foreskin, his wolf teeth descended but gentle. Toby whimpered all the while, such a good boy for his alpha, giving himself up to Nor’s mouth.

It was so easy to make him come when the heat was on him like this that Nor didn’t even try. He simply accepted the gift of Toby’s climax when it was offered to him, drinking his ejaculation down before beginning all over again in an endless cycle of arousal and release. At some point they ended up on the straw. Nor wasn’t even sure how, but the position gave him better access, allowed him to use his hands and mouth together to continue his assault.

“Nor,” Toby whined.

“Yes, love?”

“It’ll never be enough until you knot me. I’m just going to keep coming. You remember.”

Nor remembered. Last month, he’d made Toby come three times before finally knotting him. The knotting had been bliss, but then it was over. Toby had been satisfied, sleepy, and in the morning, he’d been all better, the fever passed in the night. If Nor were a good alpha, he’d knot his omega, but he was a sick, selfish, besotted alpha who might never have this chance again.

“Does it hurt?”

“I’m so ready.” Toby grabbed Nor’s cock through his pants. “And so are you.”

“But does it hurt? When I make you come without knotting you?” He couldn’t continue to engage in this selfish slowness if it did Toby any harm.

“Nothing hurts as long as you’re touching me,” Toby said. “I just want, that’s all. I want this.” He squeezed the cock he had his little fingers wrapped around, making Nor tremble.

“I’m going to give it to you, but not yet. Can you wait for it, baby? Will you let me love you tonight? I want to see you come for me.” Again and again and again.

“Always spoiling me.” Toby gave a shaky laugh. “I’m yours, alpha. Yours to command.”

Great moon, that was good. Unbearably good.

Nor’s knot sprang to life under Toby’s fingers, wanting what Toby wanted, but he pried those fingers free, determined not to waste this opportunity to please his little brother over and over, shaking Toby into helpless shivers with the force of one orgasm after another until Toby fell asleep without a knot.

Nor released him when he saw his eyes flutter shut out of exhaustion rather than ecstasy. The sky outside was black, only the pinprick of stars breaking up the rich velvet darkness, and the temperature had dropped as he’d expected. He brought his hand to his own cock and gave it a quick squeeze, hard and punishing, pushing down on his knot as though he could force it back into his body.

Getting himself naked hadn’t been his goal, but Toby had insisted on it, needing the contact of flesh to flesh, so it was impossible not to notice his cock as it jutted proudly forward, leading the way wherever he went, the tip an angry red and his knot so full he wondered if knots could burst. There was no way to make his cock subside, not while Toby’s scent hung in the air and the memory of Toby’s tousled, tossing body teased his mind, so he ignored it, letting it bob uncomfortably in front of him as he moved around the cabin.

He built the fire he’d meant to build, roasted the meat he’d meant to roast, poured out some water and set it by Toby’s unconscious form. When the rabbit was well cooked, he ate some. He was the alpha. He had to keep himself strong so he could care for his mate.

No, not his mate. Toby was his brother, never his mate, but for tonight, Toby was also his omega. Nor would stay strong for his omega. He ate with feral hunger, trying to sate the beast within and failing, the extra energy going straight to his cock and amplifying its demands. What was left of the rabbit, he buried in a bed of ashes to keep warm, then he settled in to wait.

Perhaps Toby would sleep the night through. Perhaps he’d wake up and his heat would’ve passed and he wouldn’t need Nor anymore.

Well, then Nor would’ve done his job, that was all. It wasn’t about him and his cock. It was all about Toby.


“Nor? Alpha?” Toby’s voice woke him instantly. How he’d managed to sleep at all, he didn’t understand. His cock certainly hadn’t. It remained bone stiff and swollen about the base, as it might never return to normal again.

“Right here, love.” He staggered to his feet, sleep-woozy and lust-addled. “How are you feeling?”


“I’ve got some rabbit for you.” He tried to move to the fire, but Toby grabbed his hand.

“Not for rabbit.”

“Oh. For…?”

“For cock,” Toby said, not an ounce of shame in him. “For a knot. You put me to sleep without knotting me.” He looked put out by it, accusatory.


“No more of the other. Knot this time. Knot now.”

“Knot now,” Nor agreed. How could he disagree? His knot ached with need, a bulge of agonized longing. “But you should eat. And drink.” He brought the water he’d set out to Toby’s mouth. Toby took a few disgruntled swallows then pushed it away.

“Knot now.”

“Let me get you ready first.”

“I’ve been ready for hours.” Toby knocked Nor’s fingers away when they sought out his entrance. “Look.” He dipped his own fingers in and brought them out again—slick and dripping.

Nor lunged for them, fastening his mouth over them quickly so not a single drop would be wasted. He’d been tasting Toby’s slick all night, but he hadn’t had enough of it yet, and yes, he knew Toby was ready because he’d repeatedly buried his fingers in him, had thoroughly drilled him with his tongue, had done everything except the one thing Toby kept asking him to do.

“Fuck me,” Toby ordered, no longer asking. “And I do mean now.”

Nor nodded, not the alpha in this moment, only a wolf in need. He brought the tip of his cock to Toby’s hole, and even that little touch almost did him in. Slick oozed over him, summoning him deeper into the well from which it came.

“Please, Alpha?”

Oh, that little devil. Nor was trying to be gentle, to enter Toby slowly and carefully, but Toby knew what those words would do to his control. Toby deserved it—deserved how Nor forced himself the rest of the way in with a single violent stroke. Toby’s answering scream said he knew he deserved it.

“Yes! Fuck me, fuck me. Knot!”

It was so full, his knot, so firmly inflated, hard and hot, that it took all Nor’s strength to ram it in there. It popped through the tight ring of Toby’s sphincter and immediately swelled even bigger, home at last, refusing to be removed again.

Nor rutted against Toby, rocking that small distance the knot allowed, grinding into him out of nothing more than instinct. Toby squealed and crooned and one spurt of come after another pumped out of him to wet their stomachs.

“Knot,” Toby repeated, happily this time. Pleased now rather than demanding, a child who’d been given what he’d whined for. “Knot.”

“Knot,” Nor echoed wearily. It was all catching up to him—the long run, the hours spent wringing orgasms out of Toby’s willing body, the worry of these last few weeks. Finally, he could rest. Rest inside his omega. “Knot.”

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