Upsy-Daisy Dom

It’s really rude to wish you’d been kidnapped. Especially when your best friend actually was. But Tripp wishes something would happen to him. He likes his sex kinky, and he likes his kink on the fun side of risky. Which means he’s got his eye on Sebastian Gage, the incredibly handsome, incredibly rich, incredibly dangerous Dom.

Sebastian makes subs cry, and he’s not sorry about it. He is sorry that his penchant for emotional sadism means none of his playmates ever stick around, but he’s not going to let any of his new-found friends know that. All they know is that he’s a cruel Dom and a brilliant attorney. And right now it’s time to concentrate on the brilliant attorney part instead of getting sidetracked by a gangly young sub with a smart mouth and a penchant for danger.

Sebastian will do anything to make sure the perp who’s been targeting vulnerable subs in a human trafficking scheme gets what he deserves. Maybe even sacrifice Tripp, the only one who can take everything Sebastian has to offer. The only one who’s ever stuck around.

This is the final book in the Hell's Bedroom series.

Publisher: Tanya Chris
Cover Artists:

Sebastian got on the bed between Tripp’s legs, nudging them farther apart. His own cock pointed at Tripp’s as he knelt there watching it bobble, doing nothing to Tripp except looking at him. Tripp sucked in a breath, as if being observed was all it took to get him off.

“You’re a little bundle of nerves, aren’t you?”

“What do you expect when you’re always fucking with me?”

“I’m just going to suck your dick. You can manage that, right?”

“I don’t know. I might come as soon as you touch me.”

Sebastian laughed at the reminder that Tripp was only twenty. And definitely ready to pop. Pre-come glistened at the head of his cock. Sebastian leaned forward to take it with his tongue without touching Tripp anywhere else. The fluid was slick and light, glossy against his tongue, and Tripp made a soft sound of expectation at the move.

“Stop being so easy,” Sebastian chastised him.


“What, like, don’t enjoy it? That’s ridiculous.”

It was, especially since Sebastian wanted him to enjoy it, wanted to soak up every clue that he was enjoying it, but it was a game they could play, a way he could make sure Tripp failed, that even his pleasure tormented him.

“Keep still, keep quiet, and don’t come,” Sebastian ordered, in direct contradiction to what he actually wanted.

“That’s ridic— Ah! Ah, ah, ah. Okay, you’ve got my dick in your mouth, I can’t just— ah! Wait, stop, if you want me to be quiet, I— Oh, fuck, Sebastian. How are you so fucking good at that?” Tripp thrust up his hips, failing to keep still even harder than he was failing to keep quiet. Unless Sebastian was mistaken, Tripp was about to fail at the not-coming part too. He lifted his head and gave Tripp a quelling glare.

“Oh, please just let me enjoy it,” Tripp begged, but Sebastian could see the excitement in his eyes, the way his hips twisted in an unspoken plea for more. He was eating this up. He was—

Perfect. Just perfect.

Reviews:on Reading Under the Rainbow:

Don't know where to start because it's pure perfection from start to ending. Wow, just WOW! Tanya Chris did it again, and created an interesting love story. I fell hard for both Sebastian and Tripp, but mostly Sebastian.

I can't say straight that Sebastian is my favorite from the series, because let's be clear, I want what Arlo has with Brixby, but on an enjoyement level, well, Sebastian is the winner, because DAMN those sex scenes! Gave me butterflies with only a kiss! Holy hell, just how hot this book was! Phew.

J. L. Gribble on Amazon wrote:

Based on previous books by Chris, I already knew she could craft a tense courtroom drama. Just as I thought the dramatic finale of the external plotline would happen earlier in the book than I thought, Chris threw all of my previous expectations out the window and delivered an epic finale that I couldn’t put down.

With this novel, Chris wraps up the trilogy in a satisfying manner while also presenting another wonderful (if nontraditional) romance. I highly recommend this series to readers looking for a series of unexpected D/s relationships with just the right amount of spiciness to highlight a fantastic overarching plot.

on Dilyana's World:

I worried about Trip the same I would worry about a real person because he felt like one.

Both he and Sebastian are like real people I’d want to get to know which makes me interested in their story. Plot-wise, this is a continuation of the previous two novels – wrapping them up nicely as a final book should – but because these two were the main characters, I actually felt more invested than with Kitchen Sink Dom and Chicken Soup Dom, which, if you read my blog, you’d know I really, really liked.

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