Giving Chances

‘Tis the night before the night before Christmas and there’s only one Bright Light Beauty Shoppe left in all of Connecticut. When Mitch and Jackson make a simultaneous grab for it, they make a connection that goes deeper than a brush of hands over a gaudy pink-and-purple box.

Mitch is shopping for his youngest sister, who he hasn’t seen since he came out to his parents a year and a half ago. This will be his first Christmas back with the family he’s not sure he can forgive.

Jackson is shopping for a new boyfriend. No! Bad Jackson. He’s supposed to be on a relationship break. His ex-boyfriend only moved out a month ago and his best friend tells him he’s too quick to jump into commitments. The plan is to enjoy some uncommitted sex, so why not enjoy it with Mitch?

As the final days of Christmas count down, Mitch and Jackson find that all they have to do to get everything they want this year is give love a chance.

Publisher: Tanya Chris
Cover Artists:
Reviews:Jean on Vine Voices wrote:

This is a heartfelt story about love and family and forgiveness. A short, quick read, but the story certainly pack a punch. There is nothing missing from this book; from the sweet and amusing first meeting of the MC's to the incredibly steamy middle to the lovely finish (HFN but not a cliffhanger). Although this is undoubtedly in the vein of the "dreaded and criticized" instalove, somehow this brilliant author just makes it work beautifully.

Tanja on Amazon wrote:

It starts with the opening scene that Mitch and Jackson grab the same Christmas gift. Surprisingly, they don’t argue about it but have a civilized conversation. That is the start of something beautiful. They keep talking about being it a one-night thing, but everyone can tell it is more than that. The prolonging of saying their goodbyes and coming up with excuses for staying together are a dead giveaway. It was so recognizable. Very well done.

Lyd on Amazon wrote:

This is such a lovable love story because the guys don't want to let each other go. And I love how they keep hanging on. Even though Mitchs family is a pain and Jackson's bestie doesn't approve, they are just perfect for each other. Plus Jackson is a massage therapist, and the one scene on the massage table, so worth it!!!

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