Forget I Told You

Jay has a nice wife and a nice life with a nice house and a nice job in the very nice city of Seattle. Except he’s beginning to suspect that none of that is true. If he has a wife, why can’t he remember marrying her? And why does trying to remember make his head hurt?

Deron knows he shouldn’t be in Seattle. Giving into his need to check on the man who once belonged to him could put a complicated cross-agency investigation at risk. All he wants is one little peek. He didn’t expect Jay to recognize him or for the two of them to get shot at on the streets of Seattle.

Jay’s suffering from a case of amnesia only he can cure and is at the heart of a mystery only he can solve. Too bad he doesn’t know any of that. But there’s one thing he does know: Deron. His memory may have been removed, but his soul will never forget its mate.

Can he remember everything else in time to save both their lives and possibly an entire country?

Content warning: mention of suicide, gun violence

Publisher: Tanya Chris
Cover Artists:

“Hey, um.” He caught the stranger before he hit the door, arresting him with no more than his voice. The man turned and looked at him with something like horror, and Jay lost track of whatever he’d been planning to say, if he’d even had a plan. It’d been more a need than a plan, but when those eyes turned to him with fearful shock, the need took a specific direction.

He restrained himself from reaching out to soothe the conflict out of the hazel eyes ringed in black, to wipe clear the furrowed brow. Had Jay caused this distress by approaching him? He rocked back on his heels, giving the stranger space.


The man nodded warily.

“My name’s Jay.”

“Jay,” the man repeated, so softly Jay almost couldn’t hear him, like it was a breath he sighed out.


Jay loved hearing his name. All humans did, he knew. There was something so... so homey about it, so anchoring. But it’d never hit him this hard. He swayed unconsciously forward as he asked the stranger for his name.

The man swallowed. “Deron.”

“Deron.” Deron, he repeated to himself. Deron. It echoed through his mind like it’d always been there. “You were watching me.”


“Why sorry?” he asked, still suppressing the urge to reach out and offer physical comfort.

“You’re married.”

“Oh. You noticed that, huh?”

Reviews:Jay on Joyfully Jay wrote:

Oh, this story was such a thrill ride, I was captivated throughout the book! Tanya Chris writes in many genres, but her suspense stories are some of my favorites. The early part of this story, in particular, was so intense and exciting as Jay slowly starts to realize his life is not what it seems. Chris builds the suspense so well as we know Jay has amnesia, and we know that he is connected to Deron, but Jay is unaware of both of these things. We also have no idea how he lost his memory or why Deron is keeping his distance. But Jay seeing Deron is like pulling on a thread and watching things unravel as that is the catalyst to the whole mystery breaking apart.

Jay on Kimmer's Erotic Book Banter wrote:

Looking for a suspenseful, intriguing and unique twist on amnesia? Then Forget I Told You by Tanya Chris is for you, reinforcing that the heart knows what it wants, and true love is strong enough to conquer even logical thought, to demolish even the toughest defenses.

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