Back Under

Cover for Back Under by Tanya Chris shows a man kneeling with his hands in handcuffs behind his back
Part of the Deep Under series:

Jack, an undercover FBI agent, and his dominant Maddox, a uniformed police officer, journey deeper into the happy ending they found in Deep Under through a series of kinky explorations.


  • Back Under, featuring play piercing
  • All the Way Under, featuring sounding
  • Under Cover, featuring orgasm denial
  • and Under/Over, featuring permanent piercing and predicament bondage

Note: all these stories were previously available on my website. You may have read them.

Publisher: Tanya Chris
Cover Artists:

“So fucking good,” Jack mumbled. He closed his eyes and sank back into the mattress with the rhythm of Maddox’s thrusts. His hands drifted down onto his own body, one rubbing up and down along his chest, strumming over his nipple, the other finding its way to his cock.

Maddox didn’t stop him. Sometimes he batted Jack’s hands away, forcing him to wait for whatever Maddox chose, or didn’t choose, to give him, but sometimes he enjoyed watching his lover please himself, and the new ear piercings combined with the way Jack was pinching his nipples were starting to give him ideas.

“Enough,” he said to Jack. “This is me fucking you, not you jerking off.”

Jack immediately removed his hands and opened his eyes. He smiled up at Maddox and used one of his hands to trace along Maddox’s jaw.


Maddox felt his orgasm rise up from the back of his balls. He considered telling Jack he could touch himself again, but the thought of not telling him that, knowing how hot Jack must be after their long time apart, triggered his release. He poured himself into his lover, his hips stuttering to a halt as sensation overtook movement.

Jack still smiled at him with those adoring eyes.

“You love when I get off on your body, don’t you?”

He nodded, and Maddox dipped down to kiss him before pulling his cock free.

“Don’t touch your dick,” he warned as he bounced himself off the bed and went to wash up.


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