ARC Policy

ARC stands for Advanced Review Copy and ARC readers get (free) copies of my books before their official release date. To sign up to be an ARC reader, please use this form.

New releases will be announced by email approximately two weeks prior to release date. There will be a limited number of copies available for each release. These copies will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis through Story Origin which will require you to register (free, but a bit of a pain).

You will never be removed from my ARC list for skipping an ARC or for posting a negative review, but if you find you don’t generally care for my books, it’s probably best to unsubscribe.

Amazon is making it difficult for some readers to leave reviews, but honestly this was never about a few stars or a couple of compelled sentences. ARC readers are meant to help create a bit of buzz, which means you need to have a genuine, personal opinion about the book and honestly want to recommend it.

So grab a copy if something interests you, and if you like what  you read, please:

  • leave a review on Amazon, if you’re able to, or on Goodreads, if you use Goodreads
  • mention the book on social media
  • recommend it to a friend
  • interact with my promo posts when you see them

Please don’t:

  • claim a copy for a book that doesn’t interest you
  • upload the book to pirate sites or distribute it in any other way (copies may be watermarked to help prevent piracy)
  • feel compelled to leave a review

If you review for a blog site, feel free to contact me directly to arrange a review copy.