Now available: Upsy-Daisy Dom

Cover for Upsy-Daisy Dom by Tanya Chris shows a man's naked back covered in a black mandala tattoo.  A blue and white toy top spins in the center of the O in Dom

It’s almost here! Upsy-Daisy Dom, The last book in the Hell’s Bedroom trilogy is now available for $3.99 or read with KU.

It’s really rude to wish you’d been kidnapped. Especially when your best friend actually was. But Tripp wishes something would happen to him. He likes his sex kinky, and he likes his kink on the fun side of risky. Which means he’s got his eye on Sebastian Gage, the incredibly handsome, incredibly rich, incredibly dangerous Dom.

Sebastian makes subs cry, and he’s not sorry about it. He is sorry that his penchant for emotional sadism means none of his playmates ever stick around, but he’s not going to let any of his new-found friends know that. All they know is that he’s a cruel Dom and a brilliant attorney. And right now it’s time to concentrate on the brilliant attorney part instead of getting sidetracked by a gangly young sub with a smart mouth and a penchant for danger.

Sebastian will do anything to make sure the perp who’s been targeting vulnerable subs in a human trafficking scheme gets what he deserves. Maybe even sacrifice Tripp, the only one who can take everything Sebastian has to offer. The only one who’s ever stuck around.

This is the final book in the Hell’s Bedroom series.


  1. I’m so excited for this!!! This is my favorite romance series that I’ve read in a very long time.

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