Now available: Kitchen Sink Dom

Cover for Kitchen Sink Dom by Tanya Chris shows a bare-chested man wearing leather wrist cuffs and both arms covered in tattoos. A red fish swims through the O in Dom

This is book one in Hell’s Bedroom, a new series that pairs BDSM with a human trafficking investigation, making for excitement in and out of the sheets! Each book features a different take on D/s dynamics. In Kitchen Sink Dom, a service top is paired with a non-submissive masochist.

Private Investigator Harrison Fisher’s new case isn’t going the way he’d hoped. Wearing a collar, pretending he’s submissive, searching for a Dom who can get him into Hell’s Bedroom, the elite BDSM club where a seventeen-year-old boy has gone missing—his first time working undercover is really stretching his boundaries. He’s always wondered if BDSM might be for him, but how can he be honest about what he wants sexually when he can’t be honest about anything else?

When Cash meets the handsome man brimming with nervous energy, he feels like he’s struck gold. Cash isn’t the most dominant of tops, but he’s got a wide repertoire of skills, and he’d be happy to practice every single one of them on Harry, the sub who’s so new to the scene he doesn’t even know his own kinks. But the closer he gets to Harry, the more obvious it becomes that Harry isn’t who he claims to be.

As Harrison flirts with both BDSM and Cash, one missing person turns into two. Someone at Hell’s Bedroom is abducting vulnerable subs, and it’s going to take more than just Harrison to bring them home. It’s going to take a whole kinky village.

Kitchen Sink Dom is $3.99 to buy and will be eligible for Kindle Unlimited for 90 days.