Happy Birthday to Omega Returned

Who doesn’t love a good M/M/M? Well, all right, some people don’t. But I do.

Cover for Omega Returned by Tanya Chris features a black wolf in front of a sunset

There are two challenges in writing a romance with more than two love interests. One is giving everyone their own personality, not allowing them to blend together. Writing alpha/beta/omega makes that fairly simple because everyone has a predefined place and personality. But the other challenge—making sure everyone gets equal happiness in the end—becomes more difficult.

As I sat down to write Omega Returned, I was concerned about falling into the trap where the omega ends up with all the love and attention. Owen is a pitiful thing at the start of the book. Both Fortis, the alpha, and Keesh, the beta, are devoted to taking care of him. And the physical connection between alphas and omegas is a strong one in my Omega Reimagined universe, almost impossible to ignore. All of which made the link between Fortis and Owen the easiest leg of the triangle to forge.

It was Keesh I worried about. Keesh is the most likable of the three —a standup guy who looks after his friends and is kind to everyone. Readers would need to believe his ending was every bit as happy as the other two. He couldn’t just be the guy doing the cooking at the end. So I made him a switch, basically. He can be toppy with Owen but a hungry bottom for Fortis. He can live outside the caste system. He can have it all.

Omega Returned is the most standalone of all the titles in this series, so if you like M/M/M and you’re looking for a place to jump in, give it a try and let me know if you’re satisfied that Keesh got everything he wanted and deserved.