Happy Birthday to Tamed

Cover of Tamed by T. M. Chris shows the back of a man in a suit holding a whip facing an empty wood chair

Last year, I was invited to be part of an anthology. At the time, it was presented as a kink anthology. It ended up being more of a general M/M anthology since not all the stories included kink, but I’d already written my entry by then, and it was definitely kinky.

There are certain time-honored M/F kinks that haven’t made much of an entry into M/M yet. Cuckolding, for instance, which is where a woman has sex with another man while her partner watches and is humiliated for being “not manly enough” to satisfy her. When I wrote Watch Me Watch You, I’d never read any M/M cuckolding kink. I’d read plenty of gang bangs or partner sharing scenarios and a little SPH (small penis humiliation, which is often a featured component of cuckolding kink) but not cuckolding specifically. I still don’t think I’ve seen anything else like it.

Domestic discipline is another kink that doesn’t seem to have crossed from M/F to M/M, probably because it, like cuckolding, is heavily based on typical male/female roles. Cuckolding is hot/wrong (wrongness is often an important part of what makes a kink hot) because men are supposed to be able to adequately service their women. If your wife is having sex with another man, especially one with a bigger cock, it’s because you’re not enough of a man. That has a very “straight guy” feel to it, but gay guys have egos too, right?

In domestic discipline, the idea is that the man needs to spank his wife in order to keep her in line—make her do her household duties correctly—and that she’ll be happier and a better wife if he does it regularly. On a feminist level, it’s all kinds of ick, but as I mentioned parenthetically above, kink is frequently hot because it’s wrong.

I used to like reading M/F domestic discipline stories. Though I certainly enjoy consensual BDSM too, the idea of spankings being less about sex and more about punishment is something I’ve always enjoyed. It’s often a part of the attraction of incest stories to me. [More to come on combining incest with spankings—look for a new T. M. Chris release this fall.] But as the patriarchy came to weigh more heavily on me over the years, I stopped being able to enjoy the wrongness of M/F domestic discipline. Only the ick remained.

So that’s how we got Tamed, which is M/M domestic discipline. Eduardo is punishing Jake because Jake needs it. Badly.

Tamed was first published in the Come, Play anthology, then later expanded to twice its original length to give it a more developed happy ending. In the second half of the story, Jake and Eduardo engage in consensual BDSM for fun as they continue their domestic discipline arrangement, in which Eduardo keeps Jake in hand by spanking him and Jake is more productive and happier for it.

If there are any other kinks you’ve read and enjoyed in M/F that don’t seem to have made their way over to M/M yet, drop me a line, and maybe I’ll write you a story. I like to see these guys get everything they deserve.