New free story: Seek & Ye Shall Find

cover for Seek & Ye Shall Find by Tanya Chris shows a man in a hoodie reaching forward

Alejo can see Gilbert needs a good railing, but will his straight friend allow Alejo to employ his cock as a cure? Maybe Alejo has the answer Gil’s been looking for all this time.

Author’s Note: This story was inspired by a search phrase someone used to stumble on my site. “Friend puts his cock in his ass, tells him he needs it.” Bud, whoever you are, this one’s for you.

Seek & Ye Shall Find is free to read on my site, but newsletter subscribers receive a password they can use to download files in mobi or epub format.

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  1. I tried to leave a comment about Deep Cover and Back Under but I don’t think I was successful. I think it is because I don’t know what to put on the website line. I certainly enjoyed both.

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