New free story: A Heart for Him, chapter 5

Two wolves silhouetted in front of a forest with a heart containing the text "A Heart for Him"

Chapter 5: Toby’s pregnant and everyone knows it. What they don’t know is that Nor is the sire.

Chapter 4: Toby and Nor take a trip to Pretoria to see about enrolling him in people school, but while there they get some unexpected news.

Chapter 3: Toby’s impending heat means Nor didn’t accidentally get him pregnant, but it also means Toby will soon be bound to an alpha. Unless Toby doesn’t want to be mated. Determined that Toby should have the right to choose his future, Nor whisks him away to a solitary cabin where they can hide Toby’s heat from Mama’s meddling.

Chapter 2: Nor and Toby return home where no one can ever know how they spent their night away. Nor is determined to never touch his little brother again, even if that means watching him be claimed by another alpha. But a violent thunderstorm and an old childhood phobia result in Nor and Toby becoming unexpected bedmates once again.

Chapter 1 : Nor was born to be an alpha, to have a mate and pups of his own, but for now he’s content to help his parents raise their brood, especially his youngest brother, Toby, who’s due to have his first heat any day now. But when the time comes, Nor and Toby are alone and isolated. With no one else around to help Toby through his heat, what’s a big brother to do?

Content warning: this story contains adult incest and MPREG

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