Happy Birthday to Locked

Cover for Locked by T. M. Chris featuring a meta cage in the shape of a soft penis from which clear fluid drips

Like many middle-aged people, I’m resistant to new forms of social media. I use Facebook. I’ve made my way over to Twitter. But I stopped there. Instagram? Snapchat? Pinterest? So visual, so young, so not me.

But Tumblr… Tumblr used to have some dirty, sexy, hot content to which I would occasionally be linked. For research purposes, of course. There’s one video in particular that was the inspiration for one of the scenes in Anytime, Anyplace which I sure wish I could find a replacement link for.

In order to get to the good stuff on Tumblr, you had to be logged in, and once I’d created an account, I began to curate my content. I have a lot of interests. You may have noticed that. But one I’m not sure I had before joining Tumblr but which got blown up big time once I was there is chastity.

I’ve always liked the idea of orgasm denial (such as in the aforementioned disappeared video), so that’s probably how I got led down the road to chastity, and I was familiar with the idea of cock cages and their short term use, but on Tumblr, chastity was a whole culture. A fascinating and arousing culture. Pretty soon my entire feed was pictures of dicks in cages.

But I’m primarily a word-oriented person, even in my porn tastes. I liked the pictures but I needed more words to go with them. So I made the words myself. I took all that, uh, research I’d been doing and turned it into a story. And that’s how Locked was born.

I’m both saddened and worried for the men who’ve lost their culture, their society, and their home due to Tumblr’s SESTA/FOSTA-inspired decision to prohibit the sharing of adult images on their site. I don’t know where they’ve ended up, but I hope it’s somewhere. In the meantime, Locked stands as a tribute to all locked boys and their alpha males.