Happy Birthday to Pledged

Sometimes I want to write a nice love story with fully developed characters and a plot that speaks to an important social justice issue, and sometimes I just want to write something really nasty. I have a daily word goal and a long term plan that lays out which book I ought to be working on at any given moment, but when a particularly dirty scenario jumps to my mind, I have to write it now. All my biggest writing days have come when I was writing smut. Smut flows.

And although readers have been kind enough to reach out to me about how my books may have touched their lives, I also appreciate those reviews and comments that say, basically: HAWT!!! Because I love a good, hot read myself. When you’re in the mood for someone to get well and truly fucked, you don’t want to hear about their relationship with their sister or what the special of the day is at the diner they hang out at. You just want hot.

Pledged was meant to be hot. Fraternity brothers, paddling—light humiliation and a few red asses, all the buttons pushed in their proper order. And it fulfills that purpose, I hope, but a little something else snuck in there too.

These guys started having grown-up conversations about their kink—negotiating boundaries and handling disagreements—and by the end, well, there was a happy ending. As someone on Facebook said the other day, “I love kink that gives me the feels.”

Blake and Vadim give me the feels. Just a little, because Pledged is still 90% pure filth, but my particular brand of “hot and sweet” seeped in around the edges. And since that person on FB asked for a sequel, there just might be one. We could all use a little more Pledged.

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  1. I’d love to read a follow up to Pledged with those two hot kinksters. I totally fell for them, but then again I haven’t read a Tanya Chris book I didn’t love so I may be biased.

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