New release checklist

I’ve got a release coming out in a week and I’ve just about finished running through my new release checklist. It’s a roughly-chronological listing of tasks I do to get ready for a new release and I thought it might be helpful to share. If you’ve got any suggestions for what I’m missing, feel free to add on to it.

In coordination with each release, I try to do two extra things: 1) use my Kindle Select free days to make a relevant title from my backlist free about a week prior to my new release date and 2) post a new “bonus” freebie story on my website. I like to think these things attract eyes to my new release.

Note: most links are specific to either LGBT or even more specifically to M/M

Three weeks prior to release date

Cover reveal – Twitter & FB (Tanya Chris page & MM Romance group)
Schedule free book on KDP for week prior to release (Tues – Sat)
Schedule advertisement on LGBT newsletter for free book
Get bonus story ready on website
Order cover for next planned release
Update .mobi & .epub files with latest copy
Set up Instafreebie for ARC
Coming Soon blog post

Two weeks prior to release date

Request ARC reviews from FB ARC group
Submit to Chris’s ARC club
Request ARC reviews via mailing list
Publish on CreateSpace (if paperback)
Pull back channels on CreateSpace (explanation of what’s going on here)
Publish for pre-order on KDP
Request that paperback & Kindle editions be linked if needed
Add to Author Center profile
Validate/create on Goodreads
Create and validate link
Pre-order announcement on Twitter & pin
Pre-order announcement on FB
Create media kit
Sign up for LGBT newsletter ad
Submit for reviews to blog sites
Final update on KDP before release date
Update free book to include link to new book/re-publish on KDP
Update Books page on website
Write blurb for next planned release
Prepare newsletter

One week prior to release date

Update other ebooks with links to new book/re-publish on KDP
Publicize free book – Twitter & FB
Order paper copies for beta readers
Finalize/schedule newsletter

Day before release date

Bonus story live on website
Release on CreateSpace
Request reviews from ARC readers and beta readers

Release day

Send out newsletter
Update ARC post w/ link to book
Post on Twitter & pin post
Update Author Central with review clips
Now Available blog post
Post on FB – my page and MM Romance page

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