More than Everything by C. Cardeno

I just discovered C. Cardeno.  More than Everything is M/M/M which would be a favorite genre of mine except it’s so rarely done well. This is definitely my favorite ever.

The story spans a long time and multiple relationships, starting with Charlie and Scott. Then, when that relationship ends (with a whimper), it moves on to Charlie and Adan. That relationship also ends (with a bang), and so we arrive in the current day where Adan and Scott have become an established couple (you’re going to need to suspend some disbelief for a chapter or two here) and run into Charlie again, at which point Adan and Scott unanimously (and very quickly – suspend that disbelief!) agree to pursue Charlie for a committed polyamorous relationship.

I’d have liked more weight on the last third of the book, but all three portions were well done with a  strong narrative, lovable characters, and relationships built more on good times than bad. There’s a limited amount of M/M/M sex (mostly it’s M/M in the various couplings) but M/M/M sex is hard to write well. The pronouns are impossible and the result is a frantic detailing of who’s sticking what where in such a way that the reader inevitably loses track. All the sex in this book is good, even if it’s not all threesomes.

And if you like all-male threesomes and want to see my attempt at detailing who’s sticking what where, checking out my book Three by Three which includes a M/M/M story (in addition to other threesome stories). It’s actually my favorite of all the sex scenes I’ve written. Three by Three is only .99 if you have to buy it and free on KU, so it’s hopefully worth it even if you don’t want any M/F/M.