Stealing Serenity by Tami Veldura

Stealing Serenity tells the story of an art thief falling under the spell of a man who was only meant to be the means to his end. It’s a bondage story. There’s no sadomasochism and there’s very little that some people would define as sex (I’ve seen the complaining reviews!) but to me, this was sex personified, even though bondage isn’t usually my kink.

The sheer desire in this story was startling. The spell that falls over the main character is brilliantly woven.  The chemistry between the two characters leaps off the page. Best of all, the author painted this compelling picture without resorting to a single cliche or trope. Stealing Serenity doesn’t borrow its heat level from predictable phrases and scenarios guaranteed to push buttons. It builds its own heat from scratch and the result is scorching.

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