For Real by Alexis Hall

for real

For Real by Alexis Hall forges new ground in the M/M BDSM genre. There are no stereotypes here. As a romance alone, For Real is a beautiful read. In the BDSM arena, it’s playful, original, and seriously hot. On top of all that, this book is a literary masterpiece. The alternating POVs need no chapter headings for the reader to tell them apart. Each character has a unique, unmistakable voice.

You may not get all the literary and political references that are embedded in this book–I didn’t–but the story is understandable without getting them and the ones I did get added such dimension to the writing. After several re-readings, I’ve ended up looking up everything I didn’t get the first time. That’s how entrancing I found this writing.

Worth a read on every level!