What’s Next from Tanya Chris

Here’s an update on some of the things I’m working on with scheduled release dates:

High Lonesome, release date: 4/3

High Lonesome is a thrilling M/M/M about three men trapped in a snowstorm together. They’ve got a lot of secrets and no reason to trust each other, but they’re going to have to learn if they want to survive. One hermit, one addict, one spy … and someone’s coming.

You, Me & Her, release date: 5/15

Another threesome, but this one is M/M/F. Nate’s always known he was polyamorous, but it’s not until he meets Joshua that he realizes he’s also bisexual. This bi-for-you story concentrates on the slow-burn relationship developing between Nate and Joshua but also features M/F and threesome sex scenes. This is the poly story I’ve always wanted – romantic, healthy, open, and sweet.

Locked, release date: 6/26

This is a T. M. Chris release, meaning it’s high on the kink, low on the romance. Does chastity turn you on? What if there’s a cage? And what if it’s forever? Explore high stakes M/M chastity in this novella-length dive into the growing locked boy kink.

Aftershock, release date: 8/14

Syed and Dashiell finally get their story – and Jamie gets justice – in this follow-on to Aftercare. If you haven’t read Aftercare, there’s still time, but don’t worry: Aftershock is a fully standalone novel about a Dom whose sub died learning to love again and a man who doesn’t believe he can ever be enough finding out that he is.

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Super-excited to read one of these? If you’re on my ARC list, you’ll get a chance to read an advanced copy when it becomes available (two to three weeks before release date) in exchange for leaving an honest review. To sign up for my ARC list, go to my Contact page and pick the “Interested in receiving Advanced Review Copies” option from the drop down. If you’re already on the ARC list, you don’t need to take any action. You’ll receive an email when the ARC is ready.

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