Upcoming releases (and what would you like to see?)

Here’s some info about what’s in the works. My next release is a time travel historical, as you’ve probably seen. That one’s coming out in early October. Next up is a Christmas story for the holidays called Giving Chances.

In January, I’ll be publishing Mine which is M/F. I know – boo – but bear with me. This is a femdom book – Female Domme and male sub and the sub (Derek) is sooo sweet and adorable and the Domme (Amanda) knows exactly what she wants from him.

Then in February, I’ll be returning to M/M with Omega Revealed, another shapeshifter alpha/omega book.

A couple of other things in the works:

Aftershock, the follow up to Aftercare. I know you’re dying to find out who murdered Jamie

High Lonesome, a suspenseful M/M/M that strands an addict, a spy, and a hermit in a snowstorm

Schooled, a TM Chris spanking book with a teacher dynamic (yum)

You, Me & Her, a bi-for-you M/M/F story (and one of my favorites ever)

Wow, that’s a lot. So my question to you is: what next? What trope do you love that I haven’t tried yet? Billionaires? Sports? Arranged marriage? Hit me with your wish list.


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