Coming Soon: Aftercare

Meet Aayan. His brother just got arrested for murdering his submissive. Aayan didn’t even know Syed was part of the BDSM scene, but he knows Syed didn’t murder anyone. Aayan needs to hire an attorney who’ll make sure his brother is found innocent, and he’s got the perfect man in mind.


Garrett is a high-powered defense attorney and a submissive himself. At least, he used to be. Since his husband and Dom died, he’s mostly just an empty shell. He handles routine cases. He keeps to himself. He drinks too much. He’s got no interest in defending a murder charge, and he’s got no interest in getting involved with someone who thinks BDSM is sick and wrong.

But Aayan awakens all the hungers that have lain dormant in Garrett for too long. Syed needs an attorney, Garrett needs to get laid, and Aayan needs to come to terms with the dueling desires Garrett raises in him: to protect and to crush; to love and to harm.

Aftercare is a M/M BDSM novel, coming this summer.


  1. I want to read Aftercare in the worst way but can’t seem to find it anywhere but Amazon. Does any other publisher carry your work?

    1. Hi! The eBook is only available on Amazon due to the exclusivity requirement for Kindle Unlimited, which is unfortunately a big part of an independent author’s income. The paperback is available from B&N and other retailers. I appreciate your interest and wish Amazon allowed me to make this available to you elsewhere. Tanya

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