Coming Soon: My Guys


What happens when Happily-Ever-After ends?

When Melissa’s husband tells her he doesn’t think they should be married anymore—never mind fourteen years of marriage and the baby they’re trying to conceive—she sets out on a journey to answer that question. On the road to becoming Lissie, a woman with a life outside of husband and home, she finds two younger men: Derek, a shy rock climber, and Nate, a polyamorous actor. With their help she explores the exciting, new worlds of climbing and theater, not to mention her own sexuality.

My Guys embraces a vision of women as fully actuated beings responsible for their own destiny as Lissie accepts her share of responsibility for the failure of her marriage and becomes more expansive, more active, more interesting, and more interested. She’s building a new life without Alex, but what’s she supposed to do about the fact that she still loves him?

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