Why buy the cow?

Last Friday I missed my weekly release because I’d been bad.

Never mind how.

I was being sassy, OK?

I was born sassy and I’ll die sassy. Not saying I like being punished, but I will say I can’t always help it. Punishment these days means either a spanking or missing a release or both if I’ve been so bad that Graham’s still pissed at me after he finishes spanking me.

Missing a release is painful—my balls get raging full—and also sad. Alex is a sad boy because his Dom is mad at him and every throb of his balls reminds him of that. And also because he didn’t get his rocks off. Very sad.

But usually at some point during that second week of chastity I manage to pull off the old orgasm-in-a-cage trick, which is sort of my finger in Graham’s face. Like fuck you, you can lock me up, but you can’t keep me from getting off.

But this week, it hadn’t happened yet and we were already up to Wednesday, which meant only two days left to suffer, but fuck it really hurt, which led to me whining, which netted me a spanking, which didn’t make my balls any less full because I fucking love being spanked and it’s not the same if I haven’t been bad first. Did I say I didn’t like being punished? Ha ha. That was a lie.

So, balls full to bursting, I was still whiny after the spanking and that’s when Graham decided he was going to milk me. Graham’s a good top who educates himself on whatever shenanigans we get up to, but I’m not buying that responsible-top bullshit. Maybe some part of him was trying to be nice, to help me out with my little problem, but that part of him could’ve let me out of the cage and given me a handy. Instead, the part of him that’s a sadistic bastard came up with the scheme of torturing me via a process known as milking.

Milking, which I’m going to describe for you in case you’re not up on chastity Tumblr yourself, is the internet’s answer to what you do for a locked boy who’s gotten a bit backed up, shall we say. It involves removing the semen from the prostate, through the dick, by means of a non-erotic, purely-hygienic series of non-titillating strokes over the prostate something like shocking a dead guy’s last load out of him but without the electric jolt. The result is fluid release without orgasm. Relief without joy.

But ooh la lah, all the subs in long term chastity on Tumblr get milked so I was kind of excited about it. This was my rite of passage, and step one was Graham putting me back over his lap, where I’d just spent fifteen minutes getting my ass reddened, and step two was him sticking a lubed-up toy up my ass, so two steps into the process I was looking forward to the rest of my milking like it was Christmas morning.


Should I add more exclamation points? I’m not sure I’ve adequately conveyed how completely wrong I was about this being fun. Sure, there’s stuff coming out of your dick, which is always a good time, but you really can’t imagine how slooooowly it comes out.

Drip, drip, like fucking water torture, and all the while this steady, rocking pressure that never quite built. I mean, I’d seen it on Pornhub, sure, but that was when it was happening to someone else. Poor subby boy having his orgasm tortured out of him one drop at a time, ha ha. You gotta admit that’s both funny and hot.

But not when you’re the poor subby boy!!!!!

Here, have some more exclamation points: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Graham didn’t stop, no matter how much I bucked and begged, until the well was dry. Then he flipped me over and fucked me, which was a whole other kind of torture because my prostate was a little sensitive by then, thank you very much, after having been fucking stimulated for half a fucking hour. I don’t even know where he got the patience from, but I’m the one who paid for it as he railed me good and hard, hard enough to have gotten me to come if there’d been any come left in there, while I drummed my feet on his back and squealed with every stroke.

He flops off me with this big grin and says, “Man, that was fun,” and I’m like, “You’re a fucking sadist, you know that?” and he’s like, “Yup.”

Then he gets kind of serious and tells me that he loves how good I am for him now but he likes punishing me too, so don’t ever completely stop being bad, and I’m like, don’t worry, boo. I don’t see that happening.

But honestly, I’m going to give an extra think before being bad now because there’s spanking punishment, which I like, and missed-release punishment, which I can live with for one week as long as I don’t sass my way into two, but now there’s milking punishment. And the jury’s still out on that one.

My ass hurts from the spanking, and I’ll probably scream if Graham goes anywhere near my prostate for the next twenty-four hours, but I have to admit that my balls don’t hurt anymore, and I have a sleepy, satisfied feel, almost like I came.

That’s from Graham being happy, though, from knowing I pleased him. That’s the best, when you know you’ve pleased your top. That’s what makes it all worthwhile. So if Graham enjoyed milking me, I can see I’m going to get milked.

Fucking Tumblr.

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