T. M. Chris

T. M. Chris is an alternate pen name for Tanya Chris. While Tanya Chris writes plot or character-driven romances (with a touch of SSC kink) , T. M. Chris writes kink-driven erotica focused on pushing the specific buttons that make that kink hot.

Her stories may or may not have a happy ending, and because humiliation is a kink, the characters in these stories may not always treat each other with obvious respect, though I assure you that everyone is being treated exactly the way they want to be treated!

If kink is your kink, here are some T. M. Chris titles you can check out:

Cover for Locked by T.M. Chris shows a metal cage if the shape on a soft penis from which a string of fluid dripsI can see the headline now: Locked Boys Transcend Tumblr. My article on Chip and Billy—two twinks locked in the name of love—is going to take this niche kink mainstream.

When Marshall arrives to interview The Chastity Brothers, he has much to learn from them about frustration and denial, about service and devotion, about what kind of men get to play the role of alpha male and what kind of men allow the very essence of their manhood to be controlled, ignored, locked up, and denied.

The interview starts Marshall on an exciting and erotic adventure into the world of locked boys and their alpha male partners as he escorts Chip and Billy to a gang bang, meets Niblet and some of the members of the motorcycle club who keep him, visits the estate where Spike spends his nights in a crate, and learns an important lesson of love from an older alpha male who’ll never forget the boy who got away.

And somewhere along his journey, he might just find a locked boy of his own.

Content advisory: Locked is a non-romantic, highly kinky story that includes sharing, gang bangs, extreme orgasm denial, and light humiliation



Pledging a fraternity is always a little nerve-wracking, but Blake’s racing pulse comes from more than a fear of rejection. He’s got one eye on Vadim, Delta Iota Kappa’s muscle-bound Chief Punishment Officer, and the other on that paddle. Pledging D.I.K. is going to be a whole lot more challenging, and exciting, than he ever anticipated.

Vadim’s been waiting three years for a little brother all his own, for someone to torment and humiliate, to initiate into all the pleasure, and all the pain, of belonging to their intimate fraternity for two.

Pledged (approximately 20,000 words) features lots of spanking, a little humiliation, and a happy ending.



Liam should never have sassed his best friend Kurt’s father that way, not when he knows how discipline is handled in the Santino household. Now Liam’s got two problems: Mr. Santino’s belt and Kurt’s bare hand. Or rather, he’s got one problem: the fact that all this old-fashioned discipline is making him hornier than hell.

Kurt’s determined to make Liam stop perving on his dad. Liam just needs one more punishment. Can the two college students work out an arrangement that satisfies all their desires?

Owned is a short story (approx. 15,000 words) featuring lots of spankings with various implements, a hefty dose of humiliation, and an ending that’s happy for them.