Looks like this is the end

Not of me and Graham. LOL. Got you there, didn’t I? No, I’m still here and the cage is still on. Clink, clink. Everything’s good. I just haven’t gotten around to updating my blog in a while because I don’t spend that much time on the internet anymore now that I’m not here for the porn, which leave me lots of time to take care of the apartment, take care of my body, take care of Graham.

I do still watch a little sometimes, when I have everything ready and I’m waiting for him to get home. He likes it when my dick drips chastity tears, so I’ll put on a clip and get a dildo. That was what we agreed on after the “incident.” If I want to masturbate, I can do it with a plug. There are guys on Tumblr who can come that way, but I don’t even try. I’ve learned my lesson there.

But I’ll rock on a fatty and watch the clips and by the time Graham comes home I’m dribbling up a storm and when he sees that long string of dick-drool hanging down from my cage, he knows I’m open and ready for him. Sometimes I’ll even get a fuck before dinner.

So that’s us, and it’s good, and I can’t promise I’ll be back around for updates very often anymore, so before I leave you, dear reader, here are a few scenes from this happy, locked-up life

*I’m on the ground between his knees. There’s basketball on and I hate basketball, but his dick’s in my mouth so I don’t care. At some point, he’ll throw me over the back of the couch and fuck me fast, or he’ll bring me in the bedroom and fuck me slow, or he’ll come in my mouth. But I don’t have to figure that out. All I have to do is keep sucking

*I decide to make him Swedish meatballs for dinner because he loves them at IKEA but they come out rubbery and weird and the noodles are undercooked and chewy and I hate myself because who fucks up noodles? But Graham knows what to do. He gives me a proper spanking so I can work out my feelings about being “bad” and then after I get all the cuddles while he coos what a good boy I am into my ear. He takes me out for steaks instead of rubbery meatballs and I’m sitting on a hard wood chair, my ass on fire, and he’s across from me looking perfectly proper in Abercrombie casual wear, and I love him, I love him, I love him

*He’s got me on my hands and knees to milk me using this new tool he brought online that’s a lot more precise than some random dildo. There’s a saucer set up to catch the drips—black because it shows better. He’ll take a photo of it when we’re done and I wonder if he’s got his own blog somewhere, but he swears it’s just to get him through the long days at work. I don’t care. I’d drip online for him

*I’m on the bed after my Friday release, feeling light and floaty and perfect. Graham gets up to get my cage but when he comes back to the bed, he’s only carrying the padlock and I look closer and I see the lock is through a platinum band. He gets down on one knee next to me, and I’m so excited I try to get down there with him, but he places me on the side of the bed, all upright and proper, and kneels there at my feet and tells me he never imagined he could be so happy. “I may hold the key to your cock,” he says, “but you hold the key to my heart. Will you marry me?”

Reader, I said yes.

Need more cock cages in your life? Go to the next post for info on how to buy Locked from T. M. Chris


  1. Hi Alex,
    I just want to say “thank you” for sharing this brave and honest story.

  2. Thank you for this sexy story. Always interesting to discover new kinks. Beautifully written. Und funny. Sexy and funny are always my favorites. I’m looking forward for your next story.

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