I did it!

I’ve never had a handsfree orgasm. Never aspired to it either. That was Graham’s kink—wanting to make me come with his dick alone, and I’ll tell you: I sympathize with women here. Like, your dick’s not that magic, dude. God gave women a clit, so you just go ahead and use it. And God gave me a cock which I’m going to use too, fuck you very much Graham and the gigantic ego you rode in on.

But, you know. It’s a challenge.

During the week, I take care of Graham, but Friday he takes care of me, lets me out of my cage and gives me my orgasm any way I want it. Sometimes we just end up rubbing off on each other because I’m impatient, but usually I pick hand or mouth. I want to stick my dick in things and wiggle it all around, it’s so glad to be free. Like a puppy, jumping and joyous.

Then, after, he locks me back up and fucks me, and I enjoy that too. In that other way. But I want to enjoy them together—the deep-owned fucking and the orgasm both—so last night when he unlocked me I told him I wanted to get fucked.

Graham’s a sport, so he didn’t argue. He even reached around to give me a hand because that’s the deal on Friday night—that I get to pick how I come—but I brushed him off. Having him touch me there made me realize I wasn’t even all the way hard, but in my mind I was harder-than-hard. I was that hard where my whole body is hard, where my whole body is cock.

Graham’s got stamina. He can go forever. Like a machine, I swear, but I could feel he was getting close. His rhythm got erratic and his fingers drilled holes in my hips and he says, ‘fuck Allie, that’s so hot, you’re going to come for me,’ and I wonder how he knows I’m almost there. Maybe because I’m bucking and rolling and crooning like I’m Frank fucking Sinatra.

My whole body’s shaking and I look down and there’s this steady stream of pre-come dangling from my half-hard cock like a river runs through it and then it hits me—the most full-body sensation of pure bliss.

The fluid dripping from me goes from clear to white. It’s running out in jerks and spasms, but it doesn’t spurt and it doesn’t stop. The extra wetness in my ass tells me Graham’s come too but he’s a trooper, my guy. He doesn’t slow down, just keeps fucking me all the way through his own orgasm, all the way through mine, until the come stops running from my cock and I collapse onto the bed a drooly desperate mess with my head spinning somewhere up in the stars.

Graham collapses next to me. He’s panting so hard I’m a little worried and he just keeps saying fuck Allie, fuck Allie like he can’t even believe that happened. And neither can I.

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