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Hi, I’m Alex and this is a blog about how I ended up with my dick locked in a metal cage, although I didn’t know that when I started it, LOL. It’s been a crazy ride and I guess you’ll want to start at the beginning like I did, before I had any idea this was going to happen.

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T. M. Chris

This is all fiction (der), so if you’re pursuing chastity in real life (hot, hot, hot), make sure you take a sane and realistic approach to it, and remember – not everyone has to play the same way! So you do you and don’t worry about other people’s opinions.

Whether you’re a top or a bottom, straight or gay, cis or trans, male, female or non-binary, locked boy or alpha male, you’re exactly perfect the way you are and you’re worthy of respect. Humiliation can be a fun game, but don’t let it cross into abuse, OK?

Graham and I are rooting for you. Be a good boy, and remember – stay locked!