Three by Three (includes The New Guy, Demi-Love, and two other stories)

The New Guy: Now that Elliott has finally admitted he’s gay, his roommate Mike is going to make sure he gets what he’s been longing for. That’s why he brought Gannon home. It’s not at all because he wants Gannon for himself. What are three gay men going to do when they all find themselves in the same bed? Looks like they’ll be making the best of it.


Demi-Love: Dmitry and Adam are best friends, and if weren’t for Dmitry’s girlfriend, Sara, they’d never be anything more. But Sara has something more than a burning need to watch her boyfriend and his best friend together—she has a plan.


Fixation: Tia’s feeling very Cinderella since giving up on her art career and moving across the country. Then Grant and Jeremy invite her to the ball. Then Grant and Jeremy invite her to their bed. But can Grant really share Jeremy with a woman? And what if Tia can’t resist the lure of Grant’s fixation.


Assimilated: Callie didn’t intend to answer an online ad from two young men looking for a woman to share, but she did. Pax and Braylin couldn’t possibly want someone like her, average looking and past her prime, but they did. A threesome was only a fantasy, never meant to really happen. But it did.


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