Download mobil (for newsletter subscribers only)“Not now.” Dmitry pushed my hand away. “You know Adam’s coming over.”

“I can see your cock right through those shorts. If you didn’t want me to touch it, you should’ve worn underwear.”

He looked down with a frown. “I don’t see anything.”

“You will once it’s hard.” I rubbed him through the fabric, feeling that delicious sponginess of an erection starting, the meaty thickness of a slowly-growing cock.


“Let me make you hard, baby. I want to see it.” I breathed into his ear, tracing the opening with my tongue.

“But Adam is coming.”

That was the idea. I checked the front of his shorts and was happy to see his cock straining against them in an obvious way. The white fabric was too thin to disguise the rich brown of his cock and too confining to hide its contours.

“It’s hot in here,” I whispered. “Aren’t you hot?” I let go of his dick so I could pull his shirt over his head.


“Adam’s seen you with your shirt off before.” I wondered if Adam had ever seen him hard and pulsing in his shorts before. He was going to. “You’re so gorgeous, baby. Let me play with you. Please?” I nibbled on a nipple.

“Now you’ve got me all horny.” He put my hand back on his cock. “How much time do we have?” He tried to twist his head around to see the clock but I stopped him by straddling him.

“There’s always time for a blowjob and you need one bad. Look.” I lifted my ass so we could both see his cock beneath my short skirt. Dmitry’s skin was the color of polished bronze and his shorts were a close-fitting, flimsy white. His cock pressing against them not only left an outline, it nearly glowed. “You can’t expect me to resist that.”

“I’m going to change.” He pushed me off and stood up.

“Hey.” There was Adam, right on time. “I’m interrupting.”

“My fault. Don’t mind us.” I gave him a quick hug, then looked at Dmitry who was hanging back. His cock was so visibly hard I almost laughed. “Say hi, Dmitry.”

“Hey, like I’ve never seen you with a hard-on before. Come here.” Adam caught him by the hand and pulled him in for a hug. Their chests made contact, then their pelvises. I sighed. Adam slid his arm along Dmitry’s back. “We’re not going to start getting all shy around each other, are we, Demi?”

Adam and Dmitry called each other Demi–short for both their names. It was sort of like dude to them but it sounded like an endearment the way they said it. No one else was allowed.

“Sorry, Demi.” Dmitry put his hand on the back of Adam’s head and they stood face to face the way they sometimes did, noses almost touching like they were talking with their eyes.

“Kiss and make up,” I suggested.

Dmitry laughed, then grabbed Adam and swooped him backwards like they were in Gone with the Wind and planted a smack right on his lips. He was only a little bigger than Adam but he picked him up like he weighed nothing and carried him to the futon and dropped him from so high he bounced. “I’ll get you a beer.”

“I’ll get it,” I said quickly. “You boys relax.” I gave Dmitry a push, making him fall backwards into Adam. Before he could get up I handed him the stack of DVDs. “Decide what you want to watch.”

When I looked back from the doorway, Dmitry was still half in Adam’s lap, his dark head bent towards Adam’s blond one, his thick curls brushing Adam’s cheek as he leaned forward to see one of the covers better. Adam reached up and tucked Dmitry’s hair back and they looked at each other for a moment before going back to their task.

When I’d first met Adam, he was wary of me. Dmitry’s last girlfriend had tried to keep them apart out of jealousy. I would never try to keep them apart because, as beautiful as they were separately, they were more beautiful together. There was a bond–a sweetness and a love–that went back to when they were boys together.

Plus they were just damn hot, and I intended to make sure they finally did something about it.

When I came back in they were still curled around each other, hips nestled together and Dmitry’s arm slung over Adam’s torso. I put the drinks down on a side table out of reach. I didn’t really want anyone to have a cold drink in their hand.

“What did you pick?”

Dmitry handed me the box for some action-adventure movie. The cover showed a half-naked guy wrestling–or was it caressing?–a half-naked woman. What we needed was Spartacus. I took the DVD from him but didn’t put it in the machine.

“I should let you sit here.” Adam struggled upright, taking Dmitry with him, but I put a hand on his shoulder to keep him from rising.

Their legs were tangled, Dmitry’s thigh over one of Adam’s, his calf nestled between Adam’s legs. Adam’s face was flushed and I could see the bulge in Dmitry’s pants had only partly settled. I knelt on the floor between them, an arm around each.

“You’re fine where you are. I wouldn’t come between you two.”

“I know that.” Adam looked uncomfortable.

“And you wouldn’t come between us.”

“No, of course not.” He fidgeted, checking Dmitry’s face for reassurance. Dmitry frowned at me, not sure where I was going.

“You interrupted what we were doing earlier.”

“Sorry, I–”

“Look, he’s still hard.”

Adam’s eyes shifted to Dmitry’s crotch. A little sound escaped from the back of his throat. I put my hand under Dmitry’s balls and ran my thumb across their tops to smooth the fabric of his shorts more tightly across them. Dmitry grabbed my wrist.

“Sara. What–?”

“Shhh. Adam doesn’t mind.” I moved his hand to my breast and held it there, stroking his cock lightly with my other hand. His hand on my breast was dead weight and his face was blank, but his cock was growing. I rubbed the head to pick up the pre-come I knew would be gathered there and let it soak through the white fabric, turning it translucent. Adam’s eyes hadn’t moved since I’d first directed them to Dmitry’s erection. If he’d seen Dmitry hard before, he hadn’t gotten enough of it.

“This is crazy,” Dmitry said, his voice husky. He moved his free hand to intercept mine but Adam caught it tightly in his own.

“It’s OK,” he said. “We’re OK here.”

We each held one of Dmitry’s hands, forming a circle of arms, and eyes, around his cock.

“He’s embarrassed because he’s hard,” I told Adam. “But you’re hard too, aren’t you?”

I didn’t know for sure but it was a good guess. Adam swallowed and nodded, his eyes rising to meet Dmitry’s.

“I’ll bet it’s uncomfortable in those jeans. Help him, Dmitry.” I let go of Dmitry’s hand and pushed it towards Adam. With a flick of his wrist, Dmitry pulled his other hand free.

I held my breath.

He reached for Adam.

Adam sat frozen, the slightest of trembles rippling through him, as Dmitry unbuttoned his jeans and lowered his zipper. He rose, and Dmitry rose with him. Face to face, they swayed towards each other.

“Adam.” Dmitry raised his hands to Adam’s face.

“I’ve always–”

“I know.”

“I’m so hard.” Adam’s voice shook. He took Dmitry’s hands in his and guided them back to his fly. Together they pushed his jeans over his hips, letting them slide to the floor.

One at a time, I lifted Adam’s feet to free them. He didn’t even notice. He and Dmitry maintained an eye contact so intense it made me blush.

Always Dmitry had been the leader–a little taller, a little stronger, a little older. Now it was Adam who took charge. He pressed Dmitry down onto the futon and leaned into him to suck at his neck. Dmitry let his head tip back with an eager sigh.

Adam’s lips worked in liquid circles, his tongue flickering between them to caress Dmitry’s silken skin. I knew how that skin felt–firm, but supple, and unusually warm. I heard a moan and was surprised to realize it was Adam. His erection pressed forward against his boxers where a wet spot was forming. Dmitry’s moan echoed Adam’s. He turned his head to find Adam’s lips, but Adam shook him off.

“Let me touch you.” His hand came to rest against Dmitry’s chest. “You don’t know…”

He didn’t finish the sentence, but I knew. How often had I been entranced by Dmitry’s neck, by his strong chin and oddly delicate ears, by the dark smoothness of his chest, hard as his cock beneath my hands, and the nubbly nipples that made him squirm when I pulled on them.

Dmitry made the sounds I knew so well as Adam found his sweet spots, his mouth moving more quickly now between neck and ears, and then I saw his fingers pinch a nipple and it was hard to know who moaned first or loudest. It might have been me.

“Demi,” Adam said. “Oh God, Demi.”

He put his mouth on the nipple he’d just tweaked, pulling with a strong sucking motion. Dmitry writhed. His hands moved spasmodically on Adam’s shoulders, and I realized I’d always been too gentle.

Adam lifted his head and his mouth met Dmitry’s so forcefully I heard their teeth collide. Their hands rushed over each other’s bodies as their lips joined and parted and joined again in a flash of tongues. I lifted the edge of Adam’s shirt and maneuvered it into Dmitry’s hand. He pulled and Adam shifted and the shirt was off and forgotten.

Their naked chests touched. Their lips stopped, still clinging, as their eyes opened and met and they slowly separated. For a moment I was afraid they might quit there, but then Dmitry put his hands on Adam’s pecs. He circled them tentatively, thumbs brushing across his nipples.

“I’ve never–”

“It works the same,” I said.

I couldn’t tell if he’d actually heard me, but he put an arm against Adam’s back and pressed him over it as he’d so often done to me. He leaned into Adam’s straining body and flicked his tongue against a nipple. Adam’s face was only inches from mine, his eyes closed, his long bangs falling over his forehead. His lips were parted and I could hear the mewling sounds he made as Dmitry licked and sucked at his nipples. He fisted his hands in Dmitry’s hair, his whimpers getting louder until Dmitry lifted his head and their eyes met again.

Dmitry was focused on Adam, but I could see his eyes as clearly as if they were staring straight into mine. They’d never been so big, so dark. I wanted him to fuck me. I wanted him to fuck Adam.

Adam reached for the front of Dmitry’s shorts, his hands shaking as he unbuttoned them and cautiously drew down the zipper. I heard him suck in air as Dmitry’s cock was revealed. It was a beautiful cock–not much bigger than average, but thick and perfectly shaped with a generous foreskin peeling back to give a peek at the shining, deep-red head.

“You’re beautiful,” Adam said, echoing what I was thinking. He slid Dmitry’s shorts to the floor, then reached greedily for his cock, his mouth already moving towards it.

Dmitry stopped him. “Fair is fair.” He yanked Adam’s boxers off in a quick motion, then casually tossed them to me. Adam reached for him, but Dmitry held him off.

“There’s no rush.”

“I’m afraid you’ll–”

“I won’t.”

Adam closed his eyes and sighed, the tension leaving him as he swayed forward into Dmitry’s embrace. Dmitry pulled him to his knees, moving to mirror him. They faced each other on the futon, the distance separating them spanned by their straining cocks which brushed lightly, then bobbed apart. They reached for each other, their chests and mouths meeting as their cocks slid together.

Adam’s cock was cut, a pale pillar throbbing with a tangle of veins. It shone against Dmitry’s darker one. The heads, where they touched, were almost equally red, almost equally wet, and as they thrust together the wetness transferred from cock to cock. It slid in smeary streaks down their shafts, the one lubricating the other. I could hear the matching wetness of their mouths meeting, the sucking and slurping of two hungry tongues. And their chests, now equally slick from a sheen of sweat, glistened with the same light/dark contrast as their cocks.


I gave the front of the futon a yank and it unfurled like magic, toppling them backwards as it slid open behind them. They took turns rolling each other across their newly-enlarged playground. First Dmitry was on top, nipping at Adam’s nipples, then Adam flipped him in another dive for Dmitry’s cock, but Dmitry was quick to recover. Adam had barely gotten within sucking range before Dmitry threw him across the futon and pounced on him again.

I couldn’t tell if they were making out or wrestling. Their naked bodies tangled aggressively, their moans spiced with mocking jeers and affectionate obscenities.

“Hold still, you slippery bastard.”

“Like fuck I will.”

“I’ll fuck you if you hold still.”

“We’ll see who’s doing the fucking.”

I was rooting for Dmitry. His teeth looked sharp as they latched onto Adam’s neck. I couldn’t tell if the scream Adam let out was one of agony or ecstasy but it didn’t stop his hand on Dmitry’s cock. They were pumping each other furiously, their arms twisted like lovers drinking a toast. Adam had one hand on Dmitry’s cock, the other trying to slow Dmitry’s hand on his own. His face was flushed and his dick looked twice the size it had earlier. I knew he couldn’t take much more. He started to whimper. No longer able to resist Dmitry’s onslaught, he released his grip, his hands opening and closing in time with his breathing.

“Oh, God, Demi. I can’t. Please, wait.” Adam’s legs thrashed wildly, a foot nearly colliding with my chin as I came in for a closer look. In a sudden move, Dmitry spun him over onto his stomach and put him in an arm-lock. His mouth rubbed tauntingly against Adam’s ear.

“Say you’ll lie still.”

“What are you going to do?”

“Are you afraid of me?” Dmitry gave his arm a tug.


“Then trust me.” His voice was like a caress and Adam shuddered against it. “Say it.”

“I’ll lie still, Demi. Only. . .”

Dmitry let go of his arm and rolled him over so they were looking at each other.

“Only don’t make me come yet. I don’t want it to end.” He pulled Dmitry’s head down to his own and they kissed softly and deeply.

“I already told you it’s not ending. Now let me do this.” He moved between Adam’s legs, separating them roughly.

“It’s too much. I won’t be able to–”

“I haven’t even touched you yet, baby. Besides, I’ve got no idea what I’m doing. Tell me if this is good.” He pulled Adam’s cock aggressively towards his mouth, then paused before sinking it down his throat in a single, swift motion.

Adam struggled to keep his promise to stay still as Dmitry continued to swallow and release, faster and more firmly than I had ever dared. It would take about one minute of this–


“Slow down,” I suggested, putting my hand on the back of Dmitry’s neck. “Savor.”

Dmitry pulled back so that only the tip of Adam’s cock remained in his mouth. He licked around the rim, then slurped the head roughly back in. Adam gave a softer sigh and Dmitry’s touch gentled as he enjoyed the sensuousness of his lover’s taste and the sound of his best friend’s moans.

Only I had my eyes open now. Only I watched Adam’s creamy dick slide along Dmitry’s dark cheek when Dmitry mouthed his balls. Only I saw how Dmitry’s cheeks bulged with them or the flicker of his tongue as it licked around and beneath them. Only I noticed his throat convulse as he swallowed Adam deeply–the moisture clinging to his eyelashes, the involuntary spasms of his wide-spread mouth.

“So good,” Adam murmured. “Oh, God, it’s so good.”

Dmitry was a natural. His hands flew across Adam, never still. They tugged and pressed, they slid and rubbed. His mouth and tongue were everywhere and Adam responded to each sensation with a flurry of moans and sighs that had both me and Dmitry squirming. I looked at Dmitry’s cock as he rolled and shifted to control Adam’s frantic gyrations. It was leaving a trail of wetness where it brushed against the rough fabric of our futon. Big and hard, so inviting. I itched to touch it, to give him what he was giving to Adam. But I knew that was for Adam to do.

Even now, Adam was begging for it.

“My turn. You’ve got to stop, Demi. Please let me.”

Dmitry slowed further, his mouth grew more gentle on Adam’s dick, his hands steadying Adam’s thighs. Adam’s moans shifted into overdrive–as if this new tenderness were more than he could bear. He sounded like me, like me when Dmitry sucked my clit in that maddening way as my orgasm went on and on, when I thought it might never end and one sound blended into another. Was Adam coming?


No, not yet. He wasn’t coming yet.

“Dmitry,” I said.

He looked at me, Adam’s dick buried in his throat, his mouth straining around it and his eyes wet and huge. He’d never looked more gorgeous.

“Fair is fair,” I said, stroking his hair. “Let him have a turn.”

He released Adam slowly, deliberately. He looked as stunned as Adam, like I was waking him from a dream. Then he shook his head at me and bent back towards Adam’s dick.

“Oh, no, you don’t.” Adam reared up, dodging Dmitry’s grasping arms. They grappled, torso to torso, until Adam managed to briefly pin Dmitry on his back, his head towards me. Without my help, Adam would lose this the battle. I grabbed Dmitry’s arms.

“It’s Adam’s turn,” I insisted.

He continued fighting, bucking his hips and twisting his legs. Adam dropped on top of him, his body stretched across Dmitry’s, pressing him down.

“Please let me,” he begged against Dmitry’s lips. Dmitry stilled beneath him, opening his mouth and drawing Adam’s tongue in. With my face inches from theirs and Dmitry’s hands in mine, I watched them kiss.

Adam drew back, moving his mouth down Dmitry’s chest and towards his twitching cock. With my face nuzzled against Dmitry’s neck, I felt, more than saw, Adam swallow him. I felt Dmitry tense, then slowly relax. I felt the moan thrumming deep in his throat moments before I heard it rip free. His hands gripped mine, his body arched. His head dropped backwards over the edge of the futon, his eyes were open and wild, his curls tossed like serpentine streamers around his face.

I cradled his head in my hands, kissing him, sucking his moans into my mouth, running my hands through his hair, hopelessly aroused.

“So hot,” I murmured against him. “You’re so hot. And Adam.”

“Adam,” he echoed.

“Look at him. Watch him.” I propped his head up so he could see. Adam slurped with abandon, having finally gotten what he’d always wanted–his friend’s cock in his mouth.

“Adam,” Dmitry said again. Adam raised his eyes to Dmitry’s and smiled around his cock, then he swallowed it even deeper, pistoning it in and out of his mouth until Dmitry screamed.

“Do it. God, do it. You’re so good.”

He pushed his ass closer to Adam’s head in invitation and Adam lowered his tongue without a moment’s hesitation. I had always wanted–always meant–to do this to him, but I never had. Adam was, and it was driving him crazy. I moved next to Adam, getting as close as I could without interrupting, dying to see it.

His nose was beneath Dmitry’s balls. His tongue darted in and out of his asshole, his mouth kissing and sucking in time with it. I couldn’t know what it felt like, but I could see Dmitry’s reaction to it–a stupefied surrender. Dmitry was wholly lost in the sensation of his buddy’s lips and tongue caressing and invading him. Then Adam wet a finger and added it to the mix, sliding it slowly into Dmitry until it was completely buried.

A sort of non-stop humming noise was coming from somewhere within Dmitry’s throat.

“Yes,” he purred. “Please, yes.”

Adam slid his finger in and out, his mouth alternating between Dmitry’s balls and the sensitive rim of his asshole. I watched his finger, fascinated by the way Dmitry’s ass sucked it in greedily, then clung to it longingly as it withdrew. Adam added a second finger, twisting them against each other in a motion that pushed Dmitry past sanity. The sonorous humming stopped. In its place, a torrent of obscenities and blasphemies burst free.

“Jesus, fuck. Fuck, Demi, Jesus, fuck.”

Leaving two fingers buried in Dmitry’s ass, Adam returned his attention to his cock, stroking it with his free hand while he mouthed the head. He took deep, slurping dives down Dmitry’s shaft. I could tell from the way Dmitry reacted that Adam was curling his fingers up to meet his plunging mouth. The combination had Dmitry thrashing and groaning.

“I’m going to come. I’m going to come, Demi.”

“No,” Adam said, surprising me. “Wait.” He withdrew his fingers and gave a final lingering lick with his tongue. “Together.” He got to his knees, pulling Dmitry up to join him. “I want to see you and feel you when I come, when you come.”

There was no hesitation on either’s part. Their lips and tongues met as their hands moved downward. They pressed their cocks together, their hands circling them where they joined, a sliding mass of hardness and wet. There was no wrestling now–only lovemaking as they kissed deeply and hungrily, separating briefly to look into each other’s eyes or at their bodies rubbing rhythmically against one another. They sighed and mumbled.

Demi, Demi, it was all Demi.

I could only slip my hand beneath my skirt, could only watch as they drove themselves–and me–closer to climax, could only imagine the sticky heat of two jets of come simultaneously shooting skyward. Come coated their torsos as they continued to stroke each other– splashing up, then sliding back down, their sweat-soaked bodies.

I butted my head between them, licking at the streaks of come as they kissed and kissed and kissed above me.

“Thank you, Demi,” I heard Adam say. “That was all I ever wanted.”

“All?” Dmitry teased.

“Well, all that and more.”

“Here’s to more.”

Adam’s stomach bumped the back of my head as Dmitry pulled him into another kiss.

“And here’s to Sara.” Dmitry raised me to their level. He kissed me, sweeping their mingled come from my mouth.

“And to Sara,” Adam agreed. “Thank you, Sara.”

Yes, thank you, Sara. Thank you, Sara, indeed.


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