Watch Me Watch You Download

Cover shows a man peeking through his fingers

Does M/M cuckolding exist? It does now. Watch through Kevin’s eyes as his boyfriend gets serviced by a better man. All Kevin can do is clean up the aftermath.


Cuckolding is a kink where a man is “forced” to watch his partner turn to someone else for sexual gratification because of his own supposed inadequacy as a lover. It’s BDSM-adjacent and is a form of humiliation-based role playing. This story will not be enjoyable for those who view consensual non-monogamy as cheating or who don’t enjoy erotic humiliation.

Pledging Allegiance download

Cover for Pleding Allegiance features a ping pong paddle

Last year, Blake was getting all the love and torture he needed from his boyfriend and frat brother, Vadim, on a daily basis, but now Vadim has graduated and moved off-campus, leaving Blake craving more than just an occasional weekend spanking. When he seeks out punishment from another source, Vadim makes him pay for his betrayal with some CBT.

Content warning: includes harsh cock-and-ball torture. Not for everyone!

A Heart for Him download page

Cover for A Heart for Him features two wolves in front of a forest silhouette

Please note: this file will be updated as chapters are added and must be re-downloaded.


File contains chapters 1 – 5

Series intro: Nor was born to be an alpha, to have a mate and pups of his own, but for now he’s content to help his parents raise their brood, especially his youngest brother, Toby, who’s due to have his first heat any day now. But when the time comes, Nor and Toby are alone and isolated. With no one else around to help Toby through his heat, what’s a big brother to do?

Content warning: contains adult incest and MPREG

Deep Under: the Epilogues

cover for Deep Under: the Epilogues features a man kneeling behind barsThis ebook contains the compilation of all available epilogues to Deep Under featuring Jack & Maddox. As epilogues are added, you will need to re-download.

Currently includes

  • Under Cover: in which Jack and Maddox enjoy a session of orgasm denial while considering cock cage chastity
  • Back Under: in which Maddox and Jack experiment with play piercing
  • All the Way Under: in which Jack and Maddox learn that sounding doesn’t hurt. Exactly.





Three by Three (includes The New Guy, Demi-Love, and two other stories)

The New Guy: Now that Elliott has finally admitted he’s gay, his roommate Mike is going to make sure he gets what he’s been longing for. That’s why he brought Gannon home. It’s not at all because he wants Gannon for himself. What are three gay men going to do when they all find themselves in the same bed? Looks like they’ll be making the best of it.


Demi-Love: Dmitry and Adam are best friends, and if weren’t for Dmitry’s girlfriend, Sara, they’d never be anything more. But Sara has something more than a burning need to watch her boyfriend and his best friend together—she has a plan.


Fixation: Tia’s feeling very Cinderella since giving up on her art career and moving across the country. Then Grant and Jeremy invite her to the ball. Then Grant and Jeremy invite her to their bed. But can Grant really share Jeremy with a woman? And what if Tia can’t resist the lure of Grant’s fixation.


Assimilated: Callie didn’t intend to answer an online ad from two young men looking for a woman to share, but she did. Pax and Braylin couldn’t possibly want someone like her, average looking and past her prime, but they did. A threesome was only a fantasy, never meant to really happen. But it did.


Wild (includes Same Sex and Interview with a T-Rex)

Cover for Wild features two identical men looking at each other in one frame and a t-rex with two cartoon humans in another

Wild includes two stores from Tanya Chris that are pretty far out there.


Interview with a T-Rex: When a paleontologist with a T-Rex fetish and a goth vampire slayer with a grudge set out to kill a shapeshifting, vampire dinosaur, you know that stake is ending up in someone’s ass.


Same Sex: Brady and Kalin don’t know whether they’re long lost twins or just doppelgangers, but what they do know is that they’ve never wanted anyone the way they want their own mirror image.